Our Sabbatical Periods 5/5

And my life is eternal, it did not begin with birth; it will not end with passing. Thy life in me is a continuous experience unto the end of the world. Forever and forever and forever—Thy life is my life; Thy wisdom is my wisdom.

And it is for this reason that in The Infinite Way, there is no provision made for specific periods like a day of the week, or an hour of the day, nor is there any provision made for rest homes or for churches or monasteries or retreats. Because the whole object of the message of The Infinite Way is that this world may be about the Father’s business, in whatever way is given you to be—lawyer, judge, businessman. It makes no difference what: teacher, artist. Be about that business which fulfills your inner longing and your inner capacity for expression, and yet bring into it the grace of God, the peace of God, the power of God.

Therefore, each one must set their own period for meditation and not conform to my period. Because my time may differ from your time; your activities may keep you busy at the very moments when I would be free for meditation. And each one of you may have a different way of life that makes it impossible for you to unite at a certain period. Therefore, you must have your time, and you must have your place. It may not be convenient for you to come out to a certain place at certain times. Therefore, you must find that the place whereon Thou standest is holy ground, and if you have to have your periods of meditation in the middle of the night, that is when it must be. If you must have your periods in the daytime when others are out at work; that must be. If you are out at work in the day and must have it at noon—each one must learn, the place whereon Thou standest is holy ground. And you have your periods of Sabbath, not merely on Sunday, but seven days a week, and not merely in church, but wherever you may be.

And this of course does not mean that if you are led to attend church services, or to attend these tape meetings or lectures or classes, it doesn’t mean that you’re not to do it, because you can find that much additional refreshment where two or more are gathered together for that purpose. It only means that you must not have the feeling that you can only enter the presence of God when you’re in church or when you’re in a meeting or when you’re in a lecture.

You must learn to be in the presence of God at any time that you retire to your inner sanctuary, to your inner self, at any time when you can close your eyes upon this world, and tabernacle with the presence of God within you. Therefore you will find that you can best do this, by doing it as the opportunity presents itself to you or as you can make opportunity.

But above all, watch that you do not create your own barrier to successful prayer and meditation by trying to pray for supply or pray for happiness or pray for peace or pray for safety or pray for something. Be sure that you pray for nothing—that your prayer is a tabernacling with God; your prayer is an acknowledgment of God in all thy ways.

When you pray, pray the prayer of acknowledgment:

“Father, Thou art my strength, my life, my peace; Thou art the substance of my body; Thou art the fabric of my business; Thou art the meat and drink unto me; Thou art safety and security; Thou art my high tower in which I hide from the dangers of worldly beliefs; Thou art the rock upon which I am founded. Acknowledge Him in all thy ways, and He will give thee peace; Thou will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee.”

In your meditation and your prayers, keep your mind stayed on God, not on problems, not on the solution of problems—keep your mind stayed on God. And when you come out of your prayer or meditation, you will find that God has a way of solving your problem—a way that ye know not of. God has a way of solving your problem; God has a way of meeting your need—a way that ye know not of.

Human wisdom couldn’t ever devise the ways that God has of establishing us in peace, when our mind is stayed on Him and not on problems. When we are acknowledging Him in all our ways, and not trying to get Him to be a servant for us—to do our will or our bidding.

Remember, above all things in your prayers: don’t make a servant of God; don’t tell God what you want Him to do and when you want Him to do it; don’t take your problems into meditation or prayer; keep your mind stayed on God; acknowledge Him in all thy ways, abide in the word and let the word abide in you—the spiritual word. Live and move and have your being consciously in the presence of God, and acknowledge that the presence of God indwells you.

And if you pray this way, and if you meditate this way, you will find that as you go out into this world, you will be a center, a light, unto those who are still in the darkness of worrying only about this world, those who have not learned to tabernacle with God. And you are not tabernacling with God when you’re in the body of this world. Come apart and be separate during those periods of prayer and meditation. Come apart and be separate. Allow no problems of the world to enter your mind.

I’m not here, Father, to have problems solved, I’m not here to take the dream world into my real world. I’m here to seek the realization of Thy being, seek Thy kingdom, Thy realm, Thy consciousness. Just to be with Thee; just to sit with Thee; just to rest with Thee one hour; just to rest in Thy presence, in Thy grace. Thy presence is a fountain of life in me. Thy presence is the staff of life, the bread, and the meat. Thy presence in me is the wine of inspiration.

I live, not by might nor by power, but by Thy spirit. Thy grace is my sufficiency. I ask for nothing more. Thy grace is my sufficiency; not by might, not by physical might, not by mental powers, but by Thy spirit I live and move and have my being.

And my life is eternal, it did not begin with birth; it will not end with passing. Thy life in me is a continuous experience unto the end of the world. Forever and forever and forever—Thy life is my life; Thy wisdom is my wisdom.

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