Substance of Prosperity 4/5

In other words, the entire ministry of Jesus proved that since I Am the way, the life, and the truth, that I is the principle of existence, the substance of supply, the substance of health, the substance and activity of life. I am that.

Say it: I, I, I.  I, I am the substance of life. I, that I at the center of my being is the law and the continuity. It is the activity of life animating the body, governing the body, feeding the body.

It is the very … I am the meat. I am the wine. I am the water. In other words, it isn’t the food out there that is the strength of your body. It’s the I of me, which is the meat and the wine and the water unto your body that’s sustaining food. The food out there doesn’t sustain you.

I am the food that sustains you. I, the principle within, feeds, supports, strengthens, maintains the body, and the wealth, because you see, He even produced gold from the fish’s mouth, multiplied loaves and fishes. That same principle of I becomes the law of harmony and multiplication unto our wealth, so health and wealth both flow from within to the without.

Now suppose you’re sitting around out here waiting for it to come in to you, you’ve acknowledged your separation from it, and sounded your own death knell and poverty. Now all of that must come if you sit here waiting, expecting good to come to you.

Watch the motion if you empty yourself out and say, “Here, let me do this,” and then watch yourself inside of a month, and see the change that has come into your experience. Watch the thing that happens once you give up this horrible materialistic belief that you need something more added to you than you already have. It’s as much as if you were to say, “I need integrity.” You can’t need integrity.

I mean even if you were a thief you don’t need integrity. You have it; you’re not utilizing it. Everyone has integrity. The thief on the cross had integrity or Jesus couldn’t have taken him into heaven with him in that one day. He hadn’t even reformed or joined a truth movement, but he was taken into heaven that very day.

Why? He had all the necessary integrity, but up to that moment he hadn’t drawn on it. That’s how it is with us. We have all the necessary prosperity. We have all the necessary health and wealth. We’re not drawing on it. We’re not letting it flow out from us.

We’re sitting here as if we really were material, limited, finite beings waiting for some good to come to us. The streetcar never passes that corner. We can wait forever for good to come to us, and find that it never comes. Why? It doesn’t make any difference if we do as the poor widow did with the mite. Start with whatever mite we have, but pour it out, share it, give it, get rid of it. Show that your faith isn’t in it.

Like the widow sharing with Elijah; it was all she had—that crust of bread and bit of oil—but when called upon, she poured it out, and then found that there was no end to that supply, it also multiplied itself.

And so, it is with the principle of life, it is a spiritual principle, and I don’t say it to you in the sense of asking you to tithe. I say it to you in the sense of acknowledging the infinite nature of your own being.

And now you get again that statement that appears throughout The Infinite Way writings, that the purpose of the message of The Infinite Way is to reveal to you the infinite nature of your own being.

How can you accept any of the writings of The Infinite Way as to the infinite nature of your own being, and then still say, “I want to demonstrate supply.” It will not work. It cannot work.

The only way in which you can demonstrate supply is to start with whatever it is that you have, whether it is of money, service, patience, cooperation, gratitude, whatever it is, start with something, and begin to pour it, begin to let it out.

And above everything, resist the temptation to accept the belief that there is a selfhood, your selfhood, that needs something, requires something, must have something, because if you are at all following the teaching of the Master, Christ Jesus, you must accept this, that in order to find your life, you must lose it.

There is no way for you to find your spiritual immortality, your spiritual prosperity, than to give up that personal sense of selfhood that says, “I need, I require, I want, I should have, I deserve.” That personal sense of I is our devil and it must be given up.

There is no such thing as “I am weary or I am tired.” There isn’t anybody in all the world that could do enough to make them weary or make them tired, unless they were indulging a selfhood apart from God.

Now, that life must be given up—the life that can be weary, the life that can be tired, the life that can be overworked, the life of whom too much is demanded. That each one must give up, because their only life is God, and there can be no demand made upon it that is too much.

We brought that out the other day, if you remember, or evening, in the illustration that if any demand is made upon you, it is not really made upon you, it is made upon the Christ of your being, and if you’ll step aside, and say, “All right, I have no objection to fulfilling it if the Christ of me has it and can do it, let it go.”

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