Now just think of what we have been locking outside the door of our consciousness; that which, when it enters is come that we might have life and life more abundantly. Just think, the moment the presence of God enters our consciousness, we have that indwelling Spirit, that indwelling Christ, the miracle word that the Hebrews used, Emmanuel, Emmanuel, God with us. And once we have opened the doors of our consciousness and continued to keep them open until that Spirit entered, then there it is: the Spirit that the Lord God is upon me, within me. And now It can reveal Its purpose and Its function and Its action. I am come that you might have life, and that you might have life more abundantly. And then you see you begin to rest in this truth—the fifteenth chapter of John: you begin to fulfill it. Abide in that word, let that word abide in you, that I am come, that I am in the midst of you, that I am mighty in the midst of you. And from thereon in you hear all of the miracle messages of the Master. I was with you before Abraham was. I will be with you unto the end of the world. I will never leave thee nor forsake thee.

When this happens you are ready for the next step: As a human being you have sought your good out here in the world. You have sought it from man whose breath is in his nostrils, from your parents, from your wife, from your husband, from your children, from relatives, from friends. And it hasn’t proven to be wholly satisfying. That is the reason we are on this search for God, because we have not found that our experience with humans was entirely satisfying. We are seeking something greater than man whose breath is in his nostrils. We are seeking to put our faith in something greater than princes or governments.

And then as this Spirit becomes more and more awake in us, alive in us, as we become more and more attentive to it, listen longer, be still longer and deeper, eventually we receive this: I have meat the world knows not of. I have meat. And all of a sudden with the revelation of that one passage of scripture our life changes. A weight falls off of our shoulders, a strain leaves the mind because no longer are we searching and seeking in this world out here. But as of that very moment we are released from seeking our good in the outer realm, and from then on we relax. Regardless of what outer problem may seem to appear, we relax. Ah ha, I have meat the world knows not of. I have meat ye know not of. I have an inner meat, an inner grace.

Do you know what it is—the presence of God? The presence of God is my bread, meat, wine, water. The presence of God is the resurrection of my mind and body. In fact, if my business is bad, it is the resurrection of my business. If my family life is bad, it is the resurrection of my family life. The presence of God in me is all of that only when the presence of God in me is recognized, acknowledged, realized. Do you see why periods of silence are necessary, periods of taking no thought for your life, what you shall eat or what ye shall drink or wherewithal ye shall be clothed—periods of resting and relaxing in the word? What word? I in the midst of thee am mighty. I will give to you waters, living waters, and you will never thirst again.

I have meat the world knows not of. And you see this is where you enter that period of spiritual living to which the Master referred in his statement that man shall not live by bread alone, nor by might, nor by power but by every word that proceedeth out of the center of your being, out of the kingdom of God that is within you; every word that is uttered to you from within you.

You see, you have read all of these words in Scripture, and you’ve read them all in books. But until you have prepared your consciousness, the soil of your consciousness, for this truth it is not a living truth. It doesn’t come alive. It is only an intellectually known truth. It is something you have read or heard with the mind and half believed, at least would like to believe. But in these periods of stillness, quietness, peace, you can really feel that I in the midst of you am God, that there is a presence, a power, a joy, within you. And then as a need arises in the outer world there is always that smile that comes within with the remembrance that I have meat. I have. I have within me a meat the world knows not of and I can never again hunger, never again need. I am always fulfilled by an inner grace. Indeed I have meat. I, the Spirit of God, in me can give us living waters, and it does when we listen.

We do not need the outer buckets, but we need buckets and buckets of listening silence in order that we may hear and be aware of that still small voice that is closer to us than breathing. Now you see the real secret of the Master’s teaching lies in the fact that that which we have been seeking in the outer world, we already have in our inner being. In other words, the substance of all that is to appear as form in the outer world is within us. Sometimes we acquire things and persons and conditions in this outer plane and find that we lose them. That is because we did not attain them from within.

The best way that I can describe it is this: Supposing we have a fruit tree, and we do not wait for our fruit to develop and grow from within the tree and then appear outwardly, but we run to a neighbor’s tree and cut off some fruit and hang it on our tree. Well of course, moth and rust corrupt. It falls away. It isn’t ours. It never was. It belonged to our neighbor. It wasn’t ours by divine right. That is why I have said to you so often, someday the marriage service must be changed. It is not right to say that which God hath joined together, let no man put asunder because that is dishonoring God. That which God hath joined together no man can put asunder. Surely you believe that. So it is that that which we receive by the grace of God, we never lose—whether it is money, whether it is business, whether it is home or wife. Anything that is given to us of God is a permanent dispensation. So you may be assured that that which we have lost or which has been strayed or stolen was not ours by divine right. It was not given to us of the substance within ourselves that appeared outwardly.

Of course not. How many times before we have become engaged or married have we really sat down and asked the Father if this was the will of the Father or if it just seemed very good to us at this time? How many times before we made an investment or went into business or bought a home have we really spent some time in communion with the Father within and asked, “Is this the will of God”?

There is a scriptural passage that fits right in here. He performeth that which is appointed for me to do. And we have actually believed that God performs that which we would like to have God perform. We really believe that we can make plans and then entreat God to help us with them. Of course that is the reason for all the failure in life. There is no way to make a plan and have God help you with it. There is no way to decide how your life is to go and have God help you with it. He performeth that which He appoints for us to do. In other words, not my will; thy will be done. But let us find out before we do it what God’s will is, and then we can rest in the assurance that he is performing it in us and through us and for us, that His presence has gone before us to make the crooked places straight and to prepare mansions for us. And this is another reason for meditation which is such an important part of The Infinite Way work.

Always, always on awakening in the morning, let us turn the day over to God. This is the day the Lord hath made, and I will listen. Speak Lord. Be with me every step of today. And then frequently throughout the day remember again not my will be done, but Thine. I will walk in the way that is shown me. How can God show us a way if we are not listening? If we are busy from waking up in the morning until sleeping at night, and then perhaps well fuddled with television before we go to sleep; believe that God’s grace is with us through the night? We have shut God out completely. Oh I enjoy television too, but that will never make me forget that the last function on retiring is opening consciousness to God’s grace. Because be assured we need it as much during sleep as we do during the day in order that we may awaken in the morning spiritually inspired, spiritually endowed, spiritually strengthened.