Between Two Worlds 5/5

The psychologists can see you as you humanly are. The members of your family can see you as you appear to be among them. But only the developed spiritual consciousness will enable you to look at any and every individual in the world and say, “Ah, I behold Christ incarnate in you.

I do not think my own thoughts, and therefore I do not have good thoughts or bad thoughts, but I surrender myself to the Father and only spiritual thoughts come through. I do not have mental powers or physical powers. I am no miracle worker. I have no powers. I surrender myself in meditation to the Spirit of God, to my oneness with the Father. And then the spiritual power flows and miracles take place. But I am not the miracle man; I am only the transparency through which the miracles took place. It was God’s power that is the miracle. It absolutely takes from us all egotism, all belief. It’s like the Master taught, “Why callest thou me good?  There is really only one good, the Father.” Don’t look on these works of the Master as if he were a miracle worker. No, I of my own self am nothing. He just stood there, and in the knowledge and the understanding of his oneness with the Father, he let the Father work through him.

So do we in this message. We do not use right thinking or wrong thinking. We do not use the power of right thinking or wrong thinking. We understand that I in my oneness with the Father am joint heir to all of God’s grace. And then in quietness and in stillness let it flow.

So then, as we take these truths into our consciousness, these truths become the substance of our lives: the bread, the meat, the wine, the water. And then this constitutes a rebirth. Whereas before I was Joel the man, sometimes thinking good and sometimes thinking bad, sometimes feeling good and sometimes feeling bad. Now I make the transition and I and the Father are one; and the Father doeth the works; and the Father thinketh the thoughts; the Father is the power; the Father goeth before me to make the crooked places straight.

In these years, all of these principles that have revealed themselves to me, and those that are revealing themselves now, are given to our students so that they may work with them. We had the most marvelous experience in Portland. A principle was revealed to me that never before have I known…on the platform while I was conducting the class, this new principle came through. And I may say to you that it is a miracle working one, for I have already witnessed its marvels.

And that principle was this—Well, we start with me. I am sitting up here, and you are looking at me. And whether or not you know it at this moment, I would not want you to judge me by the way that I appear. I would not want you to judge me as to whether I am old or young. I would not want you to judge me as to whether I am honest or dishonest. I would not want you to judge me by any measure of judgment that you can think, and if there is some good psychologist out there who automatically know an individual when they look at him, please stop looking!  I would not want to be judged that way. If I could have my way, I would have you look up here and behold the Son of God in me, and see me as I am seen by the Father. Know me as my Father knows me; as God knows me. See my spiritual identity. Do you remember how the Master said, “Who do men say that I am?”  And then, “Whom do ye say that I am?”  That is the way that I would like to be judged—the way Peter judged the Master and said, “Oh, thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.”  Well all those without spiritual vision would have said, “Oh, you are a Hebrew rabbi.”  Of course. He had the Hebrew rabbi’s robe on. He was preaching in the Hebrew temple. So that’s the way you judge him judging through your mentality. But he didn’t want to be judged that way and so he said to the disciples, “Whom do ye…you who have been with me, you who ought to know me…whom do you say that I am?”  And Peter could say, “I know, thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.”

And so, rather than to be judged by what men would say I am, I would rather, if I could, that you turning within yourselves, would say to the Father within you, “Who is this fellow?” because I know what the answer would be. If you turned within to the Father, the Father would say, “Know ye not?  This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.”  That’s what I would like.

Well so it is when you come to me as a patient or a student, because of my years of spiritual experience, I really don’t look at you as if you are a male or female. I don’t look at you as if you are young or old. I don’t look at you as if you are rich or poor, or occupy a high place or a low place. That’s really of no interest to me in my spiritual capacity. When you come to me as a patient or a student, I am looking through your eyes because I’ve learned that you, the soul of you sits behind those eyes. You may have a false face out here in the flesh, but you have no false face back there. And as long as I can see through your eyes, I can see the soul of you sitting back there. And be assured I have worked in the prisons where there was every evidence of sin and I have beheld the real man sitting back there, and have witnessed wonders with them because of that. Not by trying to reform them humanly; not by telling them they were poor down trodden men who never had a chance, but by seeing through their eyes into…I know thee who thou art, back there sits the kingdom of God. The kingdom of God is within you.

