You will find then that every demand made upon you will be fulfilled—whether it’s for a thousand healings, or whether it’s for a thousand dollars—whatever demand is legitimately made upon you, is not made upon you, it is made upon the Christ of you. If some demand is made upon you that is illegitimate, take the same attitude, because if it is an illegitimate demand, it will never have to be met. Christ will find a way to dissolve even that demand. That’s important.

You never have to be afraid of an injustice once you’ve taken your stand for your spiritual being, and if somebody seems, for some reason, to demand more of you than they have a right to, say, “All right, if the Christ of me can supply it, I’m perfectly willing.”

You’ll find that if it isn’t a legitimate demand the Christ will dissolve that call upon you. If it doesn’t dissolve it, It will meet it. Once you have removed that personal sense of I that still is self-righteous, still has a need, a requirement, and so forth.

Now, since we have entertained this material sense of existence and have to reverse ourselves to get back to the spiritual sense, this I have found helpful. The statement of John—John 14: Peace I leave with you. My Peace I give unto you, not as the world giveth give I unto you. In other words, keep before yourself the idea that you are not seeking material good in any form, but a spiritual good, then you come down to John 4: In the meanwhile, his disciples prayed him saying: Master eat, but he said unto them: I have meat that ye know not.

Whatever the demand made upon you is—whether it’s for strength, bodily strength, mental strength, moral strength, or whether it is a demand that’s made upon you financially—always remember this, “I have meat the world knows not.”

Now, the world may look at us and judge of how much we have of health, wealth, strength, harmony, or years, but our view must be not to judge by appearances, but to answer to the world, “I have meat that the world knows not. I have an inner substance. I have an inner supply. I have an inner bank account”—may not be outer, it’s inner, but it is sufficient to meet every demand that’s made upon me from the outer.

Once I acknowledge that I have an inner meat, inner water—you remember those wellsprings of water that I can give you that bubble up into life eternal? Once I acknowledge that I have an inner meat, an inner wine, an inner water, a spiritual substance that the world can’t see, hear, taste, touch, or smell, from that moment I have demonstrated spiritual prosperity, and it will appear in the outer realm as everything necessary to my unfoldment.

But the beginning of it is: I must make the acknowledgement, I must get back to the Master’s teaching: I have meat the world knows not. I have water. If you would ask me for water I could give it to you. I can give you loaves or fishes. I can give you words of truth without number, until infinity. You ask of me and I will give you life eternal.”

Why? Because I have the substance of life eternal within me. I have the word of God in other words, and the word of God is meat and drink and clothing. The word of God is health and wealth. The word of God is life eternal, and I have that—where? In my meditation, in my mouth, closer than breathing, nearer than hands and feet; I have meat the world knows not.

I have an infinite wellspring of water. I have the wine of life, of inspiration, and that I is the spiritual substance within my own being, and as long as I can realize that I have That, I will not withhold anything that you require: hours of service, hours of treatment, hours of speaking or dollar bills doesn’t make any difference. Make any demand in a legitimate way and find that inwardly I am declaring: “Come unto me ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

Out of what will I give it? Out of the word of God, out of the inner meat that ye know not—that the world knows not, and out of this water, the wellspring of water that is within me. I will give you, I will feed you, I will clothe you, and as you realize that, you will be changing over, you’ll be dying daily to your humanhood, and you will be reborn of the Spirit. You will no longer be born of flesh, but of the Spirit. And then you can pour it out from now until doomsday and still have it all left over to share.

There is now just one thing to remember, and that is that prosperity comes of the substance of love, and love is God. It is not your love. It is not my love. It is the love of God, and therefore, instead of trying to love, instead of trying to be more loving, let God flow through you, let God express Its love through you.

Aloha, aloha. This is Joel.