Transcendental Consciousness 4/5

Pleasures? Who has to cheat for pleasures, when all the pleasure there is in the world is unfolding from within. And if it takes two, the two will be provided. If it takes six, the six will be provided. There’s no, no need to go out looking. No.

The Infinite Way is a startling revelation, a radical one. It goes back to absolute basic religion, the religion of revelators in the days when there was neither good nor evil. That is, the revelations of the revelators who announced that “there is neither good nor evil, thinking makes it so.”

You would be surprised what happens in your personal life, when you come to an actual realization that there is nothing good or evil, and that it is only habit, custom, belief, tradition that makes it so. Things that are right in one place are wrong in another place; things that are moral in one place are immoral in another place.

Well, I’m thinking of states that have laws … $50 dollar fine if you’re caught taking an orange of this orange tree, or pineapple out of this pineapple field. Well now you know, it is not wrong to take an orange off an orange tree, or a pineapple out of a pineapple field, no matter who the tree belongs to, or the field. It is definitely not wrong. The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, and Son all that I have is thine—that’s the only real law there is. And the other is a manmade law to protect what isn’t his; to make it seem that it is his, and then throw a fence around it.

Do you not see? Well, there’s quite an article in the paper about it today, that with only eight percent of our workers in the United States in agriculture, we are turning out more food, not only than this nation can eat, but than all the nations that are buying can afford to pay for, and still the storehouses are full. Whereas, in Russia, with nearly fifty percent of the people in agriculture, they haven’t got it, not even enough for their own country.

Well then, number one, the reason for our over abundance must be know how, understanding, knowledge. The reason for their lack is, lack of know how. Then, do you not see that it isn’t really God that has anything to do with our great abundance of crops as a reward for our virtues … God forgive; nor is it a punishment to Russia that they haven’t enough crops? That it’s just a matter of sowing and reaping.

And neither nation knows that if those nations that have an overabundance were to share freely with those who haven’t, that eventually it would make for all nations having an over abundance. And the situation in life would be different. But can that be while you’re sowing to the flesh, and believing: “Oh no, no, I’m rich while I have it in the storehouse, even though it may be rotting there.”

No! Sowing to the flesh reaps corruption because sometimes sowing to the flesh reaps an overabundance. And the over abundance corrupts the morals; it certainly corrodes the soul. Can it help corroding the soul to know, that we have an over abundance and someone else is starving? Can it help hurting? Of course it can’t. Of course it can’t.

Therefore, in our individual experience, when we are sowing to the Spirit, that cannot happen to us. We are not being corroded, because freely we can give. We can’t give away the government’s, and we can’t give away our neighbor’s, so we cannot prevent their demonstration. But we need not sow to the flesh to that extent as to believe that we must hold back while others are lacking. We can be as free as our own Spirit permits, proving thereby that we are sowing to the Spirit, and not to the flesh.

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