Now, I left these two questions here, so as to make them part of this work: Some mystics say that they can recall identity, incidents, and experiences in a former incarnation. What is your opinion?

What I say to you isn’t an opinion; it’s knowledge that is definitely true. Now, let me explain something to you: when we are in the three-dimensional consciousness, that means when we are the human being who has not yet realized this Presence, we can be aware of nothing but that which we can see, hear, taste, touch, and smell. That is why we have sayings like “seeing is believing.” We are a three-dimensional person with a three-dimensional mind, and the only realities of life to us are the things that we can see, hear, taste, touch, and smell.

Now as you well know, there are people who are a little bit beyond this three dimensional mind, and who are “psychic.” And they are aware of something that we never become aware of in our human world; they are aware of entities or identities who have passed from the earth through what we call death. As we know of course, no one ever dies. Even if we seem to die, we merely step out of our bodies, but life goes right on. That today can’t even be questioned anymore. And even though that life and that identity is invisible to those with only a three-dimensional consciousness, be assured of this: there are literally thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people, who have that extra touch of consciousness that enables them, not only to see, to tabernacle with, even to speak with those who have passed on.

Now of course these people are named spiritualists and ordinarily do not come into the line of a spiritual work. But the point that I’m making is that they do have a consciousness somewhat beyond the three-dimensional consciousness that enables them to penetrate a realm that is not visible or audible to the three-dimensional mind, the ordinary human person.

Now, as you advance spiritually a change takes place that is somewhat difficult to describe. Scripture says, “Have that mind in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.” Well now you understand what that means I hope. It means that Jesus Christ had attained a higher dimension of consciousness than the ordinary human being; that this higher dimension of consciousness was what brought about healings; this higher dimension of consciousness, enabled him to know spiritual truth that wasn’t available to the fishermen and farmers around him; it enabled him to know that John the Baptist really was a reincarnation of Eli…. Was it Elijah or Elisha, one of those two? Elijah, I believe. He knew that, he saw that, and in speaking of John the Baptist he said, “Elijah is come again.”

The Master, through this fourth-dimensional consciousness, had access to the place that he called “My kingdom”—in other words, the invisible realm behind this visible one. Not only that, the Master, through this fourthdimensional consciousness, could read the minds when necessary of those about him. You remember the experience with the woman at the well. I don’t know whether he’d heard some gossip about her and knew that she’d been married five times and a few extra times, without the benefit of clergy, but he did perceive the nature of the life that she was living. And he perceived it not by any human means. But being up here in the fourth dimension he could see down into the third in the same way that he could discern to select his disciples. Certainly he selected the best that were available at that time; he selected those most able to stand with him and to grasp what he had to teach. How did he select that particular twelve? It must have been from this elevation up here in the fourth-dimension that he was able to see down those most nearly ready for the experience.

Well, so it is that you will discover that as your spiritual vision increases, as your spiritual consciousness increases, that you also have the gift of discernment in some degree. And you will be able to see experiences of the past, of the present, and some of the future. And, at first probably wonder what’s happening to you. But all that’s happening to you is that you are now manifesting some of this fourth-dimensional consciousness that does enable you to experience seeing into the human mind. It is sometimes this that happens with practitioners, when in working with patients they are able to see the particular error that’s binding them, and then nullify it. It is only because they have risen into some measure of the fourth dimension, that they can see back down into the third dimension, see what’s wrong, and correct it.

In the same way, you might sometimes call this intuition, but it goes far beyond intuition when you receive direct instructions of what to do when you yourself have planned on something entirely different; or when something arises that must be done, and human things would interfere and interrupt, and then all of a sudden you find those human things cleared away and you are able to go about doing what was necessary for you to do. And then you realize something cleared that away for you, something changed somebody else’s mind, or somebody presented this opportunity.

That is probably the major function of the entire message of The Infinite Way: to bring about this opening and this change in your consciousness, so that you rise above the limitations of human mind into the atmosphere of the fourth-dimensional consciousness, the Christ consciousness—that mind which was also in Jesus. And in some measure at least, find that there is this transcendental gift which will either do healing work for you or better art work or better profession, whatever you may be in—or keener business sense.

Or it may develop you along spiritual lines, or may open Scripture to you so that you can understand Scripture spiritually. This is one of the greatest gifts that can come because the Bible in its literal sense is really a closed book and one principally fictional. In its literal sense, it is really not truth. There is of course some historical Truth to it, but aside from its historical truth, a great deal of the Bible must not be taken literally, must not be taken in its literal sense because it leads to the foolishness that you witness in the fundamentalists, the ridiculousness of their lives and teachings.

The Bible actually is spiritual wisdom that has been written down in the only kind of a language that it can be written in, in order to clarify itself. In other words, you have to speak in parables when you touch this spiritual realm there is no such thing as a straight out-and-out language that can be used in the spiritual realm, and so you find yourself always speaking in parables. And with this fourth-dimensional consciousness you begin to understand Scripture; you begin to understand it in its spiritual sense and thereby come into the awareness of the spiritual laws contained in Scripture.

Now if one rises high enough in this consciousness, it is possible to look back into previous lives. Or it may be that these glimpses or visions of previous lives are given to those who have any occasion for them. For instance you can understand a man like the Master, forced out into an unfriendly world, with a strange message, and the different receptions that he would receive in different places, the different responses to his work. And you can imagine at times that he may have been puzzled to know what he is doing, why he is doing it, why all of this is taking place. And that in his moments of mountain top experiences, his past or parts of it could be revealed to him, to show him why he was on this path, what the meaning of his ministry was, what his part was to be, and what his previous preparation for it had been.