Now, in doing spiritual work in the nature of prayer and communion, for The Infinite Way, you don’t have to be concerned about me or Emma or Ruth, or Mrs. Holmes, or Miss Sinkler in Chicago. As a matter of fact you don’t even know the names of those in many of the places who are carrying on the work so you couldn’t personalize your treatment. Well now if you can’t personalize your treatment for Chicago, or Cincinnati, or Detroit why bother to personalize it about Honolulu or New York? Do you see? Then, in impersonalizing your work, you would forget all the towns in this country and all the people associated with the work, and you would be realizing God is the principle of the message of The Infinite Way, and God is able to set a table in the wilderness, and God is able to raise up seed. And so God fills all space, and God completes all the activity of The Infinite Way. And if you were to keep your treatment or prayer or communion on that level we would have ten thousand workers very quickly.

Do you see now the nature of impersonal work? Well now remember this: that that is what I have been trying to teach, about healing work. Don’t be concerned about the name of your patient or what is troubling them, because that doesn’t enter the treatment at all. What you’re to concern yourself with is the word God. God is the principle of this universe. God is the principle of all creation. God is the life, and the mind, and the soul. Well if you live in that consciousness, anyone who reaches out to you will be benefited.

This experience happened here just within this month. A woman in Canada sent a cable to Hollywood to me for help, and it was a serious claim in that the woman was unable to walk and had been in that condition for some time. Well the cable was forwarded to me by mail from Los Angeles, but in the same mail with the cable was a letter from the lady in Canada enclosing a very generous check and saying, for the first time, she had experienced a real healing in her metaphysical career, but an outstanding one that was a miracle, and she was going on vacation with her husband, and able to walk. I hadn’t even received the cable. Do you see that?

That is the impersonal nature of spiritual work. Even before they call, He knoweth your needs. Is that a true statement, or was the Master mistaken? Now if God knows your need even before you call, He certainly knows your need before I get the call, and He certainly hasn’t empowered me to take over His job of helping you. And therefore, any moment that you say “I’m going to write Joel,” the healing should be instantaneous and at that second, and if it isn’t, it should come to you some time between the time of the message being on its way and the answer being returned. Because it is not necessarily dependent, on my receiving the message or on your receiving the physical answer.

Now, the reason this is true is this—that ever since I discovered the impersonal nature of the Christ, I have known that what does the healing work is an individual’s realization of God as the principle of the universe. In other words, you can get a better healing from Jesus Christ than you can from his disciples. Why? Because of his greater realization of God as the principle. They had attained it in some degree, but not nearly the degree that he had attained it. And so in turning to him, even though you couldn’t reach him physically or personally, his state of consciousness would bring the answer.

And so it is, many, many, many—its into the hundreds, probably into the thousands of those who have written or cabled me, and had their help before I was aware of it, and certainly before my letter could get back to them. And the reason is that in this work there is no transference of thought. I never transfer truth to you. I never enter your mental household to try to give it a message of truth. I merely maintain my contact with God. And when you reach out to me, you not only reach out to me, and you not only reach me but you reach God; because I’m dwelling consciously in I and the Father are one.

And it doesn’t make any difference whether I’m sitting here conducting a class, or whether I’m sitting at a meal; back here there’s an area of my consciousness that doesn’t come out here and doesn’t live out here. It stays right back there in a conscious oneness with God. Now, I don’t very often slip far enough out of that oneness to get very far away that I can’t slip back pretty quickly, and all those who have been around me very much personally know that that’s the truth, that usually I’m way, way back there, even though out here, I may be in the world. Back there I’m not of it. And that is the reason why you can reach, and you’ll find not merely me but you’ll find God, because there’s a conscious oneness established.

Now then, you begin with that same idea, that I and the Father are one and all that the Father hath is mine, meaning that all of the divine consciousness of the Father is the divine consciousness of me, meaning that all of the spiritual power of God is the spiritual power of me—because we’re one. I’m the instrument through which it’s all pouring, and as you maintain that, gradually, slowly, gradually, it dawns on you, and it becomes not an intellectual agreement, but one day you slip over. It’s as if you went from one world into another. I call it a transition is made when this is no longer an intellectual truth, and you don’t declare it any more. It’s an established fact. It’s a state of being. And just as you would never go around saying, “I am a good man, or I am honest, or I am spiritual, or I am pure,” you know right well you’d be suspicious of anybody called “honest Jack,” and so you’d be suspicious of anyone who said, “I am spiritual, and I am perfect, and I am one with God.” You’d know right well that they didn’t know it. Otherwise why would they be reciting it to themselves.

And so, you come to a period of transition, when never again do you make a declaration of truth, but truth is continuously pouring into you and reminding you. You’d get off the beam once in a while, but if you’re just patient, it’ll come back and say, “I didn’t leave you. I wasn’t away anywhere.”