It’s all spiritual; we’re not referring in anywise at all, to anything of a material nature. All of this, the meat, the bread, the word—this is all spiritual. And it is the source of my outer supply of: peace, safety, security, health, joy, abundance, sharing, companionships, friendships, family. I have the source of this, the substance of this, and the world knows it not, and I “have” it.

Now think of this for a minute, the word have. Because, perhaps in your Orthodox religious life, or later in your metaphysical life, you have made efforts through God, or through metaphysics, or through treatment to “get!” And now you see why, you must inevitably have failed. There is nothing left for you to get, since I and the Father are one, and all that the Father hath is mine, and I have meat, and I am the bread.

Therefore, every time that I have looked, either to God or to truth, to prayer or to treatment for something, I have set up the very barrier that kept it from me. Because, I and my Father are one. That which I am seeking I am, I embody, I embrace within myself all that the Father hath is mine.

And what has the Father, what is the Father?—the source, the substance, the creative principle of all that is, and all of this is embodied within my very being. I have meat the world knows not of; I am the bread of life. And this source is come that I might have life and that I might have it more abundantly, and it is established as my very identity. Here where I am, within me is the source of all I may ever hope for, long for, desire or need. All of this is established within me, because it is my Father’s good pleasure to give me the kingdom.

When? Not tomorrow, God can do nothing tomorrow. All that God is, God is now. Even the law that causes the sun to rise tomorrow is a law of God that is operating now! If it weren’t for the nowness of the operation of the law of God, the sun could not rise tomorrow—for God could not start tomorrow, to make it rise.

If, if the seeds that are in the ground now, which are to become fruit and vegetables months from now, flowers. If it were not that the law of God is now operating, they could not appear in their season.

Therefore, there is no God to operate in the future; the operation of God is in the nowness, even though the fruitage may appear in its season. There are some trees that blossom in spring and summer, and some trees that only blossom in the fall; they have fruit in the fall. All of this is in God’s season, but it is because of the nowness of God. God does not make the snow to fall in the wintertime; it is the operation of God throughout the year that produces snow in its due season.

And so we must learn that regardless of the fruitage that is to appear in my life, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, the law that sets it in motion is my knowing the truth of God’s nowness and withinness. I must know the truth that the source of my supply of love, life, health, harmony, wholeness, protection, safety, security is not outside of me, it is within me. But my recognition of this, produces it in the without—in God’s season.

I must not look at any temporary barrenness of mine, and judge my lacks or limitations. I must look at this barrenness with the understanding that God’s law is operating within me, I am come that I might have life and that I might have it more abundantly. Therefore, in its due season, in place of barrenness or the appearance of barrenness, there will be fulfillment.

There is no real barrenness. Every once in awhile, we strip our coconut trees of coconuts, and then if we look at them the next day and judge by appearances, we would judge barrenness. But there is no barrenness there. In the withinness of that tree, the process is now taking place that will produce more coconuts in due season. Therefore judge not after appearances.

In any experience of immediate lack or limitation, in any facet of our experience, let us realize that this is not a period of barrenness, but the period of realization of the operation of God, the continuity of God’s grace, the isness of God, the isness and the withinness of God. So that what is taking place in my consciousness at this moment, my realization at this moment, of the withinness of God’s grace, God’s law, the withinness of the source of all that is, remember, that this activity of truth in my consciousness at this moment is the assurance of some form of good to appear in my outer experience—today, tonight, tomorrow, next week, next year.