Between Two Worlds 3/5

I and my Father are one, and that which I have been indulging these last moments we call a contemplative meditation because we are contemplating truth; contemplating God and the things of God, and the laws of God, and the omnipresence of God, and the omnipotence of God, and the omniscience of God. Just think, all of God’s wisdom is here where I am, and is available to me. Therefore I need take no thought for my life. Just abide here in quietness and in confidence in the realization that the omniscience, the all knowingness of God, the all wisdom of God, which knoweth my need, is likewise providing it—providing for it.

As I sit here, I do not have to use any power. We are definitely taught not by might, nor by power. I do not have to use any spiritual power or any mental power. Why?  Because God is omnipotence, the all power; therefore I sit here quietly, peacefully, and let the all power of God manifest Itself in me, through me—just let God’s power flow. I do not use any power ever; in fact I am never aware of any power. I don’t have any feeling of any power. I merely have the feeling of sitting here quietly contemplating the presence of God within me, omnipresence;  contemplating the omnipotence of God, the all power of God; contemplating the omniscience of God, the all knowingness of God, and then being satisfied just to sit here in this communion. And I can contemplate the grace of God—Thy grace is my sufficiency in all things. I can contemplate the love of God. I can look out at nature and see how the buds and blossoms right now are beginning to form and of course knowing that in only a few weeks the fruit will be there, and the berries. And so I can contemplate God’s love. And all of this is mine; not because I of myself am anything, but because I and the Father are one. And, in this oneness is my allness.

In the conscious realization of this oneness is my allness. All that the Father hath is mine. And of course the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness there of. Therefore the earth and the fullness thereof is mine and thine. If I am consciously aware of it, it comes through in manifestation.

If you continue to remain in ignorance of your oneness with the Father, and of your relationship with the Father and of your Father’s grace, and omnipresence, and omnipotence, and omniscience, it will be as if it weren’t there. And then you will say, “Why do you have so much and I so little?”  And the difference is in conscious knowledge. Ye shall know the truth, and the truth will make you free. But first you must know the truth. And so we have this period of contemplative meditation, and in it I contemplate God and the things of God and the glory of God and the grace of God. I acknowledge God in all my ways. Acquaint now thyself with Him and be at peace.”  Now how can you acquaint yourself with God except enter into the stillness and invite God to reveal Himself to you. Speak Lord, thy servant heareth.  I will listen for thy voice.  I and the Father are one but the Father is greater than I; therefore I am always the servant of the most High; always obedient to the directions that come from within.

And so you see then that our writings, our instructions, our letters, all of these are lessons. They are not power. They don’t promise you life, truth, and love. They don’t promise you health, wealth, and happiness. They are the instructions that you take into your consciousness and with which you work. They are the principles that have been revealed to us in all of this classwork. They are the principles that our students are proving in all parts of the world that has made this message spread. And as you work with them, you develop your consciousness.

Now, there are two worlds. There is the real world, the spiritual world, and there is the world of concepts. And we were born into the world of concepts; so that we were born into a world of  two powers; some power is good, and some power is evil; some people good, and some people evil; some powers that cause disease, and some powers that cure disease; some powers that cause sin, and some that heal sin. But you see, that is all make believe. That is a world of mythology. That is a world of accepted belief. It isn’t real, and it isn’t true.

For instance, you yourself know how many years you have believed that if you got your feet wet outdoors, or if you sat in a draft indoors, that the general result would be that you catch cold. Not only you believed that and the doctors believed that, and their medicines are all based on that belief, we actually suffered many times because of it. But you know that since December the doctors have acknowledged that that’s all an old wives’ tale and they published in the Reader’s Digest: you mustn’t believe that anymore. That never was true. You cannot catch a cold by sitting in a draft, and you cannot catch cold by getting your feet wet—that’s an old wives’ tale. Just mythology. Oh, but how you and I have suffered from that mythology. It is a world of make believe, and because somebody with authority made it up, as a rule, we accepted it and suffered by it.

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