Soul of Man 2/5

The Soul speaks unto Soul, saying: “All this is true of you and of me. We are held by an invisible bond of Love. We are one. Awake thou that sleepest, and find Me, the Soul within you.” As the Soul thus speaks, we are awakened to the realization of God’s most precious gift to man.

Infinite Way Letter

February 1956

By Joel Goldsmith

Part 2 of 5


Part Two

God, the Soul of man, speaks to the listening ear as Soul unto Soul, as Heart unto Heart: never more shalt thou fear. Nevermore must thou doubt. Nevermore turn to man whose breath is in his nostrils. Nevermore turn to the outside world—for I am with you! I have been with you since the world began, to form you in the image and likeness of God; to send you forever about the Father’s business. Look unto Me, the Soul of thy being, and be saved! Look unto Me for wisdom and guidance, for safety and security and support, for healing and for comfort. Look unto Me for resurrection and, finally, for ascension.

Never doubt that the Voice will speak when you are listening. Never doubt that the finger of Grace on the hand of Love will touch you when need be. The Voice will utter Itself unto you; the hand of the Father will be the power; the love of God will be the means. Always remember that your good is in Me, the Soul, and in all thy ways turn unto Me. God’s grace flows to all men everywhere, wherever the listening ear is developed, wherever there is one to recognize that he cannot falter or stumble because of this divine Presence within his own being.

The Soul speaks unto Soul, saying: “All this is true of you and of me. We are held by an invisible bond of Love. We are one. Awake thou that sleepest, and find Me, the Soul within you.” As the Soul thus speaks, we are awakened to the realization of God’s most precious gift to man.

The Soul of your being is the source, the activity, the substance, the immortal life; and nothing shall enter which defileth or maketh a lie; there is no place where even a suggestion of evil can find an abiding place. “…yet in my flesh shall I see God,” and as you turn to the Soul for the unfolding of your good, It appears as the health of your flesh; intelligence of your intelligence; life of your life. All this flows from the Soul, and is made manifest in the flesh.

“Look unto me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth: for I am God, and there is none else.” Look only unto Me, not unto the men nor the thoughts and things of the world. No more must you voice the doubts and fears of the world, but speak the Word of God, the Word of Truth. No more must you hear the doubts and fears of the world, but listen for the still, small Voice. Hold the Word of God high in the mind and in the heart. Let the name of God be upon your lips—let it always be God—God—God, in the knowledge that all good is in Him. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, whom to know aright is life eternal. “And call no man your Father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.” God, the Soul, the Father within, is the creative energy of all being, and therefore of your individual mind and body; the creative urge and activity of your world experience. Thus it is understood that as you sow to the flesh—to the external realm, the form—you will reap corruption; but as you sow to the Spirit—the Soul within—you will reap life everlasting.

It may be difficult, at first, to believe and understand that there is an invisible Presence and Power maintaining, guiding, and governing you harmoniously; being your shelter and fortress; your bread, wine, meat, water—and it may take a while to become accustomed to this old, yet new idea; but when the invisible Presence, the Soul, is realized to be the fount of life, you have, indeed, entered the kingdom of heaven. The price of demonstration is that this first be maintained in consciousness, sacredly and secretly; that is, you must secretly and silently declare these truths about yourself, and then about all individuals with whom you come in contact, be they human, animal, vegetable, or mineral. Know the truth that God is the Soul of man, and voice it for the benefit of every individual, far and near, who comes within range of your consciousness. Use it, realize it, with every experience of a personal, national, or international nature; but keep it secret, silent, sacred, knowing the truth that God, the Soul, is ever revealing Its will to man.

Never voice this truth in words, however, except to those of thine own “household.” Otherwise, you are casting your pearls before the unprepared thought, and they are liable to be trampled underfoot. No one can value the truth, no one can accept it nor even believe it, until he is ready for it. The human mind rejects spiritual truth because the things of God are foolishness to man’s intellect, and it is only when he has opened his Soul to truth that he is able to receive it. Do not give this truth to the unprepared thought, but voice it silently, blessing everyone, friend, enemy, and believer alike, by secretly and silently knowing that this is the truth of their innermost being. Then it is that the Soul speaks unto the Soul.

Where two or more are “gathered together in my name,” we are come for the purpose of opening our souls to God—opening consciousness that we may be filled. Therefore, any word of truth that is voiced is received, accepted, and responded to. If we were to give this to passers-by they would reject it because they do not look in this direction; they have many other sources of authority in which they believe, and that is their individual demonstration. You bless them only if you address them in the secret place of the most High—there the Soul can speak to Soul and not be rejected.

In the silence, speak to the Soul of your children, and even of your pets, and notice how they respond to the Word of Truth, without a single uttered word. As you continue in this practice, always recognizing the spiritual nature of the one you are addressing, you will be able to speak to the Soul of adults’, and they also will respond, and although they may not acknowledge it, being unaware of what has happened, their response will be by way of greater health, purity, or supply. In the silence, gently let the Soul speak unto Soul: “Thou art fair; thou art pure. In thee is no evil; in thee the world beliefs have no place. Thou art the beloved Son of God, made in His image and likeness, sent to earth to be about the Father’s business. Thou art He.” Oh! The power of these words, whispered unto the Soul of man when his intellectual mind is not listening!

Nothing is more wonderful than the realization of this truth. It purifies one from head to foot, and pervades every detail of one’s experience. But that is as nothing compared to what happens when one Soul speaks to the Soul of another, recognizing only the purity, the infinity, the perfection of individual being, in the realization that God is the Soul of man!

End Part 2

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