And it really makes no difference whether they deserve it or not.  It’s your good pleasure to share.  What their response is is their own demonstration.  It is my good pleasure to share this whole message that has unfolded in my life.  It’s my joy to carry it around the world.  What reaction it sets up in those who hear it, is their demonstration. I am offering them the pearl of great price.  Those who recognise it, benefit by it.  Those who do not, miss it for the time being until they hear it somewhere else, some other time.

You see, I couldn’t have spoken to you this way except for each one of the talks, each one of the classes, each one of the lectures – each one has been building up to this.  I don’t know if it can build up any further than this.  That’s what I thought when I read the June letter that we’d better stop writing letters because that was the end. But I find the July one is the one I meant.

And so it is I would say offhand that a teacher who voiced this lesson tonight should be willing to fold his tent and steal silently away for a few years – to give you time to think it over and demonstrate it and prove it. But evidently that is not to be, so even if the balance of our talks and classes are not quite up to this, remember you’ve had it!  And you be grateful, because this had to be said tonight.  Probably that is why I was rooted out of bed at ten minutes past two this morning until 4.30.  Probably this is it.

Because you see when you understand “I”, you will understand that everything is embodied in that I, which I am – even this message of truth.  If it weren’t embedded, embodied in my consciousness how could it flow out to you?  Do you see that?  It is of God; but because it is of God it must be embodied within me for I and the Father are one.  Therefore anything at all that you can conceive of as being in the Godhead, you must begin to understand is likewise in you – for I and the Father are one.  And then you’ll see why you’ve missed the way.  You’ve been expecting your good to come to you, and it can’t.

You have to give up all desire for good to come to you and open out a way for the imprisoned splendor to escape for you embody every bit of truth, life, love, bread, wine, water, power of resurrection – everything is embodied within you because it is embodied in God – and I and the Father are one.

We read in scripture “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof”.  Have you ever heard that and then said “Well, what good is that to me?”  I have. I have. Don’t think I haven’t.  I have.  I used to get peeved when I would hear people say “Oh, there are no accidents in Divine Mind!”  What good is that to the fellow down the street with a broken-up automobile?  But I know the answer now.  The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof – but all that the Father hath is mine, for I and the Father are one!   And there are no accidents in Divine Mind and that makes it impossible for us to have an accident – for I live and move and have my being in God consciousness, not in this body; not in an automobile, not in an aeroplane.

Don’t ever think that you are ever in an aeroplane – aeroplanes are in you.  You are never in an automobile – an automobile is in you.  For you are “I” – Divine Consciousness; Infinite Spiritual Consciousness embodying within yourself all that is, since there is only one Self – the God Self.

Sometimes it’s impossible to see how that can be – how each one of us can embody all of the Godhead.  It becomes very simple when I say to you that each one of us can embody 100% of morality.  Do we divide morality and each of us has 5% of morals?  No, we claim for ourselves the wholeness because we are either 100% moral or we’re immoral.  We just can’t be a little bit.  Honesty, integrity, loyalty – would you like anyone to say that you have 10% loyalty?   No, 100%!  How can you have 100% and I have 100%?  Ah! That’s the nature of loyalty.  It’s a quality of God’s; therefore, it is equally ours – “joint-heirs with Christ in God to all the heavenly riches.”

Perhaps you think supply is material and that those things are spiritual.  Well, don’t you believe it – supply is spiritual too; because supply is spirit.  Supply is “I”.   Supply is the law of God working in us.

The dollar bills or the pounds – that’s not supply.  Those are just forms of supply.  Just like this is not me – this is just a form of me.  This is not me; this is a form.  I am separate from the form.  And so I am separate from my dollars, and you are separate from your pounds.  But you are the law and the substance unto your supply, and your pounds are just the outward expression.

And the more you realize that you embody the fullness of the Godhead; that the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof – and all that the Father has is mine, the more pounds you’ll have to share with others.  And the more pounds you’ll have left over.

But as long as you think that pounds or dollars mean supply, you shut yourself off from it.  And the moment you think that supply is personal – that it’s yours – you cut yourself off from it.  The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof – and its only mine, infinitely mine because I and the Father are one.  It’s my oneness with God that constitutes my oneness with all spiritual being.

Do you see that?  If I were myself I would be a branch of a tree that is cut off and withered.  But by virtue of my oneness with God, the infinity of God-life is mine.  (Would you stop this for a minute and let us meditate.)

Here is another one…

Did you notice that when I had come to the end and there was nothing more, that instantly I said “Now let us turn within?”  Now this is one of my own individual secrets.  Whether I need a truth or a dollar – it’s all the same thing; whether I need a hotel reservation or a transportation reservation – it’s all the same thing; I turn within.  Never, never, never do I make a human move that I do not first turn within – even retiring at night.  I must first turn within to be sure that everything’s clear, because there may be messages awaiting me.  By turning within, I will find it out.

Waking up in the morning, the first thing is to turn within.  And certainly 30, 40 and 50 times a day – turning within.  Because I of myself know nothing, I of myself am nothing, and I of my own self have nothing – but by virtue of my oneness with God.  Therefore I have to turn within to that Source, and It’s not within my body – It’s the withinness; withinness – within the consciousness.  And then whatever the next need is, I’m made aware of – and its fulfillment.  So it is.

Never forget this.  We will call it our third Secret tonight. And since we know the nature of the I that I am, and since we know that only by virtue of my oneness with the I that I am, that now I must give recognition to that by never doing a thing without turning within.

Whether I answer a letter to a student; whether I go outside on errands; regardless of what I do, I first turn within.  It may only be for – well you saw how rapidly it went tonight – just long enough to stop the machine and start it again.  That’s how rapidly the answer comes sometimes, but not always.  Sometimes you have to sit there and wait for a little while; and then you feel the release and you go.