Transcendental Consciousness 1/5

There must be a state of consciousness that can receive that which an attained spiritual consciousness can impart. The teacher can impart it without words or thoughts, but as a rule, will use the means of words and thoughts, and let the Spirit in between do the actual imparting, that is, carry the import of the message.

1963 Kailua Private Class

Joel S. Goldsmith

523B – Transcendental Consciousness


Good morning.

In talking to you, you must understand now that I am not giving a lecture, nor even a closed class, but I am speaking primarily to you who have been students of The Infinite Way for a long, long, time—Many of you active in the practice, the healing work, and some of you at least, starting it.

Therefore, I must bring to your attention the fact that you are engaged in a work that must inevitably set you apart from the rest of the people of the world. Well, it either will, or you will not get too far in your spiritual development. Because, you are not engaged in the study of a teaching, so much as you are beginning to attain the fruitage of your search for truth.

If you think back a few years in your experience, try to remember what it was that brought you into this particular message—The Infinite Way. Whether it was primarily for a healing, or some other aspect of greater humanhood, better humanhood, or whether it was an actual desire, search, reaching out for reality, for truth, for God.

Also, if when you came into this work some years ago, your main idea was healing or human improvement, whether or not your attitude has changed since then, whether or not you realize that merely improving your health or the amount of your supply is insignificant in comparison with the idea of actually finding the secret of life that is behind the appearance, behind what you see, hear, taste, touch, and smell.

If you can realize, or if you have realized by now, that there is a great secret behind this world; a secret unknown to any of the religions; unknown to any of the philosophies; unknown to any man whose breath is in his nostril—a secret of life that no man can know with his mind … would make no difference what he studies or what he goes to study, this secret he will never discover. That is why so few have entered in.

In the ages up to the present, most people have sought, and expected of religions, human betterment and probably a promise for something great after they die. Because, the future is feared by most people … I mean the future: the time beyond this immediate life…what is called after death.

Most people look to that experience with horror, with fear, with dread, and with good reason, because most of the religions have presented that period as a period of punishment; as a period of getting the punishments that you did not receive here on earth; and with a vague hope that at some far, distant time, there might be a heaven. And even the nature of heaven as it is described, by now you know that if you attained that, it would be hell. By now you must have discovered that there’s nothing more monotonous than sitting and playing a harp all day, and being happy.

But, the teachings of the world have not gone beyond seeking truth through the mind, seeking truth though books, seeking truth through teachings. And of course, until you arrive at that place in consciousness, where you realize that you never are going to find the truth, you haven’t even begun your journey. Your journey, your spiritual journey only begins when you come to the realization that going on as you have been going, you never are going to learn the truth—the secret behind this universe. Because, it is not to be known with the mind, or through the mind.

While it is true that you do not know what the word Spirit means, nevertheless, God is Spirit, and that in itself means that God is something that you do not know or understand. And, since you have been searching almost a lifetime, it must get to be discouraging, and it is discouraging, because inevitably that realization does come: I never am going to discover God or Spirit, and my search is frustrating and what have I to look forward to?

When you reach that point, you may be starting on your spiritual journey. Because, you will have reached that place where you can say, “Speak Lord, thy servant heareth,” and mean it. And really mean it, that if you do not speak, and if I do not hear what you say—there is going to be no answer.

When you reach that place, it actually means that you have come to the end of faith, and hope, and belief that the human mind is ever going to reveal spiritual truth to you. And in one of our classes many years ago, we had that for a title, “Abandon hope all ye who enter here.” Abandon hope of finding God all you who enter this class, because in this class you will not find Him, in this message you will not find Him. And the reason is that the kingdom of God is within you.

Now, at this point in consciousness where you are, where I am speaking to you, you do know that God is not going to be revealed to you in the words that I speak or the words that you hear. The only opportunity of God being revealed to you in our relationship is in what my consciousness can impart, and your consciousness can receive independent of words and thoughts.

In other words, there must be a relationship between us that transcends words and thoughts. There must be a state of consciousness that can receive that which an attained spiritual consciousness can impart. The teacher can impart it without words or thoughts, but as a rule, will use the means of words and thoughts, and let the Spirit in between do the actual imparting, that is, carry the import of the message.

Now, I’m leading up to that for this reason. I knew when Thunder of Silence was published, that I could not expect many people in the world to understand it or grasp it, not even our students. And I didn’t expect it. I still don’t expect it for many, many, many years to come. And the reason is that from the very start of it, the message it gives, contradicts the entire teaching of Christianity. It’s a complete contradiction of all that is to be found in Christianity, because every Christian teaching is based on God’s goodness to you, and God’s punishment to the sinner.

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