And you know, one of my most joyous moments is when I can tell you that on the 9th of April, the orthodox religious church had the greatest day that it has known for twenty centuries. The Pope of Rome visited a prison in Rome, and he said to the men, “I am not here for any reason of romance nor humanitarianism. I am here because I behold Christ incarnate in you.”  Can you imagine what that did to some of those men?  To be told that they weren’t sinners?  That they weren’t condemned to hell forever? That someone in the world saw Christ incarnate in them?  And I’ll tell you why it did it to them, because it will do it to you. There isn’t anyone of you who doesn’t know that you are spiritually perfect, the Son of God. That if anyone could know you as you really are, they’d find that you are really a perfect being. You know that. But you know that nobody out here is judging you that way or seeing you that way. And as a rule you are resenting what your friends and relatives see in you because they are not seeing you as you are. Even the worst sinner among you knows that you really aren’t that way at all even if you are indulging it at the moment. Every one of you knows inwardly that you are perfect. But you see that doesn’t help you a great deal. What helps you is if one individual could come along and say, “Take off that mask. I know you. I see that Christ lurking behind your eyes. I see that face of God in you.”  That would so change your nature that your whole character would change. Your whole outer disposition would change. And eventually your health would change…Just one individual beholding the Christ behind your eyes–recognizing your spiritual sonship–your separateness from these material and mental laws.

Well you see, you might lie if you like, and go home and say to your family, “Oh, I behold the Christ in you,” but you don’t really. You are just pretending. You cannot do that until your own spiritual consciousness is so developed that you really can see Christ incarnate. It takes a developed, a spiritually developed soul. The psychologists can see you as you humanly are. The members of your family can see you as you appear to be among them. But only the developed spiritual consciousness will enable you to look at any and every individual in the world and say, “Ah, I behold Christ incarnate in you.”  When that moment happens, you are a healer, and you are a spiritual teacher, and not before. Before that time you merely know all the words in the books. Before that time you merely have it intellectually grasped. But you are not really a healer or a teacher until an actual experience makes it possible for you to say, “I see Christ incarnate in every individual. The good ones and the bad ones. The ups and the downs.”

Don’t you remember how Jesus had to see it in the woman taken in adultery? And believe me that was difficult because adultery then wasn’t like now. Now it is a little pass time that is smiled at. But at that time it was punishable by death. It was a crime – adultery – a real crime equal to murder. And yet he could look right into the eyes of the woman taken in adultery and say, “Neither do I condemn thee. Thy sins be forgiven thee.”  He could behold Christ incarnate.

And the thief on the cross?  Just think of crucifying a man; how terrible his crime must have been. And the Master could say, “You won’t go to purgatory and suffer it out for years. I’m taking you into heaven with me tonight.”  Why?  “Because I behold Christ in you. I’m taking the Christ of you into heaven tonight, because the Christ is already in heaven. You are already in heaven, but I am going to reveal it to you.”  But he wasn’t talking to a criminal, he was talking to Christ. And so when a spiritual teacher or practitioner says to you, “You are spiritual,” or “You are the child of God,” don’t believe for a moment that he means that humanly you are any of those things because humanly you are just an illusion. Humanly you are just a mortal concept that should be dying, not trying to spiritualize itself; should be dying daily. But it’s because the spiritual teacher or practitioner has seen through the appearance of your physical body or your mentality, and has actually glimpsed the Christ of you.

Therefore, the principle that revealed itself to me the other night in Portland was this: That when you come here, you are presenting yourself to me that I may behold the Christ of you. And that every time you ask a practitioner or teacher for help, you are presenting yourself to them that they may behold the I, the Christ, of you. You are not going to them to get rid of rheumatism, or to stop smoking or drinking. You are not presenting yourself to them to get healed of a disease. You are virtually saying, “Please, look at me. Look at me and behold the Christ incarnate in me. I long to be seen as I am in the image and likeness of my Father, as God sees me. And if you will see me that way, I will be made whole.”

So you see that even after thirty-five years it’s folly to think that you know all the truth there is. Just watch out that you don’t ever get the feeling that you know all the truth there is because you don’t. As much as we know, it’s a grain, and everyday we can add and learn new principles, because God is infinite. Therefore never think that we have seen the whole of God.

Now we are going to have five or six or seven minutes of a rest period. And I would like to ask you that in your conversation keep the voice low. Let us be gentle. Let us be quiet. And then if any of you have any books you would like to have me autograph for you, just bring them up here.

Thank you.

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  1. Amen!!! Fellow laborer


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