Secret of Healing is Reaction 6/6

Jesus could walk this earth, and heal a lot of people, but he didn’t transform too many lives. No, only in the degree of their acceptance and their realization were their lives transformed. He fed multitudes, but he didn’t change the lives of multitudes. No, part of those multitudes were there to crucify him. Do you see that?

Well, I’m not going to write her why, but I know why…I know why. I know why she wants to be healed. She’s been very prominent in public work and she’s going to go back to that public work and show them how great she is. She isn’t interested in healing for the glorification of God or the revelation of harmony, but she’s got a lot of work to do in life, and she’s going to have to do it. It is very much like the answer that Oral Roberts made last year in San Antonio Texas. He was staging a big healing revival there, and well it was before he got there that all the notices were out and all of the literature was out, and oh there was going to be a tremendous outpouring. But one lady wrote him a letter, that she was very ill, and doctors couldn’t do anything for her, and she was going to come to his meetings, and she wanted him to heal her, because it was so important for her to be healed, because her husband was a nonbeliever and this was going to convince her husband. Not only that, but she had some friends who were unbelievers, and that would bring them all into Christ. “So you see Mr. Roberts, how important it is that you heal me.”

Well Mr. Roberts wrote back to her and said, “I don’t like to say this to you but I’m afraid that you’ve made your healing almost impossible. I don’t think you’re going to get healed. Your motives aren’t right. There’s only one motive for spiritual healing, and that to glorify God—not to do something good for your husband or your neighbors. Besides that you have forgotten scripture, that if you were raised from the dead, they wouldn’t believe. As a matter of fact the only people who will believe in spiritual healing will believe in it before they ever see a healing; because something inside of them will convince them that God is able to raise up…” Do you see?

So people who can respond to spiritual healing are convinced of it before the healing, but nobody is convinced by what they see. And so he says, “Your concern for your husband, and your concern for your neighbors will just stand in the way of your getting a healing. Now if you are willing to leave your husband outside of heaven, and leave your neighbors outside of heaven, there may be a possibility of your getting in yourself.”

Whether she was healed or not I don’t know. But, that is what I say to you about reaction. If I care whether you’re healed or not, then I’m reacting wrongly because that should not be my concern. My concern should be “What is the principle?” The principle is God. That’s all. I stand with that. Now the rest is up to your receptivity. The Master showed three states of consciousness: barren soil, rocky soil, fertile soil. And then as barren soil you can plant all the seeds you want, but there’ll be no fruitage. Rocky soil, you can plant these seeds—and you may get some sprouts, but it won’t last. The first heavy sun that comes, or the first heavy rain that comes or, first hail storm that comes is going to uproot it, wipe it out. Fertile soil, you plant these seeds, and they take root, and you may only get a little shoot at first, but if you’re patient, your tree will grow; your blossoms will come; your fruitage will come.

Now, everyone who comes to us he says…not everyone who says Lord, Lord, really means it. And so it is remember, that it isn’t all the people who come to us for healing that really and truly want it. They don’t want healing; they want the stopping of their pains. You see, healing consists of a change of consciousness. Oh it isn’t everyone who comes to us that wants their consciousness changed. It isn’t everyone who comes to us that wants to give up the material sense of life or the greed or the lust or, or the desire for revenge. It isn’t everyone who comes to us that wants to give up the things of the world. It isn’t everyone who comes to us that wants to give up their mad ambition for place and power and so forth. No, no, no!

And that’s what the healing consists of. The physical change is only a result of the change of consciousness. And what did the Master say about it? They’re afraid, lest I heal them. Yes, he didn’t say they’re afraid lest I stop their pain. Oh no, they all want that. They’re just afraid lest I heal them, lest I heal them of mad ambition; of greed; enmity; envy; lust; jealousy. That’s where it’s afraid…they want to hug these tatters of human emotion. Oh don’t take away from me…I want to indulge my child, I don’t care if I spoil it, I don’t care if I send it to the gallows with spoiling it; but just let me cram it full of ice cream and chocolate and, and all the rest of these things and indulge myself in that child. I don’t care what happens to him ultimately.

They don’t want to stop that. Oh no, no, no, don’t do that. They don’t want to send their child out and say, “I’m going to trust you in God.” No, no, no, they’re going to walk along and hold its hand forever. They don’t want to be healed of that. And so then they’ll come to us, and say, “Oh I know you can heal me, I know God can heal me through you.” What they mean is they know that God can take this pain away. But very often is isn’t true; because if you can’t take away that which is causing the pain, you can’t take away the pain. And what is causing the pain?, an erroneous state of consciousness; the wrong kind of soil, not a spiritual consciousness.

Now, that gives us no privilege to judge, criticize, or condemn. I don’t mean that no matter what state of consciousness we detect in a person, that we should refuse our work to them. Oh no. I will stick by with a person, even such as I’ve described, ten years if necessary, as long as they’ll reach out to me, I’ll stand by with them; because in the end, the very fact that they’re reaching out so persistently must mean that eventually they are will be ready for a change of consciousness. So as long as they’ll reach out to me, I’ll stand by with them. The only thing is that in many cases, they won’t stand by long if they don’t get the result that they outline, then my work is a failure. If I can’t reduce the lump, or if I can’t stop the pain, to them my work’s a failure, and then they walk on.

