Now, this goes into a different direction also. I’m going to read to you, English translation, from a talk given by the President of Western Germany, on the Jewish Feast of the New Year: 19th of September, this year.

“Thirty years ago Hitler brought about that power with his government that led our nation nearly to the abyss. Five years later, this government revealed its depravity and villainy, by the persecution of our Jewish fellow citizens. The suffering of the Jews under the Brown Government was a horrible witness of degeneration of public power and civilization. The cause of all crimes and misdeeds that dishonored the German name was the ideology of inhumanity, hatred, and injustice. It would be useless to talk about the shadows of this terrible past, with indignation and shame as a expiation. Such days of remembrance remind us to overcome the past by thinking and acting in the spirit of confidence and charity.”

Now though your sins were scarlet, they’re white as snow. And, in a public declaration of that kind, the government gives voice to what actually has been happening among the people in the past few years—the realization of that horror, injustice, inhumanity, disgrace.

And, in this personal and governmental acknowledgment, the karma is wiped out: though your sins were scarlet, you’re white as snow. And, those persons of Germany, who feel this way, and the government of Germany, is freed from punishment—not the punishment of God, God never punished them for any of their sins.

The sowing had to bring forth reaping. But now with the sowing of a message of this nature, there is the reaping of what we call forgiveness or release from punishment; therefore, a nation is set free.

If you do not understand this law of karma, you will not understand the reasons not only for the sufferings of many Americans, individually, but, the horrors of our government, the discords and inharmonies that it is suffering, and the lack of ability to arrive at a solution to any major problem. Unless you understand this law, you can’t even help as a citizen to bring forth harmony.

We individually, and the government as a government, must acknowledge guilt in anti-Semitism, in the Negro situation of the south and of some parts of the north, Japanese persecution in California during the war, and last but not least, the atomic bombs.

Until you as an individual, come to an inner agreement that destroying civilian populations by atomic bombs is inexcusable, you are under that karma, because, resist not evil is the basic Christian teaching. Lay down your life rather that take another life is a basic Christian teaching. But certainly, never save your life at the expense of another’s.

Now, we at this particular period, have no right to interfere with governments who have adopted warfare as a part of natural Christian living. And, as long as warfare continues, we may have to play our part in it. But to accept within your consciousness the rightness of it brings you under sowing to the flesh. If you believe, that it is right to protect your property or your life at the expense of someone else’s life; you are sowing to the flesh. If you believe that it is right to destroy a civilian population, to win a war, you are sowing to the flesh. And there is no way to experience anything other than that karma.

When however, you as an individual come out from under, and say, “That I cannot lend my approval to that”, I mean within yourself. Publicly you’re not supposed to say anything, because you’re not called upon. Inwardly, you must come to that place in consciousness where you cannot take another person’s life, believing in the rightness of it. Then you have come out from under that karma. But your nation still is not out, until through its government, it likewise voices its disapproval of racial persecution, religious persecution, color persecution, or the wanton destruction of civilian life in warfare.

Going back to our opening statement then, you will not find God through the human mind. As you work now with this understanding of karma, sowing and reaping. Now remember, that for enlightenment, you have to open your consciousness to receive the impartations of the Spirit. Then, will begin your spiritual life.

This first part brings you up to good humanhood, perfect humanhood. But then you must open your consciousness to: speak Lord, Thy servant heareth, and begin to receive spiritual impartation through the new consciousness that you’ve developed.

Thank You.