Questions and Answers 5/6

Now, the major thing that I want to bring to your attention is this: that whereas mental science and the psychological approach to life has many solutions to human problems, they have no way of submitting themselves to that infinity we call God and being God led, God directed, God supported, God maintained, and God sustained, so that as you turn in consciousness to the realization of the Divine, which is your real being, if that Divine wants to unfold beautiful music for you to give to the world, that’s your function, but if a year from now, It wants you out proclaiming Its message, you can’t do it if you’re still outlining that you want musical students or more melodies to give to the world. Do you follow?

And so it is with all phases of existence—the mentalist does not want to resign himself or admit there is something greater than itself. It is even great enough to tell—we had that one time when I was lecturing and the leader said, “You know, Joel is all wrong about this matter of supply. You can’t leave it to God. You must tell the divine mind what you want and then It goes out and gets it for you.”

Well, I mean on the face of it, that’s making you greater than God isn’t it? And even though it does operate on that level, it does not operate to give you the fullness and completeness of life, because if you were Moses leading the people out of Egypt, I doubt whether you would know enough to ask for a cloud by day, and a pillar of fire by night, but by opening your consciousness to the inflow of God, if that was your need that moment you would have it, but tomorrow you have manna falling from the sky—no more clouds by day, no more pillars of fire by night, you have manna falling from the sky. Why? Because the infinite, all-knowing mind knoweth your need before you do and it’s His good pleasure to give you the kingdom.

And so it is a question now—and here’s your vital answer—it’s a question of whether you’re living out from the word I or the word I. It’s a question of whether I, Joel is the all-knowing great I AM, or whether I, God is.

Now we accept the spiritual teaching because of our own inclination towards the spiritual more than the mental, and in that we have discovered this—that even though I and the Father are one and all that the Father hath is mine, yet the Father is greater than I, and at no time will Joel assume to tell the Father, but Joel will listen for that still, small voice, and then follow the guidance that comes. My Father worketh and I work hitherto.

You see, all the way through, the Master has that same principle—I can of my own self do nothing. The Father within me doeth the works. The Father worketh and I work hitherto. I and the Father are One, but the Father is greater than I. Seek not what ye shall eat or what ye shall drink, or wherewithal ye shall be clothed. Your heavenly Father knoweth of your need of these things and it is His good pleasure to give you the kingdom.

So the whole answer comes whether or not one is on that mental level where they humanly and personally want to be the master of their fate, or whether they’ve come to a point of self renunciation in the realization that there is a greater Self, and that neither you nor I can say, “I will never leave you nor forsake you,” but that there is Something within us that can say to us, “I will never leave you nor forsake you. If you go through the waters you will not drown. If you go through the fire, the flames will not kindle upon you for I in the midst of you am mighty. Before Abraham was I am with you, and Joel, I am with you to the end of the world.

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