Living the Inner Life 1/4

1964 Honolulu Infinite Way Study Center

Joel S. Goldsmith

537B – Lesson One in Living the Inner Life


Good morning.

I would very much like to start, shall we call it a lesson, an experience, so that we may have a more practical unfoldment of this message in our lives.

This is undoubtedly the first time in the entire Western world, that so many have been interested, seriously interested in a mystical message. When I say “so many,” do not misunderstand me that I mean tremendous numbers, but I mean tremendous numbers for a message of this nature.

There are probably 60,000 homes in the world in which this message is seriously read. But there are probably only 10,000 students in the world, who seriously study it. And then how many there are who actually practice it, is something I have no way of knowing.

But even this number is really sufficient, not only to assure that we who are united in serious study, will bring forth a wonderful experience of this life, but that we will make a tremendous contribution to the entire world. What determines the nature and the extent of our contribution to the world depends on the extent of our own individual demonstration.

I do not often like to speak of my own experience, as you so well know, but once in awhile it is necessary in order to illustrate a point. For many, many, many years, I had absolutely no interest in you, in any “you” anywhere in the world—none whatsoever. I had only one interest in life, and that was the discovering of the secret of why God is not in the human universe, and how God may be brought into the human universe; more especially into my experience.

I was interested in the world academically, but not with any thought that this would actually help the world. Therefore, the goal was to seek something for myself; to seek if God could be brought into my personal experience.

I was living the same human life that everyone else lives on earth, nearly everyone, and it wasn’t satisfactory. Even with some of its successes, it wasn’t satisfactory. And therefore, there was this drive to find: can God be brought into my experience, so that something of a different nature could take place? What of course, I would have no way of knowing. And therefore, my experience for years and years and years had nothing to do with you, had nothing to do with the world. It had only to do with my seeking, my search, and my goal.

It was only after the spiritual experience that my life began to be lived out into the world, and then not because I choose it that way, but because it was an impelling thing from within.

And so it is that every student must make up his mind or her mind, that until I actually attain the God experience, I must not think in terms of benefiting the world; I must not think in terms of blessing the world; because, spiritually I have nothing with which to bless them. And I might as well acknowledge it, until I have the God experience, I have nothing spiritually for the world. I may be able to contribute financially; I may be able to contribute with inventions or discoveries. But spiritually I have no contribution to make until I have had the God experience. That is, until my life shows some measure of spiritual fruitage.

Therefore, the experience of study, meditation, communion, contemplation must take place within me, until I receive the signal to go further. To bring this experience about, or in the experience of those who have had it, in order to deepen it and enrich it, there must be a prolonged period of study, meditation, communion, contemplation until the flow begins from within, and becomes evident without. It is for this reason that I would like very much to have a few lessons, a few experiences together, to that end.

The revelation that eventually was given to me, and which we in the message of The Infinite Way are now trying to demonstrate is this: first, that I and my Father are one. This is not an original revelation. There are no original revelations. When the revelation first came to me, I thought I was the only person who knew it, and probably the only one who had discovered it. But since then I have acquired a very large library, and I can assure you that, there isn’t anything that I’m going to say ever, that is an original revelation.

It wasn’t even original with Jesus Christ, when he said, “I and the Father are one.” Because 500 years before, Buddha had been teaching that there is only one ego, one self, one life, one mind—and I am that. And, long before that, it was revealed through Krishna and others, this same truth. As a matter of fact, Moses, centuries before Jesus, revealed, “I am that I am; there is only one.”

So, there is nothing original about any discovery. But, there is something original about a mode of practice. That is what we are dealing with.

I and my Father are one is the revelation, the premise, the conclusion, and it is that which we are to show forth. We are to show forth in our daily living that I and my Father are one, and that all that the Father hath is mine. Not to hug to myself, but to share.

So, in your contemplation, start with this: I and my Father are one; all that the Father hath is mine, and now let us see how to bring this forth. And to do this we will take this statement: I have meat the world knows not of.

Now remember, our eyes are closed; the world is shut out from us. I am alone inside of my own being. And at the moment, not even aware, that there is another within me, that inner, greater part of myself. I and my Father are one, but the Father is greater than I.

But at this moment, I’m only aware of I myself, and I’m not aware of the greater part of myself—the Father within. This is the invisible part of myself. This is the storehouse of my good. And it is this that I am seeking conscious communion with. I have meat the world knows not of.

Yes…if I and the Father are one, and all that the Father hath is mine, and the Father is invisible, and the Father is closer to me than breathing, then I have within me, meat the world knows not of.

Meat, how shall we use that word meat? We will use it as a spiritual word, signifying grace. I have a power of grace within me. Security, safety, peace, source of health, source of abundance, source of love—this is what we mean by meat. I have within me, that the world cannot see, and therefore cannot deprive me of—I have the source of infinity within me, the source of intelligence, the source of wisdom, the source of love.

Notice that word source that came in. I have within me the source of the cement of human relationships, love, the source of life, the source of harmony, the source of peace, the source of understanding—this is what we mean by meat, spiritual meat.

Well, the Master also used the word bread—I am the bread of life. And so we can use the word bread in the same way that we do meat, food. Ahh, food—Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word. Oh, this gives us a whole new meaning, “I have the Word of God within me that the world knows not of.” I have within me the Word, the bread, the source, the food of life, the substance of life.

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