New Audio’s Today

New video’s of Joel S. Goldsmith, in the series “The Secret of the Resurrection”, presented on YouTube today.

Joel in ” Rising above Concept of God or Truth:

But there is a principle of life that is given to number one, two, three, their values. The do, re, mi, their value. There is a principle of life that expresses itself in complete and perfect tones of music, complete and perfect numbers, complete and perfect laws of the universe. That is why we have the sun, moon, stars, each complete in themselves. Each unit in themselves, each given certain qualities and activities, and who made it so in the beginning and who maintains it so? That which we call God. Therefore, God is the power of this universe. God is the power—we call It the creative principle—and the maintaining and sustaining principle of this universe.

This is the first of video’s published on Youtube today and the transcript will be put in posts the next couple of days on

The next one is:

There is no available transcript yet. Number three posted today is ” Flesh and Flesh” tape 102B from Joel S. Goldsmith.


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