Secret of the Resurrection 2/5

The spiritual kingdom is neither lo here nor lo there. The spiritual kingdom isn’t just a lot of health and wealth. The spiritual kingdom is something that no human being can ever encompass because the human being only has the mind. And the mind of man cannot encompass the realm of God.

There is only one right desire in The Infinite Way – that is to “know Thee aright, whom to know aright is life eternal.”  Now there is no other righteous desire – even the desire to be well; even the desire to care for your children; even the desire to educate your children; even the desire to make your children comfortable.

None of this is righteous desire. It is perfectly good from the human standpoint but do not count it as a righteous desire. There is only one righteous desire. If you accomplish that one, I can promise you that your children will be well educated, and have a good home and good health, and an opportunity to make something of themselves in life – but that will have been attained not because you desired it for them, but because you desired God enough to attain conscious union with God, or the experience of God.

In the presence of God there is fullness of life, therefore you need not have any good desires for your friends or relatives or children. Just have the desire to be in the presence of God. “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty”; so have no other desire than that of having the Spirit of the Lord; for when you have It, you will have freedom from lack, limitation, all forms of material in-harmonies, discords, limitations.

Now the realization that you do not live in your body, at first causes you when you’re in meditation to really look yourself up and down, in and out. And ultimately it will bring you to the realization “Joel is right!  I certainly am not in these knees; I am certainly not in that stomach; I am not in this chest; I am not up there in the brain.  I know that I am somewhere else.”

And eventually you will begin to realize the nature of that word “I”. And you will understand why Jesus used it “I am the bread of life. I am the way, the truth. I am the resurrection”. And you will see that you have been finitizing the word “I”.  You have been using it in a purely limited personal sense, as if “I” were an “I” separate from the “I”, which is you. As if the “I”, which is you is something separate from the “I”, which is me.

Now all of the fact that some are healthier than others and some are wealthier than others, is based on that very belief in separate Self-hood; Self-hood apart from the one Infinite Self-hood, which is God.  So you see that when you hug to yourself this secret of the word “I”; and when you ponder it and meditate on it and ask yourself the question “Who am I?”; “Where am I?”; even “Why am I?”…

There are people who really believe that they are functioning in their spiritual life just because they have uh – well they wake up in the morning and they manage to stay alive during the day and go to sleep at night and really believe that that’s living.  That isn’t living; that’s a living death.  Only you don’t find it out until you’ve discovered what living life is.

This thing of waking up in the morning and struggling through the day and then being so grateful to get into bed at night again, that is called by the Orientals ‘being on the wheel; on the wheel of life’. It’s like a merry-go-round. You know those things – round and round and round she goes but she never goes anywhere.  Around and around but standing still.

And that’s the human life that just wakes up in the morning, struggles through the day and is so happy to get into bed at night.  Why is it happy to get into bed at night?  Because it’s going to wake up in the morning and go no place either?  And then all day it’s going to do things and admit at night “What have I accomplished in life?  Well I struggled through and probably earned enough so that I can gain enough strength to go back to work tomorrow.”

It’s fruitless; it’s really fruitless. But there is a life that comes to the awakened soul in which life is not just a succession of waking up and sleeping, eating and drinking; in which there are delights during the day and during the night – there are experiences.

The vision of God isn’t an idle dream or an impossible dream. The life promised by the Christ “My peace give I unto thee” – that is not an idle dream; there is such a thing.  Some people imagine it a round of days and nights without pain and without lack. It’s more than that; it’s much more than that.

There may even be some problems in your days and nights but they’re not too important in uh… when you take into consideration the new world – that which He called “My kingdom”.  How clear He was on that subject: “My kingdom is not of this world” – not even of this ‘nice’ world!  Not even if your days were filled with all happy human experiences, the spiritual kingdom isn’t even that!

The spiritual kingdom is neither lo here nor lo there.  The spiritual kingdom isn’t just a lot of health and wealth.  The spiritual kingdom is something that no human being can ever encompass because the human being only has the mind. And the mind of man cannot encompass the realm of God.

