Study Work March 2016 M&M

Materials and Methods

Thank you for your interest in considering doing the Study Work.
First a few reminders:

  • When you listen to Joel just remember that it’s not so much about what he says literally as it is an invitation to go beyond the words and join with the whole mind of Joel, the Christ Mind, which is your whole mind. [my personal experience is that I stand listening to him while moving my body gently so the energy can flow and in fact go inward and be part of this almost like a giving birth experience, but this is the way it works for me: find your way of doing this]
  • When you read the transcripts, read them out loud. This way the words resonate all the way through. [let your cells remember the light and love too]
  • Let the words effect you [the resurrection experience is a very physical experience]

In addition to the previous post about the Monthly Study Work here an overview of the available study material.

First the video:


The transcripts. Just click on the picture and the transcript will appear:

Transcript part 1

Transcript part 2




Transcript part 3

Transcript part 4

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to connect. Thank you.

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