1954 Honolulu Practitioner Class

Joel S. Goldsmith

81A – Secret of Healing Is Reaction


The question always comes up, on this subject of the destruction of the ego, and I said that a good deal of the Master’s teacher is directed at destroying the personal ego—that is the personal sense of I. And, you can see how that is accomplished, when you’re continuously realizing, I can of my own self do nothing, the Father within me doeth the works. Or, if you were to do a great deal of healing work, very soon you’d find that you’d almost settle into a routine when you sat down to treat, of saying, “Well Father you know I don’t know anything about this healing business. I wouldn’t know how to heal a pimple from a corn, so please take over and…” I mean you’d get into that attitude of saying, “Well now Father what do I know about delivering a baby?” You see?

Or for instance a case I was called on in Los Angeles of a breech case with a baby turned wrong-end-to, and the doctors unable to turn it around and bring delivery, and then they called me on the phone from the delivery room, and now I ask you what I’m going to do twenty miles away, about a breech case, and how I’m going to turn a baby around and you’ll know that what has to happen to you, how completely the ego must be destroyed, when you realize I can do nothing or think nothing that will have any effect on an unconscious mother and an unborn baby. Do you see? And if you can get completely enough unselfed, so that you really know in your heart and soul that you can’t do anything, then the very thing that happened takes place—the baby turned itself around and delivered itself with no human aid, to such an extent that the doctors and the nurses called me the next day and said it was the first such delivery they had ever seen and it was wonderful.

Now, nobody, nobody could ever lay claim to the ability to deliver a breech case or to remove a cancer or to heal decayed lungs. I mean that would be the height of folly for any practitioner or teacher or spiritual person to believe that they had any such power. And it’s only in the degree that you realize your lack of power do you become unselfed enough for the Spirit to flow. Do you see that?

Now, when he tells us not to avenge ourselves, or even if we’re sued at law, not to sue back, but to give them all they want and add something to it, what is he saying there except, get rid of that word I? Don’t let the I come in with what it would love to do and how it would love to protect itself and its supply. See? Now when you can become unselfed enough, so that you can say, “All right, I’ll get along without supply. I came into the world with nothing, I’ll go out with nothing, maybe I can get along in between with nothing.” Then you can become unselfed enough to say, “This is God’s universe, if you want coconuts on a coconut tree, put them there. Don’t ask me to do anything about it.”

Now, in the same way, when he says, agree with thine adversary—don’t fight error, he is saying don’t defend yourself and neither use the weapons of offense or defense. Just think how stripped you are when every bit of offense and defense is taken away from you, there’s no more I. Do you see that?

Now, you can say then, that his teaching largely is made up of just what the old oriental teaching was, the destruction of the ego. The oriental however, destroyed himself. He made himself a nonentity, not knowing that his Self was God, even while he declared that the one self is God. Nevertheless he destroyed himself by making the self nothing. Do you see that? He just eliminated this universe. He eliminated himself. He let his body decay.

Well, there is a place in between asceticism and the destruction of the false ego that brings to light the I that I am. And then you have the divine ego. Then you can say I can do all things through Christ who strengtheneth me. Do you see? To God … why yes, God can set a table in the wilderness. Why then be an ascetic and not want a table set in the wilderness? Why deny yourself food? If God can set a table in the wilderness must be because he wants us to eat. Do you see that? Well, when you come to a spiritual teaching you overcome the false sense of ego, but you show forth the ego which I Am. Then you glorify God, not man. Do you see?

Now, every bit of power and dominion that we show forth in our healing work, supplying work, protective work is showing forth the glory of God not of a man because it’s free to anyone and everyone. It isn’t a personal gift that one can have and not another, because it has nothing do with a person. It has to do with a person setting themselves aside that the capital “S” Self can come into expression.

Well, I meant to say this to you this morning, that just as I asked on the first morning that this group constitute itself, a group of practitioners to take over some of the responsibility for the success of The Infinite Way, so I wanted to elaborate on that a little bit this morning, to show how it’s done. Because, just as you would say, and rightly, that for the last seven years Joel has carried the message of The Infinite Way, has carried it all over and planned its writings or its recordings or been at the forefront, and so forth and so on, so you would have to say now, that Emma has developed and worked out this tape recording business and is at the forefront of that and has done a magnificent job with it.

But so you would have to say that Mrs. Mayberry has worked on this mail and manuscript work and monthly letter work, and done a magnificent work. And so you would think at first that in supporting this that you’re being called on to support me or Emma or Mrs. Mayberry and that isn’t what I mean. Because it may not be in God’s plan for me to be at this particular point any further or it may not be that Emma will continue in the recording work, or Mrs. Mayberry will continue in the manuscript or mail work. That is a thing for God to decide and plan not for you. So it isn’t a support for me, or a support for her, or a support for her that I ask. It is the very opposite of that. What I ask is the realization that God is the principle of The Infinite Way, and that God is able to raise up seed.

Now what do we care what happens to Joel or Emma or Ruth. What do we care what happens to Mrs. Holmes? If she wants to retire, isn’t that her privilege? Hasn’t she worked faithfully for years and years and years? Isn’t she entitled at some time or other to retirement? Certainly. Why then, should we work to be sure that Mrs. Holmes stays at her post just because she has done a good job? No, let us work to know that God is at the post. Do you see? And then, if God continues to work through Mrs. Holmes for a thousand years we’re grateful. But if God decides to let Mrs. Holmes retire, we’re not going to left alone. If Mrs. Mayberry wants to change her mode of life or address, should we interfere with that? No. If my period of retirement comes or passing on to a higher plane or a different plane of activity, should that affect The Infinite Way? No, and it won’t, if our students understand the Master’s teachings, you will understand what is meant by If I go not away the Comforter will not come to you.