Secret of the Resurrection 1/5

Please understand me clearly – do not try to make a demonstration of this nature; do not try to leave your body; do not try ever to make any occult or spiritual demonstration because it is a wrong desire.


Joel S Goldsmith

tape 230A Secret of the Resurrection


Good evening. Now you can see what it means when we come together more often and have opportunities for these sessions because each one of these is the same as a class. Actually there is no difference in these talks and those that are given in class, except that they are each one individual, full and complete. But you can see the cumulative power there is when you go through several months of this type of work.

You can tell that when you listen to the Honolulu series or the Kailua series or Study Groups, where we were together for as many as 14 sessions, 18, and 20 – all with the same group going from point to point.  And what gives it its accumulative power is that consciousness is deepening all of the time, because of the meditation and because of the study that is connected with it.

To some extent the same thing can happen and should, when you have your tape groups through the rest of the year. Naturally it is purely an individual thing whether or not those sessions become as valuable to you as these sessions – they can well be.

In all of our work it must be clear that “I, if I be lifted up shall draw all men unto me”. That is, to the degree in which I maintain myself in meditation; to the degree that I abstain from human cares, human life; to the extent that I stay immersed in the writings and in meditation – in that degree do I attain depths of spiritual consciousness and then you who have attuned yourself, are thereby lifted up.

Now, if we could be together week after week and year after year, you would find yourself making more progress with less effort – that always follows. But it is not possible ever to have a teacher with one constantly, except those few who are actively engaged in some immediate work with the teacher. And it is for this reason that there is an alternative; that is the use that the student makes of the writings and of the recordings and of the opportunities for meditation.

Now, no one could hold back my unfoldment because I was determined to have it. And instead of doing an hours’ reading each day, or two hours – as many other students did, I made it my business to do eight hours of study – even if many of those hours were way into the night.

So it is that no one can hold back your demonstration. Your demonstration will be at whatever level you determine to put into it. It can be a 2-hour a day demonstration, or 4-hour or 8-hour – you’re the one who determines that.   And since everyone has 24 hours, it isn’t a question of whether one has more time than another. It is a question of what one does with the time at their disposal.

There are 24 hours for each of us and each one of us have the same, either household cares or business cares; each one of us has the same family cares – it is just a matter of what things we determine we do without.

What reading can we sacrifice for 5 or 10 years so as to give all of the reading time to this? How much of the radio time or the television time or the cinema time can we afford to give up and to what extent can we cut out some of our visiting – either social or family?  That is for each one to determine because no one will make progress by being forced to do a certain amount of reading or a certain amount of work; the urge has to come from within the individual.

That is one of the reasons we do not lay down rules as to whether students should read one hour a day or three.  We supply the material but it’s up to the student to determine what degree of progress each one wants to make. And that is the student’s demonstration, not mine. I’m responsible for my demonstration; each one of you is responsible for yours.

Now, there are certain things which the advanced student should know that would be of little or no interest to the beginner. And because of the nature of our work, I would like to tell you some of these things.

The most important – I would like to call it a Secret – which I can impart to you, is the fact that you are not in your body.  Now that may not seem, at this moment, to be of too much importance, but sooner or later you will find that it is the ultimate Secret of Life; the deepest Secret of Life, and the one that produces the greatest demonstration of spiritual living – we do not live in our bodies!

You cannot find any of us from head to toe, we are not there; nor are we bodies. And therefore it is always wrong when feeling ill, to say “I am ill” for I am never ill.  The body may be, but not I; not I for I am not in that body to be ill. I am nowhere around where the pain or the discord is. I do not inhabit this body.

In your higher moments of spiritual uplift, you will undoubtedly have the experience of either being about 18 inches in back of your body and seeing your entire form; and this happens frequently. Or you may find yourself standing right beside yourself. And you will know right well that your body is standing there but “I” am standing here. These are not unusual experiences; these are very usual experiences to the advanced student.

Don’t go round trying to make them happen because you won’t succeed! They have to happen of their own accord, by Grace as it were. But they will not happen while you are living the mortal material state of life. In other words, it will be in those moments when you are “absent from the body and present with the Lord” – in your moments of meditation. Please understand me clearly – do not try to make a demonstration of this nature; do not try to leave your body; do not try ever to make any occult or spiritual demonstration because it is a wrong desire.

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