Transcendental Consciousness 3/5

And now what of the Spirit? Well now, whoever heard of that? Whoever heard of the invisible Spirit that is in us, which is the Spirit of God in man? Whoever directed our attention to the Spirit of God in our neighbor, or to the Spirit of God in the sinner? Whoever directed our attention to the fact, that not only the saints but all the sinners have the same Spirit of God in them?

Remember, when I speak this way now, I am telling you what you must be holding in thought about your patients and students. Do not forget that I am not speaking primarily to you who already have come a great part of the way along this path. I am reminding you of what you must be revealing to your patients and students, in order to free them from their guilt complexes, and from the belief that they should be expecting a reward for the good things they’ve done in life, or a punishment for the bad things that they may have done, or the good things they left undone.

You have got to set them free. You perhaps have been, in a great measure, already set free—by your studies and work. But remember, I am merely giving this to you, so that you may complete your demonstration. And that you may have the full awareness, of dealing with those who come to you.

Now, what is the sowing and the reaping that is causing the distresses of the people on earth? Well Paul summed it up, and we will have to do what he probably did, that never got into print. We will have to explain it. He merely stated it. To those around him he may have explained it, but it never was printed. If you sow to the Spirit, you will reap life everlasting. If you sow to the flesh, you will reap corruption. That’s the statement. And the explanation is this:

You were born into a material sense of life. Therefore, you have been sowing to the flesh all of your human life. In other words, you have put your entire hope, faith, confidence in form or effect. We have been brought up naturally to believe that money was supply. And it is this teaching, that really causes all of the lack and limitation on earth, because whether you believe that money is supply, or crops—it’s equally in error.

Consciousness is supply, Spirit is supply, the Invisible is supply: that over which you have no control, but that which can when you permit it: control you, govern you, fulfill you. Now, to believe for a moment that money, investments, securities, jobs, professions, businesses, just to be born into the belief that this is supply, makes you go out to get these. And thereby cheats you of the demonstration of supply because these aren’t supply.

When you go far enough in the message of The Infinite Way, you will discover that “I” am supply; that I embody and embrace within me, the infinity of supply. Not only for my own use, I could feed 5,000, because I is God.

Now deny that I am supply. I am the bread, the meat, the wine, the water. I am the resurrection. I am life eternal. I can give you water, drinking it you will never thirst again; I am the bread of life.

And until you actually accept that, you are going to be sowing to the flesh, and you’re going to reap limitation. Oh, there are people that reap a million dollars worth of limitation, and a 10 million dollars worth of limitation, but it’s limitation. And the proof of it is that after they get it, sometimes they can’t eat twenty-five cents worth of food, and sometimes they can’t spend any of it. They have to sit and just watch it, and count it, and multiply it. And they can no more part with it, than they could part with their blood. Do you see that?

Because we all know that money, in and of itself, can’t spend itself. It takes the Spirit of a man to part with it, to share it, to give it, to distribute it. The money itself will not do that.

Therefore, just to be born into an ordinary family, means to be born into limitation, into the struggle to earn a living, into strife. Whereas, to be born into a family of spiritual understanding, a child would be brought up right from the beginning sowing to the Spirit, realizing that love is supply, life is supply, God is supply, I am supply. And, that child would grow up with such a different concept of supply that it would never work for it, or struggle for it, or lie for it, or cheat for it.

But, whatever activity it undertook … and do not forget, some would be artists, and some would be doctors, and some would be lawyers, and some would be designers, and builders, and all the rest of this, they would be doing it for the joy of life; they would be doing it as a gift of God, a grace of God. Because, it really makes no difference what work you’re doing in life, the moment you’re not doing it for a living it becomes a joy. When you’re doing it for a living, you can’t help watching the clock, and wondering whether you’re giving more than you’re getting.

The moment that you do not connect supply with your living, then your activity, your work, your art, your business, your profession, becomes such a joy that you’re giving yourself to it, you are sowing to the Spirit. And supply then may come through that avenue, and it may come through many, many others.

Now in the same way, in having been born into an ordinary religious family…what really were the first words we heard? We didn’t hear them with our ears, but they went into our consciousness. The first words after we came out of the mother’s womb: “Be careful, don’t drop the baby, don’t get the baby in a draft … don’t.”

And from that second on you can be assured, we were sowing to the flesh. We were watching the body, we were watching draft, we were watching cold feet, we were watching germs, we were doing something, that made us apprehensive of the body.

And almost the first thing a youngster learns when they go to school is: “Don’t talk to strangers, might be a kidnapper.” There’s only one kidnapper in a hundred million people, but it might be a kidnapper. And so, a fear of kidnappers goes into every child, whereas only one in ten million ever meets one. Do you see how we sow to the flesh, instead of being taught from the beginning: “These people are your brothers and sisters. These are children of God.”

Oh no, no, they might be a kidnapper. And even if not, they don’t belong to your church, and that makes it bad. And they don’t belong to your race or your religion, and that makes it bad, or your nation, and that makes it bad.

Do you not see what I mean by, “sowing to the flesh you reap corruption?” It has nothing to do with your personal sins. Your personal sins and mine … never let me omit mine, they are due to the fact that we were born into this sowing to the flesh. Therefore, this became a pleasure of the flesh, and this became a pain of the flesh, this became desirable to the flesh, and this became undesirable to the flesh—and all we’ve done is cater to the flesh.

And now what of the Spirit? Well now, whoever heard of that? Whoever heard of the invisible Spirit that is in us, which is the Spirit of God in man? Whoever directed our attention to the Spirit of God in our neighbor, or to the Spirit of God in the sinner? Whoever directed our attention to the fact, that not only the saints but all the sinners have the same Spirit of God in them? And only our ignorance of this truth, brings upon us the discords of the flesh, even the diseases.

If it wasn’t so ingrained in us to fear weather, and fear climate, and fear germs, and fear infection, we really wouldn’t have half the things that are wrong with us. So it isn’t our personal sins, it is that which we have personally accepted of the universal belief through our ignorance. Ignorance is our major sin. That’s why in one of the most joyous books I’ve ever read in the world, some of our saints approach heaven and they’re shocked to see some of the world’s sinners up there. And they want an explanation of it, and God has to say to them: “sin, sin, there’s only one sin—ignorance.” Anything else, you can come in here. We have thieves up here. We have adulterers up here. We have everything. There’s only one sin and that’s ignorance. And the ignorant can’t get in, even though they were saints on earth.

Well, that’s a burlesque, but it’s a burlesque of the truth. Only the ignorant remain out of heaven or harmony. The sinners get into heaven, because the moment they’re enlightened—there’s no more sin. And a person who isn’t sinning isn’t a sinner. What happened yesterday, last week, last month… though your sins were scarlet, you’re white as snow…in the basic Christian teaching, not in the church. Oh no, no, you can still be excommunicated in the church. And if you were a sinner ten years ago, you may not be admitted today.

But in basic Christianity, though your sins were scarlet, you’re white as snow. In that very moment when your ignorance is out, overcome, and you begin to realize: any wrong that I have done, major nature or minor nature is only based on my ignorance, that’s all. Had there been enlightenment, it could never happen. And how do we know it? Enlightened people do not do wrong. It’s an impossibility for a spiritually enlightened person to do wrong. Why? Because there is nothing out there worth having, enough to do wrong for. What is it out there that you want that badly, when you have the kingdom of God in here? You don’t have to lie, cheat, steal, defraud for supply, because, the moment that you realize the nature of supply, it begins to flow. That ends that.

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