So we know there is a principle governing the universe, and because there is a principle, a law, a divine law, nothing ever got outside of Its government or control. Not any more than do-re-me-fa-so-la-ti-do of music; nothing ever got out of control there. They have never changed values. They have never changed positions with each other. No one note ever crowded the other off the scale. No one note ever infringed upon the other. No one note ever took anything away from the other.  So it is with one – two –three – four – five – six – seven – eight – nine – ought. They never get out of their rightful places. Not one of them ever took anything from one of the others. Not one ever crowded the other out or drew from another, cooperated together, yes, for the common good.

But, if that is true of mathematics and true of music how can it be otherwise than true of man who was given dominion over mathematics and music. So there never has been a man who crowded another man off the earth. There never has been a man who crowded another man out of his business. There never has been a politician who crowded another politician out. Never. All those pictures are hypnotism. And if you can be made to believe that there is a mortal, material universe you are a part of this hypnotism.

When you close your eyes, as you go further into this work, at the point of meditation, where we really get to the point above “this world”, then you will know me as I am, and I will know you as you are. That is how healings take place, because I can know you as you are, and do not judge you as you appear to be.

That is why I say to our students, do not tell anybody that they must correct themselves. Do not refuse a case because they do not seem to be doing what you think is right. That has nothing to do with you. You get inside and behold them as God made them, and then they will soon conform to the pattern shown thee on the mount. Do you see?

Therefore, I never say that the error is yours, or that you must correct something. No. The error is hypnotism, a universal hypnotism and I am the one who has to correct it through the understanding—One with God is a majority.  Therefore, the moment you turn to a practitioner and that practitioner knows the truth for you, that one is the majority. That breaks the spell.

Now, of course, Jesus said, “Go and sin no more.”  In other words the practitioner can bring you out of the mesmerism, but you can soon get yourself back in again if you do not conform to the higher vision, nothing is going to stop you from going right back into the same disease or another one.

Yes, he said, “Neither do I condemn you, but go and sin no more.” In other words, I release you, and I am giving you your freedom through my understanding of your spiritual nature. Do not go back and make a fool out of it now by indulging in mortality again. Do you understand that? That is why you can have marvelous healings through practitioners, but if you do not turn around and change your mode of life, if you go back and sin again—and of course, the world misunderstands the word “sin.” The word sin doesn’t mean just getting drunk or committing adultery or stealing, there is a lot more to sin than that.

Just going back to the belief that there are human beings is the sin that puts you back into your diseases and sins again. In our work sin doesn’t mean the same thing. In other words what the world might call sin: stealing, lying, cheating, adultery, that to us is of the same nature as disease. It is just another form of hypnotism.

Sin is the acceptance of a material universe. That is the sin, and once you have been freed from it, to go back to it again, that is your fault. Neither do I condemn thee, but go and sin no more. Do not go back into the mesmerism again. Do you see what I mean?

That is why I say, and that is what I have said in one of these tapes when you go through hell on this path, the principle is with you and it is going to get you out, but do not think that there is any difference between the hell called poverty, the hell called war, the hell called disease, or the hell called sin. Do not think that one of them is a worse form than another. Oh, no. They are all forms of one thing, and that one thing is hypnotism.

In one man’s case, hypnotism appears as some sinful thing or thought. In another’s, it appears as a diseased thing or thought, and still in others it appears as poverty. It doesn’t make any difference. It is all hypnotism. Take away the hypnotism and none of these things would be there.

So there you are with the nature of error. There is only one error and that is hypnotism, but if you can be made to give a treatment to a person, or if you can be made to treat them for nerves, for a mental cause, for a physical disease, or if you can be made to treat them for resentment or hate or jealousy or anger or if you can be made to treat them for cancer or consumption, you are out of the practice; you are in materia medica. You are treating effect and I do not care if the effect is a sin or a disease or poverty, you are treating an effect, and if you did get rid of it, two more effects would show up.

Unless you get at the root of the trouble, unless you lay the axe at the root of the tree, which is hypnotism, you do not come out of the mortal, the material state of consciousness. When you see through hypnotism, then regardless of the name or nature of the sin, disease, or lack, your patient or student realizes harmony, health, wholeness, completeness. If his trouble is nerves, he finds himself rid of nerves. If his belief has been unemployment, he finds himself employed. If his claim has been disease, he finds himself well. Why? Through the practitioner’s ability to see through the claim of hypnotism and realize God as the principle of all that is.

This is one reason that even some who have gone through classes do not understand the nature of error. So often it is brought up, and more especially before there is a readiness for it, and the student believes that the hypnotism, the suggestion, the appearance, the claim, is actually an error to be destroyed.

It is for this reason that we hear such expressions as “look what mortal mind is doing to me”, but actually mortal mind, as Mrs. Eddy defined the term, is one meaning nothingness—that which has no existence. How can it then do something to one? And, of course, hypnotism isn’t an actual thing or condition. Hypnotism cannot produce water on the desert or snakes in the plant. Hypnotism is itself “no thing”, “no form”, “no cause”, and “no effect.”

Merely to recognize any form of error, any appearance of error as hypnotism is the correct handling of it without any further concern.

If you have been able with your inner ear, to hear what I have said, if you really understand what I have said, you will be ready for this next point. At this point I would like the students listening to meditate and ponder this idea of hypnotism as the substance of any form of mortal or material universe that is appearing to them.

In other words, even when you see the mountains, the sunshine, the ocean, the beauty, remember that these too are forms of hypnotism only appearing to you as good forms. In the same way, when you see sin, disease, death, lack, and limitation remember that the same hypnotism is presenting negative, or what we call evil forms.

Now this does not mean that we are not to enjoy the good of human existence, but rather that we are to enjoy it for what it is, not something real in and of itself, since the reality, that which underlies our beautiful mountains and streams and sunsets and sunrises and pleasures and joys is spiritual, and must be spiritually discerned, but rather that we enjoy them knowing them to be temporary forms of good, not something to be stored up, not something to be put in bank vaults, but to be enjoyed, and then go on each day letting the manna fall afresh.