Now, you can never get un-hypnotized as long as you are judging by appearances, because the thing you are judging with, the human mind is a state of hypnotism. In other words, in looking out from your eyes you are looking out from a state of hypnosis. The only way you can be de-hypnotized is when the five physical senses are quiet, and you are still, inside of you, and then spiritual awareness reveals to you the truth of being.

In other words, your eyes are always going to see babies being born and old people die. Your ears are always going to be hearing about sin, disease, lack, death, and limitation, and you are always are going to see, hear, taste, touch and smell error.

So until you shut that five senses off and develop this inner “thing” that enables you to say, “Ah, I see. I see that which is not visible. I hear that which is not audible. I know that which is not knowable with the human senses.”

I suppose I could describe it this way. If a person with no musical appreciation heard a symphony what would he hear? A lot of dull, monotonous noises. A person with a musical consciousness listens to it and hears harmony, melody, rhythm. Or take a person who has no art appreciation who looks at an oil painting. What does he see? Daubs of paint, that is all, nothing more, nothing less—just daubs of paint that do not make sense. Now, a person comes along with an art appreciation and he sees whatever it is that the artist had in mind, the execution and the coloring and the shading, and so forth and so on.

A person who knows nothing of sculpture, what does he see? A piece of bronze or a piece of marble made into a statue, and that’s all that it is—usually a very poor likeness at that. The person with an artistic sense looks at it and he sees the skill, he sees the line, the form. He sees the rhythm. He sees the flow in the artist’s mind and hands in it. Do you see that? And they are not seeing just with their eyes, are they? They are seeing though their art abilities, or through their musical appreciation.

In the same way, if you look through your eyes at this world, all you will ever see are human beings, sometimes good, sometimes bad. You’ve heard me say this before, the same woman who promises to love, honor, and obey, puts her husband in jail for alimony later—good one day and bad the next. The couple that loves each other to death one day drives daggers into each other’s heart the next day. The parent that fondles the child one day often finds the child turn on him the next day. It is the human picture—sometimes good—always error. Now then, that is what you always see, taste, touch, and smell with the five physical senses.

So you will never get to understand your symphony, or your painting, or your sculpture until you develop that art capacity. And you will never get to know the spiritual universe until you develop that inner spiritual consciousness, that which is called Christ Consciousness, which enabled Jesus to say to Pilate, who had the greatest temporal power of his day: Thou couldst have no power. How could he say that in the face of the temporal power that Pilate had? He was seeing through to something beyond what the eyes can see or the ears could hear. He was knowing something that the human mind couldn’t know, and he proved it when he allowed himself to be crucified and they could not kill him. In other words, Pilate, and the crucifix, and the sword had no power.

Now then, de-hypnotization is the ability to see that which actually is, or the ability to taste, touch, and smell that which actually is. The only way that it can be accomplished is through that spiritual consciousness. Then, to have some evidence that we are getting de-hypnotized we must first of all be able to know this:  You cannot cure a disease, there isn’t any; You cannot overcome poverty, there isn’t any: You cannot overcome death, there isn’t any. The only thing you can do is to recognize: I am not dealing with those appearances; I am not dealing with such suggestions; I am dealing with hypnotism.

Do not see sin and do not see disease. Remember that you are dealing not with sin and not with disease and not with sinners, but rather with a false appearance produced by the belief of a selfhood apart from God—a universal belief so powerful that it operates as law in our consciousness until we detect it and cast it out, until we know the truth.

You remember, of course, the illustration of the mirage on the desert. You are driving along and suddenly you see water on the road, and perhaps you stop your car quickly. As you sit there and gaze at the road ahead of you, glance about you, all of a sudden you realize it isn’t water, it is a mirage. And then, you start your car and drive on. You haven’t removed the water from the road. There wasn’t any. You merely recognized that what appeared as water on the road was a mirage, and you paid no further attention to it. The water never was there.

But what would happen if you were to treat the mirage as if it actually were water? You would stay there and wait for somebody to come and siphon it off. It has to be siphoned off. It has to be gotten off the road as long as you think of it as water. The moment you understand it as mirage it doesn’t bother you any longer; does it? And so it is with error. As long as you can be made to treat a person, or a condition, or a sin, or a disease, or a cause of disease, you will be trying to remove the water from the road.

It was in one of these tapes that I said that you’ve got to see that the so-called mental cause is just as much of an illusion as the physical disease. In some studies it is claimed that there is a mental cause for a physical disease. If that is so, the disease is no illusion since it has a real cause. We, in The Infinite Way, must recognize that even a mental cause is as much of an illusion as the physical disease, since all there is to the human scene, all there is to what we understand as “this world”—is in the nature of the illusion.

Truth is infinite God or infinite Mind and Its creation, and there is nothing else.

The mental cause is as illusory in its nature as the physical effect. To understand reality, you must understand that only Spirit is real since Spirit is infinite; that all that exists must exist of the standpoint of Spirit—under spiritual law. And so we are not dealing with physical effects or mental causes, we are dealing only with God manifesting and expressing Itself and Its infinite harmonies, and as opposed to that, an appearance, a suggestion, a claim, a universal belief of a selfhood apart from God, of a universe apart from God, of a selfhood and a universe subject to material and mental laws.

Can you believe that there is God and a sickness too? No. How could you believe any such thing? Where would God be while somebody is suffering? Why, we as human parents would never let a child have a disease if we could prevent it or take it away from him. Would we let a child suffer? No, you know better than that. Then why do you think that God would let it happen to us? It can’t be. There is no such thing. Never in the history of the world has there been a sick person, or a dead one. Everybody who has ever lived from the time of the beginning of all time is still alive; it couldn’t be otherwise.

Otherwise, you have to be an atheist. Otherwise you would have to say the world sprang up out of dust and it’s going to return to dust. But you can’t do that while you see a law of life begetting life, while you see apples always coming from apple trees, or cabbages always coming from cabbage patches. You know it can’t be accidental. There must be a law.

As long as you can see that two times two must always be four you know that this is not an accidental world. There must be a principle behind it. Do you follow that? If there is a principle—that is God. If there is a principle, is there an exception to the principle? Two times two are four always, and you never heard of any exception to it, and you never heard of anything growing on apple trees but apples, or orange trees but oranges. Do you see what I mean? There is no exception to prove the rule, is there?