Soul of Man 4/5

Here, of course, is the reason that The Infinite Way can bring tremendous spiritual harmony, wholeness, and completeness into manifestation: the unfoldment of the nature of error reveals the awareness of one Power, and establishes us in it.

Infinite Way Letter

February 1956

By Joel Goldsmith

Part 4 of 5


*        *              *

Out of this work throughout the world have come sizable groups of students who are ready for the healing work—and this, as you know, is the foundation upon which The Infinite Way builds. Why is healing so important to us? It is not merely because of the physical harmonies which result, for often these are but “loaves and fishes”—but that spiritual healing is the natural and inevitable result of conscious union with God, the fruitage of conscious oneness with our Source, and the direct evidence that what we are attaining is Truth Itself. Those who learn the principles of The Infinite Way, which, of course must include the understanding of the nature of error, will be healed, and will heal others. It is not a difficult matter—this spiritual realization which reveals harmony where discord has been in evidence—but it requires a consecration to the study and practice until a consciousness of one power is attained.

Here, of course, is the reason that The Infinite Way can bring tremendous spiritual harmony, wholeness, and completeness into manifestation: the unfoldment of the nature of error reveals the awareness of one Power, and establishes us in it. Without this, even metaphysical healing or so-called spiritual healing methods cannot be fully effective, since it leaves the world with two powers, even while claiming one. Happily, quite a number of our students throughout the world have caught this vision of the nature of error, and of the nature of life lived in the acceptance and realization of one Power.

More and more the message of The Infinite Way is being received and welcomed by leaders of other metaphysical and spiritual groups. The wholehearted sharing between these teachers and our Infinite Way work will hasten the day when workers in the spiritual and metaphysical fields will be united in love and truth. Into this consciousness nothing will enter to defile—and from this consciousness, healing will reach the students of all teachers and teachings. When John informed the Master that he had forbad one who was healing because he was not one of his followers, Jesus answered: “Forbid him not: for he that is not against us is for us.” Someday, all who are engaged in either metaphysical or spiritual healing and teaching activities must unite in consciousness. Each may maintain his own identity or organized or unorganized form, and yet conjoin in spiritual friendship and in healing consciousness.

Once the subject of cosmic law is understood, all barriers of separation in the spiritual fields will fall away. This we have already experienced in England, Holland, South Africa, and with a few of the teachers in the United States; and now we have received our first welcome in India. I wonder if you glimpse how this “chain of spiritual understanding”—this bond of spiritual fellowship and this band of spiritual consciousness—is extending around the globe? It is important that you understand its significance.

The message of The Infinite Way is finding wide acceptance. Many must be blessed in spiritual unfoldment and more harmonious daily experience, since only the spiritual fruitage of our students is responsible for this mighty flow of the Word around the globe and into foreign languages. With this realization must come a further awareness of the need for more students to accept the responsibility for doing healing work and conducting Tape Recording Work in their communities. While we can be deeply grateful that in many cities now there are students willing to be active in healing, you can readily see that many more are needed.

You are capable of doing healing work, since you have come to the realization that, actually, there is nothing, and no one, to heal; that healing work is but the realization of this truth, in one way or another. You do not, and cannot, heal! Nor can God! With this understanding for your basis, it is inevitable that all forms of discord must evaporate as they are touched by your consciousness of this great truth!

You know that Truth does not overcome error, that God does not heal disease, that there is no great power overcoming or destroying negative powers. You now understand the meaning of oneness: one Power—without an opponent; one Being—and none human; one Law—and that, Spirit. This constitutes your healing consciousness. Is this clear to you? Then—be about the Father’s business, so that you too can say: “Go and shew John again those things which we do hear and see: The blind receive their sight, and the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, and the deaf hear, the dead are raised up, and the poor have the gospel preached to them.”

It is our joy that you receive healing and instruction; that you can smile at the very thought of a presence or law other than God; that the appearances of sin, lack, disease, and death are evaporating in your presence. It is our satisfaction when you, in turn, heal and impart. The sick are healed, “not by might nor by power,” but by knowing this truth of One! Think what will happen, first in your world, and then in the world’s world, when all of us more thoroughly realize one Power, one Cause, one Law, one Activity, one

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