Transcendental Consciousness 2/5

There is still a belief in your thought, that some act of commission or omission on your part is responsible for your discords or inharmonies.

Probably some of you have lived long enough to find out that God has not been too good to you, and probably some of you have discovered that God doesn’t really punish the bad sinners at all; they seem to go scot-free. Once in a while one of them gets caught up with the law and gets sent to jail. But God doesn’t seem to have anything to do with that; it’s the police department.

As a thinker this must puzzle you. As a thinker, you must be startled by realizing how many sweet, loving, wonderful, good, charitable people there are in the world whom God is not rewarding. And it must amaze you at the amount of evil people there are in the world, that not only the law hasn’t reached yet, but even God hasn’t put His finger on. And, as a thinker, you must ponder this. You must! You have to give time and effort and thought to this, and wonder about it. And then wonder if maybe the churches explanation is a valid one, that if you don’t get punished here, don’t worry, you’ll get punished somewhere else.

Not that anyone has come back to prove their point that there is a hell or a limbo, or any other place where you get punished afterward. I don’t even know that the spiritualists have ever had messages from the other side, saying that there’s a very hot fire anywhere to burn you up. I haven’t heard of any such messages.

And so it is that the longer you seek the answer with your mind, the more frustrating this is going to be. And if you do not have an answer to it, you may be assured that not only your frustration in life will continue, but the solution to life’s problem will not be given you.

It is for this reason that those who were present when that first unfoldment came through my lips, witnessed the fact that what came through my lips was not anything that I had known even five minutes before. It was something that came through and startled me as much as it did any of those who were listening who caught it.

Be assured, I had to do a great deal of thinking and meditating after that message came through to realize the astounding nature of what it was. And I even said afterward, “I hope there were no reporters present.” Because, if that message that had come through were reported in the papers, I’m sure the churches would have done to me what they did to some of the ancient revelators. Because that day the message that came through said: “God neither punishes nor rewards.”

You search the literature of the world and see what a startling message that is. How it refutes the religious teachings of most of the world, and all of the western world. Since God neither punishes nor rewards … and remember, I’m always now on the book Thunder of Silence, since God neither punishes nor rewards, and since as we have found, there is a certain amount of punishment and reward that goes on in this world—what is the answer?

The answer that came through was that what the Hindu’s call karmic law is the answer: that which Jesus called “as ye sow, so shall ye reap.” And you see, whether you quote the orient or whether you quote Jesus, you throw all Christian teachings out the window. Because, if it is “as ye sow that ye reap,” then it has nothing to do with God, on either the punishment side or the reward side: it has to do with a law that you set in motion.

And, when we go to Brother Paul, we find him receiving that same revelation from the Christ: “if you sow to the Spirit, you reap life everlasting; if you sow to the flesh, you reap corruption.” So here we have it in the basic Christian teaching: “as ye sow, so shall ye reap.” And please leave God out of it. Unfortunately, the basic Christian teaching was not incorporated into the Christian church.

It is for this reason, that Dr. Jung was able to write that he had never had a case of a person over 35 years of age, who had been healed through his ministry without a return to basic religion, but not the religion of the churches. Nor had he ever had a failure of healing in a person over 35 years of age that could not be traced to the fact that they would not return to a basic religious teaching. But he emphasized “not a teaching of the churches.”

Now, why does he make that distinction? Because the teaching that he gave to the world in his later years came to him through a revelation. The teaching in the earlier years came through his medical studies. But in the later years, he had a spiritual revelation, and then he discovered that a return to basic religion, and he said, “any of the basic religious teachings, oriental or occidental—as long as you remained with the original teachings of the original revelator.”

And of course here is one of the reasons, that through revelation you know … well, through revelation you learn the nature of God. And then you will discover when you know the nature of God that there is nothing in that nature that either punishes or rewards.

Let us for a moment think of God as life: the life of the universe, the life let us say of all nature, as well as our own lives. And, since God is from everlasting to everlasting, the nature of God must be eternity, infinity. There could be nothing in the nature of God that would shorten the life of man or the universe. Therefore, the life of man must be eternal and immortal.

Well, right here of course, you have no punishment, because, all of our sins and diseases and deaths are supposed to be due to punishments. All our accidents, all of the evils that befall us are supposed to be due to punishment of one nature…“God’s will” it is called. God’s will that an airplane collapse with a hundred people on board, “God’s will” that a steamship burn up at sea, or hit an iceberg.

But do you not see that that was not in the original teaching of Jesus Christ? Do you not see, if you go back to the Gospels, that you cannot find God that destroys life for any reason, since Jesus’ mission was to raise the dead, and his mission was to do the works of God; show forth eternal life. It was to heal the sick; even to forgive sinners. So, God could not have provided a punishment for sinners and forgiveness at the same time.

Therefore, if you go back to the basic teaching of Jesus Christ, you will discover that there is no punishment through God, and no reward through God. And that it is as you sow, that you reap. And of course, when you go to the Oriental teachings where they have karma, you will also discover that it is your sowing that results in your reaping, and your reaping goes on until the sowing changes.

Now, if you can catch solidly, firmly, this revelation in Thunder of Silence, and actually bear witness to the fact, come to a conviction within yourself, that you can leave God right out of your calculations, leave God right out of your thinking right now, insofar as your rewards and punishments are concerned, or in so far as your health or sickness is concerned, or your life and death. Leave God out for a moment, and see if we cannot grasp this principle: that it is as ye sow, that ye reap.

And then make the acknowledgment, regardless of where I am in life, regardless of what experience I may now be having, somewhere or other there is a sowing in my consciousness that is responsible for a reaping—and let’s see if we can’t find it.

If we can grasp this teaching of The Infinite Way, we’re halfway home. Because if you are still seeking around in your mind, hoping for a God to do something or change something, you are still back in orthodoxy, you’re still waiting for that which is not going to happen. Whatever is going to happen is going to happen as an activity of your consciousness.

Now, of course in a half hour, I am covering a subject that you could not possibly resolve in your consciousness, within a year or two. You would have to take this half hour of work, and spend a year or two, if you haven’t already, until you do come to the full realization of the nature, of the startling nature of what I’m saying to you, that at this moment doesn’t seem startling to you at all. The only reason it doesn’t, is because you haven’t grasped it.

Then, when you reach that, the rest is going to be easy, because I will tell you a secret, of something that is operating in the back of your consciousness unnecessarily and causing you distress. There is still a belief in your thought, that some act of commission or omission on your part is responsible for your discords or inharmonies. And there again, that is where the church has led you completely astray, because the church is 100% in error, in telling you that any sin of yours is responsible for the wows that you may have experienced, or may be experiencing, or ever think you may experience.

Be assured, it isn’t that way at all. And you might just as well forgive yourself right now, and forget about your past sins or present ones, of commission or omission. Drop out of your thought right now, that it was any error of yours.

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