1952 Honolulu Class Series One

Joel S. Goldsmith

12A – The Thunder of Silence

This is Joel in Honolulu giving a private class to just seven students. I have called this tape The Thunder of Silence—probably you will see the reason for this. Actually, this tape contains the inner teaching of the work of The Infinite Way.

In this tape you have the secret of all living. You have the secret of life itself, the secret of the spiritual universe, and the secret of the so-called material universe including its substance and formation. In it you have the cause of all disease, accidents, sin, fear, and the handling of these subjects so that they can be eliminated from the experience of those desiring release.

Unfortunately, the nature of this truth is such that only a few receive it. Actually, only a few want it or can understand it. It requires a depth of vision. It requires an earnestness and a willingness to pay close attention until the true realization dawns in consciousness. Please believe me, there are no deeper truths than you will find on this tape. Whatever there is of a hidden nature in my own understanding and unfoldment of truth, whatever I have discovered in my practice through much more than twenty years is in this tape. Things that I cannot tell even class students—until now.

If only you will listen. If you will try to go behind the scenes a bit; try to read between the lines—try to listen with your inner ear. This recording really has all that I have desired throughout many, many years to give our students. I have been able to give it to some individually, here and there. This is the first time that seven have received it at one time. And of course, this will be the first time you are able to receive it through these recordings. The secret of the handling of error lies in knowing the nature of error, and the nature of error is summed up in one word—hypnotism.

It acts like this, if you want to personalize it. Say that someone comes in here and hypnotizes you, and he says to you that that plant over there, instead of having three branches has three snakes, and you accept that because of his hypnotic suggestion. He has control of your mind, and because you agree that they are snakes you go the rest of the distance and you fear them. You run away from them. You even pick up a knife and want to chop their heads off. All based on the one premise that there are snakes there.

Now, of course, the snakes have nothing to do with it. The appearance has nothing to do with it. Because no matter what you would do to those non-existent snakes, you still couldn’t change the fact that you were going to see snakes as long as you are hypnotized.

So that there is no possible way to get rid of those snakes except get un-hypnotized. There is no way to get rid of your fear of snakes except to get un-hypnotized. There is no way to put up your sword except to get un-hypnotized. In other words, as long as the hypnosis lasts all the rest of the picture is there; isn’t it?

Now then, there is no such thing as disease. There is no such thing as death. Not since the world began has one single man or woman ever died. Not since the world began has one single man or woman ever been sick, and every attempt to get rid of sickness will make two diseases grow where one was before.

As they say in materia medica, as fast as they overcome malaria, they find consumption and cancer. They just about get consumption under control and there lies cancer and locomotor ataxia.  And as fast as they get those under control two more things will spring up. Why? Because the original premise is there, which is hypnotism.

As long as you can be hypnotized into believing that there is a selfhood other than God in this room, you have got to believe in the birth, you have got to believe in the growth, and the maturity, and in the death of it. Do you follow that? The only way you can get rid of the picture is to say that there is no such person in the room; that there is only God in the room. How can you say there is only God in the room? Well, there is only one Life, and that is God. There is only one Mind, and that is God. There is only one Soul, and that is God. There is only one Spirit; there is only one Law; there is only one creative Principle; and that is God. So what can be here except God and the effects of God? Nothing.

Now then, the first thing that must take place is we must be hypnotized into saying, “No, there are men and women in the room.” Ah ha. Once we have been made to say that, we have got to say they were born, that they mature, that they age, that they get sick, that they sin, that they have babies, that they grow old, and in the end they all die. Do you see that?

Now, how can you stop birth and death as long as you have people to be born and to die? You can’t do it. You have got to be un-hypnotized or de‑hypnotized so that you can see that God is the only presence and the only power, the only life, and the only mind. So that when you hear about a birth or a death, when you hear about a sin or a disease you can say to yourself, “Thank heavens, I am not hypnotized. I know there is only God.”

The minute you see God “and”, you are hypnotized. The moment you see a mortal, material world—you are hypnotized.

From then on there is no way to get rid of it. That is the reason that if you do kill the snake over here you are going to find two more to take its place. That is why, in all the years of materia medica, everybody still dies. Everybody who is born dies; they do and they will. At best they may live a few more years. That is all. And those few years have been added not so much by medicines, as such, as they have by the discovery of better ways to keep babies alive.

People still die of pneumonia. People still die of tuberculosis. They still die of cancer. They still die of heart failure. More than ever with heart. More than ever with cancer. Do you see what I’m getting at? And it wouldn’t make any difference if they stopped those; something else would take its place.

Now then, if you can agree that there is a God, which means that you are agreeing that there is an infinite power of good, if you can agree on that, you certainly must agree that there cannot be error. There cannot be disease. There cannot be death.

So then, whatever we behold in the nature of sin, disease, or death; whatever you behold as good humanhood is a part of hypnosis. You understand, of course, that a healthy human of thirty is someday going to be an old human of seventy or eighty. You see what I mean? You are just being fooled by a separate appearance of good.

Until you are so de-hypnotized that you know that there are not good humans or bad humans, there are not diseased humans or healthy humans, there is only God, the one Life, the one Mind, the one Soul, the one Spirit, the one Substance, the one Law, the one Activity—until then you have to die.

Study well the chapter The New Horizon in The Infinite Way [for e-booklet see below. Never let this chapter get stale. Never neglect this chapter. It is for you who are advanced enough to understand a principle of life—not mere blind faith in an unknown God.



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