Between Two Worlds 4/5

Many, many years ago our mental institutes were just filled with women suffering from menopause. There is none there now for that reason because the doctors have agreed now that menopause does not cause insanity. But don’t forget that in your parents’ or grandparents’ day they did, and they just filled our institutions with people. Why?  It was believed; it was a world of make believe, and they made the rules and we lived up to them. But it wasn’t truth because now they have done away with it.

So it is that some day you will discover that all of the causes for diseases will be wiped out— all of them. Just like in the days of early metaphysics you may remember the lists that were published showing mental causes for physical disease?  Well you know that not one of them was true. It never has been true that resentment caused rheumatism, or that deep resentment caused hemorrhoids, or that lust caused tuberculosis; that never was true. Those lists were just as much fiction as the belief that you could catch a cold by sitting in a draft or getting your feet wet. It didn’t prevent you suffering from it. No, no, no…As long as you could be made to accept it. But today, today we know that disease has no cause. Today we know that there is no such thing as a law of disease. Why?  If there were a law of disease, the disease would be permanent because the law would maintain it. There is a law of two times two begetting four, and because of that you never can change the fourness of two times two. There is a law. If that wasn’t a law, you might sometimes get something other than four, but because it is a law you will always have two times two producing four.

Now if there were a law of disease, who could cure it?   Who could set aside law?  But you see only through meditation does a revelation come from within.

Well, in the month of March, one of the greatest scientists, one of the great scientists at least, in this country, gave a paper before a scientific body and it was reprinted in Harper’s Magazine  in which he revealed that this body has no intelligence; that this body is made up of a cup of water and a few grains of minerals and salts. And there isn’t a bit of life or intelligence in this body, so there is no way for this body to get sick or well. It has no intelligence; it’s dead. So you see that which we have known and received through spiritual inspiration for years, the world is beginning to realize today.

A cold can’t be caused by sitting in a draft, or wet feet. And the body cannot contract a disease because it has no intelligence. If you are going to be diseased, you are going to have to be diseased by accepting something in your mind. Now if you can accept that a germ will give you a disease, you can be diseased. But if you can’t accept it, then you can’t be diseased. How do you think germ diseases are spiritually healed if germs could really cause disease?  If they could really cause disease, everybody that has got a germ disease would have it and it would have to be removed medically. How could you spiritually stop a germ disease, and yet probably there isn’t anybody in this room who hasn’t at sometime or other been healed of some germ disease spiritually.  How? Because God never made a destructive element. There are germs, of course there are. But do you think for a moment that God created a destructive germ?  Do you think that God created a germ that would kill his own creation?  You are making God less intelligent than a human parent. What human parent, in their normal mind, would create something to destroy their own children with?  No. God never created any condition that would destroy His creation. God never created any element, any substance, that would destroy His creation and therefore, if God didn’t make it, it wasn’t made because God is the only creator.

How many of you have been healed at some time or other of poison ivy or poison oak  metaphysically, spiritually?    How?  Not by applying physical remedies, but through your realization, or your practitioner, or teacher’s realization that God is spirit and all power is in Spirit, not in matter.

How many years has the world believed that there is such a thing as matter?  And how much ridicule do you think Mrs. Eddy took for her revelation that there is no such thing as matter, that matter has no existence?  And now how shocked the world must be when Dr. von Braun, the greatest of the great, announces publicly in an article, “There is no matter. What you call matter is mind.”

Think, think, think that it is nearly a hundred years ago that that was revealed to us, that there is no matter; all is mind and mind’s manifestation. And oh, how that was ridiculed. Oh the books that have been written ridiculing that statement, until now it becomes a scientific revelation that what you call matter is mind formed, manifested; that the substance of matter is mind.

Just think, just think now that the reason truth heals is the truth taken into your consciousness becomes the substance of your body; the truth that’s taken into your mind becomes the substance of your body. Do you wonder that the Master said, “I am the truth” and that this body is the temple of the living God?” And so you see books do not heal you; books are not the power. The truth that these books give to you to take into your consciousness, the studying that you do with the books until your consciousness is no longer a material state of consciousness, but a spiritual consciousness, until you have made the transition from believing in the reality of matter to where you attain the consciousness that Spirit is the only reality.

Spirit is the substance of your soul, of your mind, and of your body. We still go a step beyond what Dr. von Braun has experienced because we know that mind is only a step, there is something beyond the mind, and that is the soul or spirit. We know that man is not two dimensional; he is not mind and body. He is three dimensional; spirit, mind, and body. And that is why we have gone beyond the first metaphysical teaching where mind and thought were power to where we know now that mind and thought are not power. I am power. I in my oneness with God am power. And that power which I am becomes the harmony of my mind and body.

You see, mind is an instrument and a substance. But mind can be good or evil. It can produce good thoughts or bad thoughts, or it could produce a healthy body or a diseased body, an alive body or a dead body. Why?  Because it is merely an instrument, and so whatever you pour into the mind is going to come out in the body. And if you pour evil into the mind, well you know it, you have witnessed it, you are probably worrying about it with your children or your grandchildren—all the pornography that is sold on the newsstands. You don’t want that poured into your child’s mind. Why?  Because it’s going to have an affect on their body and you know it. So that the mind can be an instrument for good or evil. The mind isn’t God, and never was.

That was the first revelation that was given to me that separated me from the metaphysical world long before I left physically that world—that revelation was given to me that mind is not God because mind can be good or bad and it can be used—Ah! It can be used! …Who uses the mind?  I do. And if I use it as a human being I can use it for good or evil. But if I use it as God, it can only be used for spiritual, beneficial, uplifting purposes. And therefore I and my Father being one, all of God’s grace flows in and through me and purifies my mind and my body. And thereafter my mind cannot be used as an instrument for evil because I have surrendered my mind to the oneness of I and the Father. And now all that comes through my mind is what comes from the Father.

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