The Thunder of Silence 4/4

The main thing to remember is that when confronted with the negative aspects of hypnotism, that is, forms of sin, disease, lack and limitation, not to be fooled by them. Not to be fooled into trying to reform evil persons or sinful persons, but always quickly remembering: “Oh, no, hypnotism appearing in still more forms. Hypnotism which, in and of itself, cannot be the substance, law, cause, or effect to any form of reality and thereby you become a spiritual healer.”

Do you see, the world is so hypnotized by person, place, and thing that a good person, a good place, and a good thing becomes so nice and comfortable that everybody wants them, and they don’t want to get any higher than that, because they are so very comfortable. It can’t be done, because, you see, no matter how good you get it, it has its other side, and it goes up and it goes down.

And so again I say this to you, if you can be made to treat person, place, or thing, if you can be made to fear a war, a depression, an atomic bomb, you are hypnotized, and it is only a question then of what the date is on the tombstone. There will be one; it is just a matter of which date it is.

If however, you catch this vision, when the time comes that you want to step out, you will step out into a transitional experience which will be higher and better than this one, but there is where the healing work is. You can’t treat a person, you can’t treat a condition. It would be like treating the water on the desert and trying to get rid of if when it isn’t there. It would be like trying to treat the snakes up there saying, “You’ve got to get rid of my three snakes. As soon as you get rid of my three snakes I’ll be able to study better.” Do you see how foolish it is? There aren’t any snakes there, so you are never going to get rid of them.

Get rid of the hypnotism, ah, you won’t have to study any more, because the only purpose of studying truth is to learn that hypnotism is the only error. When you learn that, there is nothing to study. The rest is lived within your own being. That is all there is.

You see, in the same way, when you are dealing with error, the minute you try to touch a disease or condition you would be in the mess, because there is no such thing as a disease or a condition apart from the mesmerism, the hypnotism, the appearance, or suggestion, or claim. So, to be fooled into handling the condition would be to make the whole thing worse.

Now, it is in the same way with those who are reading or studying, or who are taking up truth or using truth for a healing or for supply or for a demonstration. The more their minds are on getting rid of the condition, or the more their minds are on getting a healing, the more they are in the mirage of error, because again, you see, there isn’t any demonstration to get. There is only one demonstration, and that is getting the realization of God. If you had the realization of God, you have the whole thing. You would have health, harmony, wholeness, eternality, immortality, infinity. You would have supply and you would immortal life—eternality.

The only thing you can do there too is; you cannot make a demonstration of a home or a companion or a divorce or a job; you can only make a demonstration of the presence of God, and then that would include whatever the nature of the demonstration is to be.

Just like, in realizing hypnotism, it would include the demonstration of getting rid of the water on the road, or the snake on the wall, or the cancer, wouldn’t it?  But you couldn’t get rid of them separate and apart from getting over the hypnotism, could you? In the same way, neither could you get the demonstration of home, employment, or health separate and apart from getting the consciousness of God, because there is no demonstration of good separate and apart from the demonstration of God. Do you see that?

So it works both ways, doesn’t it? On the side of error, there is no use of treating person, place, or thing; because there is only one fact to error and that is hypnotism.

On the positive side there is no use of seeking a demonstration of person, thing or condition, because there isn’t any demonstration separate and apart from the realization of God. The realization of God includes all demonstration, Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you.

The thing for us to know is this: that it is necessary to demonstrate the consciousness of the presence of God and the other things are included in it. So you have your demonstration, it is the same on the positive side as on the negative.

On the positive side, it is demonstrating the consciousness of the presence of God. On the negative side, it is realizing no matter what the form of error is, it is only hypnotism, therefore, it has no substance, no law, no cause, no reality, no effect. These are the two sides of the picture.

This is going to be helpful on both the positive side and the negative side. Remember that the entire basis of The Infinite Way teaching is that there is not God “and.” There is not God “and” health, or God “and” strength, or God “and” immortality, or God “and” activity, or God “and” supply. There is only God manifesting “as.” In other words, we use the example of a block of mahogany, and out of this we have a chair and a table and a dresser and a bench.

Now you haven’t got mahogany and a table and a chair and a dresser and a bench. You have mahogany manifested or expressed “as” those things. So, when you think of God as the substance of the universe, you haven’t got God, the substance and a lot of forms. You have God appearing or formed as those forms, manifested and expressed as forms, and that is why if you demonstrate God, you demonstrate every form as which God appears.

You demonstrate God as health, as harmony, immortality, supply. Do you see that? That is why you cannot demonstrate God “and” these things, and that is why you cannot demonstrate these things separate and apart from God, because they are all God Itself formed.

Now, if you see that, apply that also to this idea of all error as hypnotism. There is not hypnotism and a disease. There is not hypnotism and lack and limitation. There is not hypnotism and sin and death. There is only hypnotism appearing as these pictures, so that you can’t get rid of the sin, disease, or death separate and apart from hypnotism, but when you have gotten rid of hypnotism you have gotten rid of all the various forms, and the way to get rid of hypnotism is to understand hypnotism not as thing, but as no thing, no power, no presence.

I said that you would now see the secret of living, and here you have that secret of living.

When you observe life as it appears to be, as you see, hear, taste, touch, or smell it, you will understand immediately that this is the product of hypnotism, of suggestion, of human appearance. Of course, you understand through your spiritual sense, you would discern right there where this material or physical sense seems to be, you would discern right there the spiritual, eternal and immortal creation.

Watch this, because this concerns the healing work. If you were to see a so-called evil appearance, sinful appearance, sick appearance, dying or dead appearance, you would be tempted immediately to know some truth, or to think some thought that would change the picture, that would heal, correct, improve, or reform it. Whereas, if you saw normal human good, normal human health, harmony, wholeness, prosperity you would just accept the picture at its face value.

Now, watch this. When you come into a state of life wherein you can look at the harmonious human appearance and recognize it as hypnotism, and appearance, or suggestion, and when you can look at the inharmonious or discordant human picture and recognize it as the product of the same hypnotism or suggestion, then you have come to a point in consciousness in which you will not try to improve, heal or correct the erroneous picture, nor indulge in satisfaction over the harmonious picture.

The reason is that you will know through your spiritual sense that regardless of the picture or its appearance, or the nature of its appearance, right there, spiritual reality and harmony is—eternal and immortal Being is. And so, you will make no mental effort at correcting, healing, or improving, and with that ability to refrain from all attempt to heal, correct, or improve, you will have demonstrated the consciousness of God’s allness.

In my writings you will find this handled under the subject of reaction, and I have said that healing takes place in proportion to the practitioner’s reaction to the appearance. This is exactly what I meant. If you can know that harmonious human appearances are no more real than inharmonious or discordant ones, if you can know that inharmonious, discordant, sick, sinful, dying human appearances are no more real than harmonious and healthful human appearances, then you have arrived at a state of consciousness that spiritually discerns harmony right where any form of human appearance may be.

Now, get used to the idea of observing the harmonious human appearances and the inharmonious human appearances with the same degree of unconcern. Then you will know that you have arrived at a state of spiritual consciousness in which you now see that which is invisible, hear that which is inaudible, and know that which is unknowable, and this is Christ Consciousness.

Here now you have a message for serious contemplation and meditation.

Blessings and Aloha, Joel.

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