Developing Spiritual Consciousness 5/5

If these promises of Scripture are not being fulfilled in you and me, would our discovery of the conditions necessary to fulfillment bring about that fulfillment in our experience; and then could we, through our knowledge or new consciousness, bring about the fulfillment of scriptural promises on a broader scale, one in which it would not be necessary for each individual themselves to come to this awakening, as we ourselves must come to the awakening for ourselves? Would that be a continuing process, that nobody could have advantage of the fulfilled scriptural promises except as they brought themselves into line with the fulfilling of the necessary conditions or for those of us who discover the way, bring the reign of spiritual harmony and grace to the human race?

Now, these are the things that must be pondered, meditated upon. Part of this subject is already clear to me and has been for 25 years, and I might say, forms one of the basic points of The Infinite Way message, but the latter part of this question, subject, I do not have the answer to; and it is my hope that because of our deeper meditations now, more frequent meditations and united meditations of this group, that the answer to the second part may be revealed. I shall not tell you the answer to the first part because that is your function now, to discover for yourself.

At this point, let me digress to tell you that I have had very rich fruitage from one of the unfoldments of last week, namely My glory shall I not give to another, because in this I have seen that God’s glory is not given to a mortal concept, of any nature; therefore, God’s power is not in a sin or a disease. God’s power, presence, substance and activity is in no form of material evil, nor is it in any form of material good. That is why material good is subject to change, from good to bad, from rich to poor, from health to sickness. The glory of God, which is the power or the presence, the substance, the law, the activity of God, is not in the mortal concept, whether the concept be good or evil, and just by the dwelling on this, the remembrance of this, the realization of this, I have witnessed some very fine healings in this past week; and so I bring it to your conscious attention, for your own meditation and consideration.

Just to serve as a reminder, these are the days when each of us will work for each other. Mondays is for Floyd, and Tuesday is Daisy; Wednesday is Emma, Thursday is Lorraine, Friday is Eileen, Saturday is Olney and Sunday is Joel, and each week it will be the same, so please make a note of these days.

This is November 21st, and Daisy has joined the three of us, so there are four here. In the first minute of meditation, this was given me: Be watchful with your healing cases because spiritual regeneration must produce a change in the outer life, that is, the details of everyday living; and this brings up resistance and rebellion in the patient or student. Always remember that the patient or student wants their discords removed and the opposite, or harmony, replaced but with the rest of their lives left intact, and spiritual work never does that. A spiritual regeneration changes the course of one’s life and may send it in a different direction entirely or may open up different aspects to it; and here you have the power of inertia in which the patient or student wishes to go on in their normal human life, only now without pain instead of with pain or without a fever instead of with a fever. Your spiritual treatment will not permit this. Your realization brings about a change of consciousness, which in its turn brings about a change in the outer experience; and when you see your patient or student resisting, rebelling, getting angry at things, you may know then that there is a warfare between the Spirit and the flesh. What will ultimately determine the progress of this patient or student is, when they are confronted with Choose ye this day whom you will serve, and they will either lapse back into their human way of life, or they will make the necessary change in their experience—the one that is being urged upon them by the Spirit within.

Unless you, the practitioner, the one of enlightenment—unless you realize this, you, too will lapse into the type of person who is interested only in removing your students’ discords to let them be replaced by physical harmonies; and this you can never do. It is for this reason that you will never be popular with your students. Whatever love they give to you will be because of the result that is brought into their experience, but there will always be a personal ”you” whom they do not like too much; and it is always because you arouse in them this antagonism between the flesh and the Spirit, instead of leaving them at perfect peace and rest in their good materiality.

In this work that we, as a group, are doing for each other individually, it will be necessary to remember that we have not made the decision to do this; that we are fulfilling this as a task or opportunity or work given to us by God. The idea was planted in us that has resulted in this activity; and therefore, it may be that we ourselves do not know how we are to work for each other, in what way. Therefore, it becomes necessary that we turn to the Father within and say, “You have given this work to me to do; be sure that I understand fully how it is to be done or how I am to let You do it through me, so that whatever the significance of this activity may be, that it has the opportunity of fulfilling itself by virtue of the fact that I am not thinking of my past experience and drawing from it on how to do this work, but on what I may be taught, day by day.”

So it is, if I am given the work this day of—and this is the day for taking Lorraine into this work—I must also be sure that I say, “Well Father, this is Thy will and it is Thy will that must be done on earth as it is in heaven. Then let me be the instrument or channel through which Thy grace reaches the consciousness of Lorraine, and if there is anything for me to know specifically further than I know, be sure that I am open to receive enlightenment on this subject.”

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