A Higher Meditation 3/4

Now, meditation then has for its purpose the getting back to God. And you rightly say, “We’ve never strayed from God.” Oh, but if we were only aware, if we were only aware that we have never strayed from God.

And there again you have the idea. Look at the Statue of Liberty, but look through it, and you’ll see the miracle of love and of life that appears now outwardly as this great figure.

And so we do with this little one. Just imagine a man with a divine ideal of Christhood, wanting to share it with us in tangible form, and he brings it forth as this figure sitting on the lotus. The lotus, you know, is symbolic of spiritual purity and spiritual integrity.

And therefore, he has to give this figure a foundation, and he has given it the lotus, seated on the lotus, seated within its own spiritual integrity and purity. That is the idea that is conveyed to us from the invisible to the visible.

Now all meditation should take this form. All meditation should take you back from the realm of the visible, to the realm of the invisible, where you can ponder the divine idea of God; where you can contemplate the divine reality, God; where you can enjoy, thrill within you to the idea of the great first Cause; where you can fill your consciousness with the realization of the meaning of divine love—a divine love that appears outwardly in these infinite wonderful forms, appears as the divine grace, beauty, grandeur.

This form of meditation may even look at a sunset, a mountain, a starry sky, looking at it, and looking through it, and again realizing the sky showeth forth His handiwork, the earth manifest His glory.

All of the invisible, all of the love and the skill and the art and the beauty and the integrity of the invisible appearing to us in wondrous visible form. Without this invisible there would be no visible, and without the continued activity, and without the continued divine love, there would be no continuity of this magnificent creation called man and the universe.

We live by grace—by grace of an invisible presence, an invisible power, that is forever pouring Itself out as creation, as manifestation, as expression, just as this artist has poured himself out as this beautiful little figure, just as nature has poured itself out in this beautiful branch, flower, bud, leaves.

This meditation may likewise look upon man, woman, child, animal. Looking at them, taking no note of their faults or failures, look through them to their divine origin, to all the forces of the invisible that join together to bring about this visible expression of intelligence, life, love, form, joy.

Think of the qualities of that invisible that are embodied in every individual just as looking at this plant. Think of all the qualities of the invisible, moisture of the rain, light and warmth of the sun, minerals and substances of the earth that have been poured into this plant—and now appear as this plant.

And then think of all of the qualities of life and of love and of truth, of joy, and of compassion. Think of all the great wisdom that God has embodied in every man, woman, child, animal on the face of this globe.

God has embodied Itself. God has embodied Its own qualities in individual being. You won’t see this by looking at a man, woman, or child’s figure any more than you can perceive all that we have perceived in this ivory figure, all that we have perceived in this little branch of a plant. You won’t see all of this by looking them in the face alone, but by looking through them to the invisible cause. Then you see all this grandeur appearing.

And so it is if you look at man, woman, and child: look them in the face, look them in the body. You won’t see what I’m talking about, but you look through them with all the spiritual understanding that you can bring to bear, and try to understand how God has embodied Itself, Its qualities, Its activities, Its own being in every individual, and that every individual is a presentation, a witness, an expression, a formation of that infinite divine Itself, pouring Itself out.

And then see how great your love will grow for this universe, and for its people, and with it will come a deep compassion for those who know not their own identity, those whom we call the evil men and women of the world, and we won’t condemn them, but we will be enabled to understand the Master as he says: “Father, forgive them, they know not what they do.” Let’s not hold it against them. It is their ignorance. Let’s forgive them seventy times seven.

Why, don’t you know, that if every man on earth knew what we know about these flowers and plants, that no man or woman would ever let a day go by without having some little bud somewhere about them?

Do you know that if every man and woman on earth knew what we know about this little ivory piece that no man or woman would ever permit themselves to go a day without looking on some form of artistic beauty, or listening to some form of beautiful music?     They couldn’t. They couldn’t, if they realized the depth of the wisdom and the beauty of the Infinite Invisible that produced them.

It was Mohammed who said, “If I had two loaves of bread I would barter one and buy hyacinths for the soul.” Ah, that’s what I mean. That’s what I mean.

We would enter the fourth dimension of life where there are such beauties, harmonies, that the world knows nothing of. I have meat the world knows nothing of… I Am the bread of life… I have water that springs up into life eternal.

Oh, I have hidden mysteries the moment I begin to perceive that which underlies all creation, that which is the reality, and that our ancient Hebrew friends called keeping the mind stayed on God… leaning not unto thy own understanding, but acknowledging Him in all thy ways, or what Paul later called: Pray without ceasing.

Now, meditation then has for its purpose the getting back to God. And you rightly say, “We’ve never strayed from God.” Oh, but if we were only aware, if we were only aware that we have never strayed from God.

We are all a part of humanity because we’ve accepted the belief that we’ve strayed apart from God, and we are a part of a truth study for the one purpose of getting consciously back to our oneness with God, to that place where we can say, “I live, and move and have my being in God.”

Now, here is the way that I have discovered of finding my way back to God, of keeping my mind stayed on God, of bridging over that terrible space from materiality to spirituality.

I have found that because God is unknown to the human senses, and God is unknowable to the human senses, that the only way that I can bridge over that space is, when I meditate, first of all, to let my thought drift from the world, its cares and its problems, to some of the beauties of the world.

Everyone has something in their home. Every church has something in it that one could look at: a beautiful picture painted by somebody, or a piece of chinaware that’s been painted by somebody, a knickknack here or there, and when nothing else, a flower, a plant, the simplest plant, a rubber plant will do, a fern, anything that shows forth God’s handiwork.

And then, by first thinking upon them, and then through them, back to the Infinite Invisible, pondering the idea of how this activity formed itself and expressed itself through nature, through the mind of a composer, through the mind of an artist, sculptor; gradually we find ourselves going deeper and deeper and deeper, and one fine day, we’ve done it.

We’ve actually found ourselves centered in God, and then we’re not thinking any more—thoughts are being thought through us. Ideas are being thought through us. Impartations of the soul become apparent to our awareness, to our consciousness.

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