I had a letter here, not too long ago… from a woman who says that she wrote me about a year ago about her terrible condition, but now she’s writing again to tell me she’s not healed. Haven’t heard from her that whole year. Of course I’m all wrong, you see my ministry’s wrong, because I don’t live up to my advertising. She wrote me a year ago; she’s not healed yet. Well, I didn’t turn her down. I said, “Oh, I’ll help you again.” As long as she will keep reaching out to me, I will help her. Why? As a person I love her…because behind all of this appearance—I don’t know her humanly, but I mean, don’t know who she is; but personally I love everybody, and I know who they are and where they come from, and I’ll ignore the appearance. But I also have the spiritual wisdom to know that if they do not permit their consciousness to be healed or changed, that even though they did get rid of a physical claim that is not the permanent thing.

You see the Master healed ten lepers. Only one came back to give gratitude and he says “What become of the rest?” Ah, be careful lest a worse thing come upon you. There are many, many, many people, who do receive physical healings from our work without their attaining a change of consciousness. They receive that healing purely through our state of consciousness, but it’s a seed buried in rocky soil, and it isn’t going to last. Either that or some other claim will come upon them or worse one the Master says. Don’t get rid of one devil and leave room for seven more devils to come in. And that’s what very often happens. A person has a physical healing, and now they’re so physically free they can go out and commit ten sins instead of one. And they just leave themselves open for seven devils.

So that, our main concern when asked for help is, not “What is your physical condition?” And not whether it’s going to improve in an hour from now, or six days from now. Our concern is only this: to stand in the principle of God as the principle of the universe; to stand in the principle of God as the soul of all being; God as the only law; the only power; the only substance; the only activity. And if I stand in that the general average of my healing work will be good, and those who stick with me ultimately will find, that they will be healed. In other words, they will have a change of consciousness.

You can’t add clean water to a vessel half full of dirty water and have all clean water. In other words, you can’t fill a vessel already full, and you can’t add new wine to old bottles, and you can’t add a spiritual consciousness to a material consciousness. If you cannot with your spiritual seed make the material consciousness die daily so that spiritual consciousness takes its place, you cannot permanently succeed. But to give a spiritual healing to a material person, you can’t do it. You just can’t add spirituality to materiality or mortality. What you can do through constant treatment; constant prayer; constant meditation; constant teaching; you can help your student or patient transform their consciousness. Be ye therefore transformed … Repent ye. Turn ye and live.

See all this means a giving up of the old selfhood, the Adam man, because the Adam man must die, so that the Christ man can be born. But you know as well as I do that most of the people that come to you for help, want to keep on living their same lives that they are, but they want to do it without pain, and they want to do it without poverty or unemployment. But give them employment, and give them good health, and give them supply, and they don’t want their consciousness transformed; they don’t want their daily life transformed. This is a pretty good life when you haven’t got pain, and you’ve got enough supply. But that will not work in our work.

And so it is that we do not concern ourselves with the identity of a patient or the name or nature of a claim. We don’t react to that, because that’s the appearance. Actually we know I am the Christ of God. There’s no question about that in my mind. I am the Christ of God, but I also know that that is the same truth of you. I don’t know to what degree you’ve realized it. I don’t even know to what degree you’ve realized it about me, so I certainly don’t know what degree you’ve realized it about you. But I’ll tell you as a principle, that this is the truth, I am the Christ, and you are the Christ. Christ is the true identity of you.

Now then, as long as I know that about you, I have no concern; you can’t be sick; and you can’t die; and you can’t be sinful. That’s utterly impossible. So all you’re bringing to me is an appearance; or a claim; or a temptation. And if I yield to the temptation and accept the appearance at face value, the blind is leading the blind and nobody’s going to get healed. But if I ignore the appearance, if I’m totally cold and indifferent to the appearance and stand on the truth, “I know you, who you are.” Just like the fellow said to the Master, “I know who you are, you’re the Christ, the Son of God,” a healing must follow. Not merely a physical healing, but a transformation of consciousness.

Now, that has been the secret of all my work, and I really learned this basis of it in my prison work. The moment I learned Christ was the identity of these prisoners, I never again had any desire to help them or change them or to reform them. None. I just went in there to tell them about their true identity, and it was so true that instead of eight nine ten eleven coming, within six weeks there were seventy-seven coming to hear about their identity. And at the end of a year we had two hundred, and not only we had two hundred, we had fifteen prisoners doing healing work in that prison. But by being totally cold and indifferent to their imprisonment and to what they’ve been imprisoned for or whether they stayed in prison forever.

My function in the prison is merely to reveal identity. Let that do its work. Wherever there’s a transformation of consciousness, they will walk out free, and it’s been demonstrated many times. And now right here in Oahu prison we had this demonstration, that whereas eighteen boys should have come to hear, sixty-six boys came to hear, and instead of them being mildly interested, why only as late as yesterday we sent First, Second, and Third San Francisco Lectures over there to Oahu prison. They’re diligently studying the books. More and more boys are writing for them, and they’re talking it among themselves. Why? Not because I do any proselyting work, but because I go in there indifferent to the appearance. I’m not there to get any boy out of jail. I’m not there to make any sinful boys pure. No, no, no.

I’m there like I’m here, only for one reason, to reveal your true identity. Now in the degree of my realization of it, you will have some measure of healing; but in the degree of your realization of it, your lives will be transformed. Jesus could walk this earth, and heal a lot of people, but he didn’t transform too many lives. No, only in the degree of their acceptance and their realization were their lives transformed. He fed multitudes, but he didn’t change the lives of multitudes. No, part of those multitudes were there to crucify him. Do you see that?

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