Resurrection 4/4

As long as you are aware of two powers you are outside the kingdom of God; you’re outside of Eden. When you come back to the realization of God—now let’s be fair about it; let’s not even have a God, unless we’re going to have a God that is omnipotence, all power. Let’s not have a God, unless we have a God that is all knowing mind. And if we’re going to have a God, let’s have a God of omnipresence—not only up here where I am, but right out there where you are; and not only out there where you are, but over in China and in Russia, and in every other place where there’s a claim of starving and enslaved people. In other words, let’s agree on this: God is the all power and the only power; God is the all presence, the only presence; God is the all wisdom and the only wisdom, and any other picture that is presenting itself to me is a mesmeric picture that only has its existence as illusion.

Now, later on in your work when it becomes shorter, you’ll see why it is that in the writings I call it “a malpractice” not “malpractice” as you have known it, the malpractice of one individual upon another, not the malpractice that emanates from one individual and touches another—I’m not speaking of that. The malpractice of which I speak is a universal malpractice brought about by a belief in two powers. This belief in two powers is so powerful, that it acts mesmerically as a malpractice. I use another term for it too in my healing work. When I’m presented with problems, I will either just refer to it as hypnotism or malpractice or antichrist. You see anything that testifies to your being a human being is antichrist, because you’re not a human being, you’re the Son of God, the child of God. Therefore anything or anybody that testifies to you being mortal, human, finite, limited is antichrist, it’s a lie about the Christ. Therefore, any claim of human experience as far as I’m concerned is just antichrist or malpractice or hypnotism.

But mark this, when I use those three words, I’m not talking about some power that we have to get rid of or overcome. When I talk about hypnotism or malpractice or antichrist, I’m talking about the arm of flesh, which is nothingness, the non-power, the no power. In other words, in the message of The Infinite Way we do not use truth over error; we do not use God over evil, we do not battle error; we do not protect ourselves from error; we do not try to overcome it or rise above it. We recognize that in any and every form, error is a form of malpractice, which is a nothingness. Why is it a nothingness? Can evil emanate from God?

Now if you were back in orthodoxy you might answer, “Yes.” Yes, you might say that God kills us in order to bring us home to Him; you may say God is responsible for that airplane that took 18 innocent fine children in the height of their health and youth and destroyed them; and you might say in His infinite love for us killed those innocent ice skaters. You might, if you were preaching a funeral service over a four-year-old baby that was raped and killed, you might say, “God in his inscrutable wisdom caused this,” but you’d be a fool. God didn’t cause anything like this.

The nature of God is love, and the nature of the Son of God is to raise up, heal, raise up from the dead, forgive the sinner—forgive the sinner; not punish the sinner. The Master never punished a sinner; always he forgave. Neither do I condemn thee … I will take thee with me into paradise this very night … thy sins be forgiven thee. There is nothing in the nature of God that punishes, that kills, that causes disease, that causes accidents, that makes of us slaves to false appetites. There is nothing in the nature of God that does that. And that is why the first plank in the platform of The Infinite Way is: that you must know the nature of God. Because as long as you believe that God visits evil in any form on earth, as long as you believe that God, an act of God, sinks a ship at sea, you’re putting God in the same class as an insurance policy. Be assured God is no insurance policy.

God is the spiritual creative principle of this universe, and there is no destructive act of God. Write that across your forehead: “There is no destructive act of God,” not in heaven nor on earth. Whence then comes evil? Out of the universal belief in two powers. Is this belief a power? Only where it is accepted as a power. The moment you recognize that if it is not ordained of God it is not power, you are starting to heal the child, the cat, the dog, the bird, the plant, or whatever it is. And eventually you’ll be healing on a tremendously broad scale. Once you have got it clearly in your consciousness that God is not responsible for any evil on the face of the globe, therefore take your attention away from God and let God run His universe. Then come down to, “Well then, what am I dealing with?” And the answer is “I’m dealing with the Adamic belief in good and evil, the universal human belief in two powers.” And this whole belief is a theory, a mist that went up hiding from us the truth that there is but one power.

Now, you have done two things: you have understood the nature of God, and you’ve released God from all responsibility for the evils of the earth; and you’ve released your patient from any penalty, from any evil, from any fear of evil at the hands of God. Then you take the second step and realize then: that which I am dealing with, that with which I’m dealing isn’t a condition of God, isn’t ordained of God, has no law of God, it must be the arm of flesh or nothingness. It must be the reason the Master could say, “What did hinder you? Pick up your bed and walk.” When you can say, “What did hinder you?” you’ve absolved God from all responsibility of evil; and you’ve acknowledged that evil itself, regardless of its name or nature or source, is not a power. You don’t have to deny evil, but you can deny that it has a power. If it had a power it would have to come from God, for God is the source of all power—Omnipotence. Therefore evil would have to derive its essence from God. If it did it would be immortal.

It has been brought out in our work many times, and healings have resulted from this when we have asked ourselves the question, “Is there a law of disease?” Well if there is, then disease is immortal. Everything that has a law is eternal: roses come from rose bushes—that’s an eternal law; there’s no exception to that. Two times two is four is a law. The movement of the stars, the planets, the earth, the tides is all in accordance with law, there’s no exception to these laws. And so if there is a law of anything, that thing is immortal. So disease would have to be immortal, but it isn’t. Not only it can be spiritually healed, it can even be medically healed, showing that really it isn’t a law.

Now, when you have done these two things: acknowledged that God is too pure to behold iniquity, and God is in no wise responsible for the ills of man, and then have taken the second step and realized whatever it is that is responsible for the ills of man: being without God ordination, being without the law of God is the arm of flesh or nothingness, nothingness. What did hinder you?

You have automatically, in those two steps done three things, because you have prayed. That is the nature of your prayer: the acknowledgment of God and God’s infinite, incorporeal nature, and the acknowledgment of the non-power of anything that does not emanate from God. This is prayer, and this is treatment. This is a form of prayer, and this is treatment; and this is a form of treatment that is used in The Infinite Way.

Now this is not the form of treatment that is used in other metaphysical approaches, but we are concerned only with the approach of The Infinite Way. Those who cannot feel the rightness, those who cannot bring themselves to seeing, feeling, understanding the nature of these principles must work with other principles. There’s no such thing as right principles and wrong principles; there are just different principles, and these are the particular principles of the message of The Infinite Way. These are the principles upon which our healing work is based, and there must have been a lot of healing work in the years of The Infinite Way, or this world activity would not have taken place.

And these are the principles that we use in our treatment or prayer. Now, let me take you a step further with prayer and with treatment.

Well, it looks as if we must have a little rest first. All right, let’s have a vacation for five minutes or so.


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