Resurrection 2/4

Never believe for a moment that an individual comes to grief or harm in whom the Son of God has been raised up. Do we not know that that is what the Master was trying to show us in the experience of the resurrection?

As human beings, the Son of God is dormant in us, and therefore we earn our living by the sweat of our brow or the cleverness of our mind or the strength of our muscles. While this Son of God is dormant in us, we are the branch of a tree that is cut off and withereth. We’re struggling; we are the prodigal son using up his own substance. But when the Son of God is raised up in us, and is alive, we need take no thought for it is of the essence of Omnipotence and Omnipresence and Omniscience; it is the all knowing, the all powerful, the ever present, and It does these things for us. In other words, I live, of course Joel is living, but not I really, the Christ liveth my life.

In other words, the Son of God is out preparing the way for me, making the crooked places straight, going before me to prepare mansions. The Son of God is the Spirit of God in man, yet not confined within any time or space, but actually it is the consciousness of man, and it functions…I think I’ve heard it best expressed by Saroyan, who said, “I know now that I’m not living, something is living my life, and I’m just going along for the ride.” And that about expresses it; that you wake up each day, and there is something living your life. It brings the mail or it brings a call or it brings an obligation or it brings a request for a lecture—It, It does. And you wake up and you find it on your desk, or it’s coming in on the phone, and you say, “I had nothing to do with this.” The little “i” “me” had nothing to do with this, but the I that I am—the Son of God that is now raised up, that is no longer dormant.

You remember he said, “Awake thou that sleepest, and Christ will give thee light.” We are a sleeping entity in our humanhood and when we awake, you know what we find? We find ourselves in His image and likeness, we find that there is a God, and a God that cares for His son—and you and I are that son.

Now God cares nothing for mortals, God cares nothing for the human race. If you want you can throw a bomb and wipe out a city, and God won’t stop you and won’t interfere. If you want you can take 6 million people and put them in furnaces and burn them up and God won’t interfere. If you want you can declare a war and send out some more millions to be destroyed, the flower of the youth; God won’t interfere. For God has no interest in the human race, and no government, and no control.

It is only when the Son of God is raised up in you that you are consciously one with God and God governs and directs and supports and maintains and protects. Never believe for a moment that an individual comes to grief or harm in whom the Son of God has been raised up. Do we not know that that is what the Master was trying to show us in the experience of the resurrection? That if the Son of God is raised up in you, you can give yourself up to be crucified or hung or sent to war or anything else that the human mind wants to do to you, and you’ll walk right out of the tomb free and clear. You’ll walk right out of the situation free and clear. Why? The Son of God is spiritual and not subject to the laws of cause and effect. The Son of God is not subject to karmic law. That is the meaning in the Orient when they say, that you will be reincarnated and reincarnated, until every ounce of humanness is out of you, and you are pure spiritual being, and then you will not be reincarnated again. Of course not. Let us understand this meaning of reincarnation or incarnation, and you will understand this. Last night in our lesson “The Raising Up of the Son of God,” we saw then that the spiritual experience may come to us, and it may be ten percent of a spiritual experience, and we may be ninety percent human; we may evolve to where we’re fifty percent spiritual and fifty percent human—the same individual. But when the Son of God is raised up, experience shows us that it is possible to be ninety percent spiritual, but somehow or other, ten percent of humanness always seems to stick around. Paul referred to this as “the thorn in the flesh.”

Every spiritual entity seems to have a thorn in the flesh of one kind or another. It may be some form of illness not overcome; it may be some sense attraction of the world, something other there is that does not wholly yield. And I said last night, that I am convinced that that’s a good thing for us. Because if an individual attains one hundred percent of Christhood they would ascend and leave us to be wiped out again and again and again. But because there is this ten percent of humanness left in them, they stay around here on earth as long as they can to be the mediator or the savior for the rest of us, the teachers, and the practitioners.

Now, as long as there is a trace of humanness left in us, that trace is under the law of cause and effect, the Mosaic law; the law of as ye sow so shall ye reap. If there’s only ten percent of humanness about us and we indulge it, every human act of good we do will bring back to us a human reward of good. Every little bit of error, evil, that we succumb to will bring back its measure of evil. And be assured of this: to those on the spiritual path with some measure of the Christ attainment, the tiniest little infraction of the law brings back a terrible punishment. In other words, those who know better, suffer the most for even the tiniest infraction. A gross man or woman, a deep materialist, can really indulge some of the most weird of crimes and sins, and almost seem to have no punishment or effect from it. But let that individual begin to be a bit sensitive to the Spirit, and then the torture begins, every slightest offense.

Now if it were possible to attain full and complete Christhood, there could be absolutely no cause and no effect—there would be only eternal spiritual identity, and on a level of consciousness that could never be known by a human. So it is then, that that part of us which is still human is under the law, and if we do good, good returns to us; if we do evil, evil returns to us. But that part of us which is spiritual never knows reward or punishment; that part which is spiritual is always living in heaven, always abiding under the shadow of the almighty, and is never aware even of the pestilence that is by day or by night.

Q:  What about the Lord’s Prayer?

A:  Well, the Lord’s Prayer has to be spiritually interpreted. For instance, give us this day our daily bread. Now the Master has made it very clear, that we are not to pray for bread, for what we shall eat or what we shall drink or wherewithal we shall be clothed. Therefore, you would either have to say the Master contradicted himself, or give us this day our daily bread has a different meaning. Well if you read the Bible—not verse-by-verse, don’t try to take a statement out of its context, but read the Bible as a Bible—especially the New Testament, and what do you find? I am the bread of life. Well now if you want to pray for bread, pray, because you are no longer in a bakery shop. Give us this day our daily bread. The word of God, the Spirit of God; give us this day Christ realization; give us this day our spiritual food and our spiritual drink. There you have it.

When the Master comes to a statement like forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors, he again is coming down to our humanhood. Remember, it was in our humanhood that he said give us this day our daily bread because, if you enter the spiritual realm, you won’t even pray for spiritual food. How can you pray for what you are? How can you pray for what you embody? How can you pray for what you know? You don’t, you don’t! Once you have attained a measure of the realization of the Christ, you don’t pray for anything anymore—you live it. There’s no more praying to be done. It is only in our humanhood, which means “in our awareness of our lack.” Certainly if I’m depressed, certainly if I am barren inside, certainly if I know that I have carnal desires, I’m going to pray: “Give me this day my daily bread, give me the word of God that heals, give me the realization of my Christhood.” Of course I am.

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