The Fourth Dimension 5/5

It has been true of many of the mystics of the religious world that they have had some knowledge of their past experience; and not only that, but have also had knowledge of previous contact with some of their disciples or followers on this path. Some of you may remember the experience of Ramakrishna, when he met for the first time Vivekananda, and he said to Vivekananda, “Why have you taken so long? I have been waiting for centuries for you.” And of course Vivekananda became his disciple, his number one disciple, and he told Vivekananda often, that Vivekananda had been his teacher in a past incarnation.

And of course, the fact that Vivekananda went out into the world and did perhaps one of the greatest jobs of carrying a religious message world-wide, one of the greatest jobs that has ever been done in modern days. I don’t know of anyone else who has carried his teacher’s message as world-wide as Vivekananda did. And presented far better than his teacher could have done, and with a way that enabled it to be accepted, and to be established so that today even in the universities in the world, Ramakrishna’s teachings appear. Which they never would have, never, never!

The only man that Ramakrishna ever produced that could have carried on such a work was this very Vivekananda. And with them it was a question of love at first sight. Vivekananda didn’t even want to meet Ramakrishna, had a half a dozen appointments to hear him and canceled all of them. Then one day when he couldn’t help himself, he couldn’t refuse anymore, he went to meet the man, and at first sight they knew each other. Vivekananda gave up everything in life, and went to live with Ramakrishna, become his disciple, and then go out into the world for him.

So, it has been with others that a teacher has recognized someone whom they have known before, a student has recognized a teacher whom they have known before, all because, when you are lifted into this higher consciousness, you can look back into the lower one. Just like a college student can look back into high school books and they’re an open book to him, only because they have risen higher than those books, and then can look back and see them clearly. So does the fourth-dimensional consciousness look back into the third-dimensional and perceive the things there and benefit by what is seen.

Now this is one aspect of our work, and you will understand it’s the major aspect. That the entire function is that through meditation, through contact with those who have gone a step beyond you that you will be lifted up to them. “I if I be lifted up will draw all men unto my level of consciousness.” Then of course, you discover, and this is the goal: you discover that now I’m not living my life, it is this Presence that lives it, the Presence that goes before me, this Presence that is my meat and wine and water. It prevents me now from any human dependency, because now, it is providing at every step of the life’s journey all that is necessary.

The second part of our work in The Infinite Way consists of those helps that help us attain that, and it is for this reason that in our work we have this letter of truth to remind us. Every time, for instance, that we are faced with two powers in the world and remind ourselves that there is but one power and that the Spirit within me. Every time that we remind ourselves that we are not using God to do something to evil but rather that we are recognizing the nothingness of the appearance of evil. Remember that every time we use this letter of truth we are lifting ourselves higher in consciousness; we are developing that fourth-dimensional consciousness. Every time that we impersonalize evil and nothingize it—and these as you know are the healing principles in The Infinite Way—every time that we see evil in a person, and impersonalize it, realizing this is no part of man; this really is the universal belief in two powers. Every time we do that, we are destroying part of our third-dimensional consciousness, and developing that much more of our fourth-dimensional consciousness. Every time that we consciously impersonalize and realize that neither this sin nor this disease nor this false appetite is a part of your being or my being; every time we realize that it is merely a universal belief in two powers, we are developing our spiritual consciousness; we are developing that fourth-dimensional consciousness. Every time that we recognize that I in the midst of me is God; this I, this individualization of God within me, is really the source of my supply, of my health, of my harmony; every time that we consciously remember this, part of our old man is dying, and part of the new is being reborn, part of the mortality is being put off, and part of the immortality is being put on. Every time that we meditate, even if it’s one of our ten-second meditations—if we have enough of them just to create that vacuum, just to realize, “Speak Lord Thy servant heareth”—every time we do that we are developing our consciousness to the fourth degree. Every time we turn within with the realization, I and my Father are one, all that the Father hath is mine, I derive my good on the inner plane from the kingdom of God that is within me. My Peace no man gives me and no man takes from me. My Peace comes forth from the Father within me. Every time that we consciously do this, an onion skin of mortality drops off, and we are that much closer to our immortality.

You see, “consciousness” is the biggest word, the great word, the secret word of the message of The Infinite Way. And when you realize this, that God is consciousness, and God is your individual consciousness, you are then in a position to reach back into your own consciousness, and draw forth the hidden Splendor, make way for that hidden Splendor to come forth. And the more you do this, the more you are developing the fourth-dimensional consciousness.

Then do you see, that if you do perceive the error in your patients thought and nullify it, that you are doing it from that higher level up here and beholding that which is invisibly the barrier to your patient’s thought. Of course, you should have this power, and more especially, in some cases, the patient is clinging to something consciously or unconsciously, that is proving to be the barrier to the healing. I don’t find this too often, I find usually that a universal belief is doing it, and when the universal belief is handled, the patient is free. For instance, in all claims of weather and climate, it’s never necessary to know anything about the patient or even think about the patient’s thought, because as a rule the minute you realize that weather and climate are effects, and that there’s no law of God in them: God is not in the whirlwind, they’re nullified and your patient becomes free.

But there are claims which are really prolonged in us, because consciously or unconsciously we are clinging to something that doesn’t get loosened up. And we are fortunate if we find a practitioner who has that ability to discern whatever it is that is holding us back, and can nullify it by the knowledge that there’s no law of God to sustain it; there’s no law of God in that particular thing, and you become free.

Every bit of reading that you do, every bit of hearing of the word of a spiritual message is destroying some of mortality in you, and at the same time clothing you with immortality. Every meditation that turns you within to let flow the hidden Splendor is really lifting your consciousness to that fourth-dimensional consciousness.

And then you’ll begin to understand the whole of the Master’s ministry, a ministry that could not have been conducted by a human being on merely a human plane. There had to be what he called the “Father within.” And there is our goal: whether it’s the Father within of the Master, or whether it is the Christ within of Paul, it all means really in the end the same thing. No use of quibbling about words or terms. Regardless of what you call it, when you are aware of this Presence you are then coming into some measure of the Master’s life, and the Master’s demonstration. You’re coming into some measure of grace where you can say, “Well it certainly seems that a lot of my life is being lived by grace, more than by my own efforts or my own strengths.”

Then you begin to understand that I have meat the world knows not of. I have a strength, I have a power, I have a dominion. I have a joyousness the world knows not of, and it knows not the source, because it doesn’t arise from some external circumstance. In other words, it isn’t because of something in the outer world, it’s because of something within that we ourselves have no knowledge of beyond the fact that we have reached the place where there is an indwelling Spirit, where there is this divine Presence living within us, going before us, doing all things for us, bringing to us everything necessary to our spiritual life.

Do not be surprised as you catch little glimpses of spiritual vision at any experience that you may have or any knowledge that may be opened to you. The only thing that I caution you about: don’t speak about it to anyone but your teacher. Because if you only knew how fast the world can take it away from you; if you only knew how rapidly the world can convince you that perhaps it was just a dream or perhaps you had welsh rabbit that night and it didn’t go well.

The world has a million explanations for the life of Jesus Christ. The only thing it can’t say to you is that the Spirit of God functioned him because it has no way of knowing that. Only the Spirit can reveal it to you, just as only the Spirit could reveal to Peter that Jesus was the Christ.

And so it is that only one of spiritual vision can assure you of the rightness of your spiritual vision. But it’s so easy for the world to say that just perhaps you ate something didn’t agree with you.

Thank you, until tomorrow morning.

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