Secret of Healing is Reaction 3/6

The crucifixion was a demonstration over death. It wasn’t death; it was a demonstration over death. And so we get a problem some time, and we think it’s a problem, when it’s an opportunity to demonstrate over the belief of an activity or selfhood or condition apart from God.

Sometimes you’ll even have problems come up, and you’ll think, probably like the Master did in Gethsemane…“I’m in trouble, why don’t you watch with me one hour and get me out?” He wasn’t in trouble, but he succumbed to the temptation of believing that he was. He really wanted this trouble to pass from him. He wasn’t in trouble, he was about to be given the opportunity by God to show forth the supreme demonstration, but he wasn’t sure at that moment whether it was, or whether it was a failure to maintain his contact with God. And in that moment of uncertainty, he wanted all the disciples to help him, and he even wanted it to pass from him, if it could.

Later on he realized of course, that it wasn’t the crucifixion wasn’t a lack of demonstration. The crucifixion was a demonstration over death. It wasn’t death; it was a demonstration over death. And so we get a problem some time, and we think it’s a problem, when it’s an opportunity to demonstrate over the belief of an activity or selfhood or condition apart from God.

Now then, one thing, of one thing you may be sure. There is only one way to overcome personal ego, and that is to come to a place in consciousness where you have no concern for your own affairs. In other words, there’s no great credit in demonstrating a lot of supply, because it isn’t your demonstration, it’s God’s. There is no disgrace in demonstrating no supply, because that may be the part that you’re called upon to play at a given moment for some reason in your experience. One of the greatest blessings that can come to a person in this work is to be brought to a position where they have an absolute knowledge that God brought about this demonstration, where there is no question in their mind, that it couldn’t have been humanly achieved—like the baby in the breech case.

Nobody that witnessed that doubts for a second that they saw the hand of God move the baby. Do you see that? Nobody doubts that! So that particular case was a blessing, it wasn’t a curse either for the doctors or the mother or the baby, it was a blessing. It showed at least five people that the hand of God, even though invisible to sight is a very present power and can move around in your body. Do you see that?

So it is to be in a position like Rickenbacker, where his checkbook is no good to him in the middle of the Pacific, and there are no supermarkets. And to say, “And yet I’m convinced that we’re not going to miss a meal,” and then to see the fish jump up into the boat, and the birds come down and give themselves up… well, would he trade that experience for all his check accounts? No because, there is no doubt in his mind now that God is, and that God is, even in the midst of the Pacific, not just where you’re close to somebody that can give you a check. That’s a fine thing to prove that God is, because somebody is available, but just think what it is, when nobody is available to give you a check and still, meals come on time. Do you see that?

Now only in that way can the ego be destroyed. Now so it is, it might be a fine thing to sit here and know some truth to you and say, “Oh, Ruth you are spiritual; Ruth you are perfect; Ruth you are harmonious; Ruth you are God’s perfect child;” and then five minutes later hear Ruth say, “Oh, I feel fine.” Well that might be fine. You might be able to do this after that, but just think how much finer it is, and how much closer you are to the kingdom of heaven when you forget you and you forget Ruth and you just sit and say, “Can’t accept this. I’ve seen too clearly that God is, and I’m going to stand on that—God Is.” There you are; there’s no ego. Now when the patient says “Oh I feel fine,” you can really say with the Master, I did of my own self do nothing. The Father within me did that work. Do you see? All right.

Now, let us acknowledge for a moment that The Infinite Way has been introduced into human consciousness, not by a man but by God, because the time had come for it, and that Joel was just a part of the human consciousness that had received this light, just as others now are receiving the same light. All right, are they receiving it from Joel or from the consciousness of The Infinite Way? Well if you could read my mail and see how up in Sweden a group of fifteen women are studying The Infinite Way without my ever knowing that there was such a group there, or get a letter from Selma, Alabama, saying, “We are a group of students who meet once a week to study The Infinite Way,” and I don’t even know there is such a group, you will know that Joel isn’t doing it. God is doing it. Do you see that?

Well now so it is, all we have to do is keep knowing that God is at the helm of The Infinite Way; that God is introducing this principle into human consciousness, and then there’ll always be a Joel, and there’ll always be an Emma, and there’ll always be a Ruth, and there’ll always be a publishing house, and there’ll always be somebody else. We had another instance of the impersonality of that, right here in Honolulu, when it came for our Letter work. Now, the lady who really is responsible for getting out the entire mechanical end of it, the production of the Letter, the mailing of it, the maintaining of the files, is not a student of The Infinite Way and  ordinarily you’d say, “Well, how’d you ever find her?”

Well just God took me up there and deposited me on the doorstep, and she has turned out to be really super perfect. There is just not a thing you can ask of that lady that isn’t done almost as fast as you can ask it, and always done perfectly. There’re no errors in her work, and the Letter is gotten out promptly, the files are kept beautifully, and I had nothing to do with it. I was led, I didn’t know her, and nobody recommended her. I was led to her doorstep, and she has just fallen…hasn’t she? Fallen…you’ve seen it too, fallen into line, and we have no responsibility with the Letter after the manuscript is turned in. I have the first part of the responsibility in either writing them or finding them in the tapes, and then Mrs. Mayberry has the responsibility of putting ’em into manuscript form, and after that, this office downtown here, gets them right into your hands without us having a thing to do with it.

Now, that is because God raised up seed to perform that work. Do you see? Now it doesn’t mean that I’m going to sit around praying that Miss Fussfeld keep on doing it forever; because I frankly don’t care. Any time that it outgrows Miss Fussfeld or that she wants to do some other work, she has my blessing; because God raised her up, and God hasn’t reached the end of His resources. Do you see that? God raised Emma up for the tape work; and God raised Ruth up for the manuscript work; and God raised me up for my work; so don’t be concerned what happens to us. God will raise up anybody and everybody necessary.

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