Although there are many transcripts already made of the talks of Joel S. Goldsmith, there are still some really great talks that are not transcribed yet. If you want to try to make one, please contact me by filling in the form below. I will send you the talk as mp3 and give you instructions of how to make them. The idea is to form a team that corrects each others writings.

Thank you.


To make a transcript is:

  • like meditation and contemplation at the same time.
  • You take time to bring the words into this world, a great service (to yourself)
  • You enter deep in and beyond the words from Joel
  • a very intimate happening, the words are ‘connected’ to you

Some tapes are in progress being transcribed:

Soul, Mind, Body, tape 222A                        In Progress
Living Daily by Meditation, tape 178B        In Progress
God is, tape 48B                                              In Progress
Meditation on Prayer of Non resistance  tape 627A        In Progress
Attaining Healing Consciousness  tape 306B      In Progress

Tapes that need a transcript are:
Behind Even Karma ~ Transparency Tape 805A
Expanding from Withinness tape 312B
How To Heal, tape 203A
The Dedicated Consciousness, tape 542A
The Invisible, tape 347A
Invisible Life Fulfills Itself, tape 432A
Attuning to Consciousness, tape 500B
Christ in Meditation, tape 427B
>much more to follow