One has to have a touch of spiritual consciousness.  Some people are born with it; some people are born with a measure of it – but most of us have to cultivate it.  We cultivate it with our spiritual reading, the spiritual things we read, the spiritual things we hear, the spiritual companionship’s which help to lift us up – always remembering that when you are in the company of the spiritually minded, you are above material sense.

The more you hold yourself in the companionship of the materially minded, the more you hold yourself on the wheel of life – going around but getting nowhere.

Well, that of course is the first of the major secrets.

The second one is like unto it. When you have the caught a tiny glimpse of what I have just said – of your life being not entombed in your body – you will understand the story of the Resurrection.  They had Him entombed, confined in a tomb, all sealed up, just like our bodies; no place for us to get out of.  But when they looked He was not there, He had risen.

Human beings are entombed – this really is the true story of the Resurrection. It is the story of Christ, your Divine Self entombed in a body until you really believe you’re there.  And the Resurrection is when the realization comes to you “I never was there. I and my Father are one. I live and move and have my being in God, not in a material concept, not in a tomb – I live and have my being in God, in Spirit. I dwell in the secret place of the Most High. I abide in the Word of God and the Word of God abides in me – not in my body.”

There is no place in the body where you could hide the Word of God. But the Word of God does abide in you, and you abide in the Word of God. Now when you begin to perceive that spiritually you will be able to look at this body and say “Now I perceive that I – that very “I” that you have been meditating on – “I” have been given dominion over this body. “I” was given dominion over everything – on earth, beneath the earth and above the earth. “I” have dominion over this body. “I” govern it, “I” feed it, “I” care for it – it is my possession.

By realizing that, I take my body out of this world where it has been at the mercy of weather, of climate, of food, of calendars that testify to the passing of time. I take my body out of the carnal mind by realizing that this body is my precious possession given me of the Father. But “I” was given dominion, “I” was given charge of it – not to turn it over to calendars, to the control of winds and weathers – no, no, no!  I was given it to care for.

You know if we inherit a diamond, or a jade statue, or bronze, or oil painting -we really take better care of that than we do of our own bodies.  Because at least over those things we know we have dominion and we know what’s expected of us – but the body we seem to believe can take care of itself. And we let it take care of itself and it doesn’t do it very well.

The body must be cared for much more than a work of art.  Only it’s cared for in a different way. It’s not cared for by fussing about it; it’s cared for by ignoring it in the realization that “I” am governing it. “I”, my spiritual identity is governing it. It is my possession; the possession of my spiritual being. I don’t have to consciously worry about it or fuss about it any more than I do about breathing or digesting or eliminating.  Those are things that “I” take care of unconsciously therefore let “I” govern the entire body. How?  By realizing 10, 12, 20 times a day “Thank You Father, “I” am not in the body but “I” govern the body.”

“I” have dominion over the body. “I”, the very spirit of the Lord God, is the principle and the law unto my body.  As long as I know that “I” am not in the body but govern it, I have given my body to my Divine Self for Its government.  Now I don’t have to worry about it, concern myself about it because there is that part of me – the I, which I am – which is governing it.

Once you see “I” and then see the body as it is, you can readily understand why this hand cannot give or withhold.  This hand is just a hand, it isn’t a good one it isn’t a bad one, it isn’t a generous one and it isn’t a stingy one – it’s just a hand and nothing more, nothing less.

What determines whether this hand gives or does not give is “I”.  “I” am the principle; “I” am the law unto this hand – only “I”.  And then you’ll begin to realize that your feet just can’t pick themselves up and start walking somewhere; they just can’t because they’re as dead as this is, unless “I” am in charge. But when “I” am in charge, the feet respond, the limbs respond – so with the whole body.

You will then begin to perceive that your body is more subject unto you than your automobile.  You will see that your body can do no more of itself than your automobile can. Your automobile may be the finest make in the entire world but it just stands dead until some intelligence moves it. So it is with your body.  Your body at this moment, if you’re not alert, is responding to the weather, to the climate, to the food you eat.  Or to the day of the month or how many years the calendar says it’s since you’ve been born.

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