So in doing the work for this activity, you don’t have to be concerned about doing work for me as a person. Do the work to know that God is the soul and the principle of the message of The Infinite Way, and God is able to raise up seed even in the desert. God can make a desert blossom as a rose. God could plant The Infinite Way in Russia. God could plant The Infinite Way in Rome. Why not? What can’t God do? The only trouble is, that too many of us are apt to think that maybe Joel ought to do it, and you see, Joel hasn’t such capacities. Only God has, and Joel’s capacities are only in proportion to his awareness that only God has the capacities, and that he can serve as an instrument.

Now, when you catch that clearly, you will also catch the secret of the healing work. The secret of the healing work lies in this—that you do not concern yourself with the person or personality of your patient or student. And do not be concerned with whether they tell you they have a cancer in the last stage or they have a cold in the first stage. Don’t be concerned about those things, because humanly there’s nothing you can do about them. A doctor could do something about them humanly, but you can’t. Nothing you can do. There’s only one power that you have access to, and that is spiritual power, and your spiritual power—you have access to only in the realization that you know that God is the principle of this universe; and that this universe is governed by a law; and it’s a cosmic law.

It doesn’t make exceptions. It doesn’t just benefit the good and leave the bad out in the cold. It just doesn’t benefit the members of our group and leave out all of the heathens—nobody is left out. The cosmic law shines like the sun, for everyone. But of course those who don’t get out in the sun won’t get tanned. That is sure of it. Those that don’t get out in the sun won’t benefit by the sun’s warmth. So there, there is a question of the Master saying, “I am come only to those of my own household,” meaning that I can really only benefit those who are of my state of consciousness. When the centurion says “You don’t have to go to my servant, just send your word,” then the Master says, “Of course, I have not seen such faith in all Israel.” Here’s a centurion got more faith than the Hebrews, and the Hebrews are supposed to be the only people on earth who had the real faith in the one God.

And the same way to the Samaritan woman who wanted help for her daughter, and he said, “No, I’ve come only to those of my own household.” But she implored and implored and because of her much imploring, he healed her daughter. In other words, she showed by her state of consciousness that she was ready. She was actually then of Israel, even though she was only supposed to be a Samaritan woman. And so with the Samaritan woman at the well, “Oh, I’m shocked. You Hebrews are not supposed to talk to us Samaritans.” But he did, because he detected in her a readiness, and so as far as he was concerned, she was of his own household.

And in the same way of course, harlots—adulterous women, they’re, that’s not supposed to be of our household at all. They don’t belong to our church. We don’t let them have membership in our church, you know that. No, no, no, we stone them and cast them out, but not the Master. Oh no, no, no. The moment…now he didn’t go around picking up all the harlots in Israel, but when he detected one or saw one who was ready to come out and be separate, he said, “Come on, join our band, you’re of our household.” Well of course the people who live on what your past were, they were shocked at that: “Why he’s a friend of winebibbers and, and sinners.”

No, he really wasn’t. He was a friend of those who had had enough of winebibbing and of sinning and had discerned the nature of the Christ. If he had been a friend of sinners and winebibbers, he would have gone down and hung out with them at the corner saloon; but that he never did. He wasn’t a friend of theirs; he was a friend of those who were ready to leave their nets; who were ready to leave their old ways.

Now so it is, we too do not proselyte. Our responsibility for The Infinite Way doesn’t mean that we’re to go out and proselyte for it. It means that we are to let our light so shine before men that men will want to come and partake of it. It doesn’t mean that we’re to go out, any more than sunshine goes around looking for dark rooms to light up. Oh no…or lighthouses. Lighthouses don’t go around the ocean looking for ships to lead. They stand right still and let the ships come to them. So with us. Ye are the light of the world.

Now, keep that light so brightly burning through your own individual demonstration that others will come and say, “What have you?” Then they are of your household. Then they can be benefited. Now, it’s all right to pray for our enemies. It’s all right for us to sit in meditation and communion and know the truth about even those who are not yet of our own household. But let us stop there. Let us know that God is also the principle of these human devils on earth. But let’s not go and try to change those devils into angels. Wait for them to come and be turned. Then it’ll be an easier job, and we’ll have less of persecution. There isn’t any real reason why we should go through deep persecutions, unless we go out into the world and try to reform it. And that’s dangerous because, you interfere with the other fellow’s activity. He is getting along all right the way he is, and he doesn’t want that broken up.

Now, this all has to do with the overcoming of the ego, in the sense of losing your personal concern for your own life, or the life of your friend or relative or patient. Don’t be concerned for your own welfare, because that is of no importance. The only thing that is of importance is what is the principle? Keep that principle before you, then your own welfare and your patient’s and you student’s will come along into line. But the moment you concern yourself with whether they’re going to make progress or with whether they’re going to get well, you are the blind leading the blind.

Now, I if I be lifted up shall draw all men unto me. Now what, what does being lifted up, of what is that constituted? Well frankly, it’s constituted of not caring about any person; any patient; any student; or any relative. It means I, if I’m lifted up to the place where I understand that God is really the soul of this universe, the principle of it, the governing influence, the only influence, that God is the only power—I am abiding in the principle. Now that principle will take care of everybody. But the minute I come down from there and try to take a human being and spiritualize them, I must fail; because, you cannot spiritualize mortal man. Mortal man has to die. You must die daily, and you must be reborn of the Spirit.

Now, the spiritual teacher must not try to prolong your mortal life; he must try to assist your death. And the way he does it is by ignoring your personal problems and, and defects, and abiding in the truth that God is the central theme of existence. God is the principle of all being. God is the life, and God is the mind, and God is the intelligence, and God is the all other, and stay up there, keep your conversation in heaven. Don’t be a human do-gooder. Don’t be concerned with whether the fever is a hundred and eight or a hundred and two, because they’re just as mortal when it’s ninety-nine as when it’s a hundred and eight. Don’t be concerned with that. Be concerned with the truth, Ye shall know the truth, and the truth will make you free. Oh, many many times Christian Scientists are considered very cold because they don’t exhibit human sympathy.