Now as I’ve said, in the Christian mysticism, we call this Presence the Christ or the Presence or the presence of God. And so it is that our thought now is less on the material formation or the material condition and more and more is on the fact of this Invisible. Actually, the term that describes it the best is “transcendental.” There is a transcendental Something, a Something that transcends your ability to describe, it transcends your ability to know, it transcends your ability even to think about. It is something outside the range of your human thought, and yet you know it is there, because you occasionally have glimpses of it, or you begin to see fruitage from it.
Every effect that takes place in your life, harmonious effect, after you are under this study, meditation, grace, is the direct result of this transcendental Presence. And even if at first you have no awareness of the Invisible, you are only aware that you had a pain and it’s gone, or that your human life is changing some way for the better, or your inner consciousness is changing for the better, or your nature is changing for the better, or your habits are changing for the better, or you are finding more pleasure more hours in spiritual study or spiritual reflection or spiritual meditation.
All of this eventually reveals to you that this that is happening in the tangible world is the fruitage of something that is happening in the invisible world, and it is all taking place because, within you is this spiritual seed. It always has been there, not only since you were born, actually it was there since the beginning of time, when you first appeared coincident with God, because in the beginning there was God and God’s creation. They came together, because you cannot have a God separate from creation, nor can you have a creation appearing sometime later than God. God and God’s manifestation of Himself is always simultaneous.
Nothing new is ever added to the world. There is no such thing as a new baby being created. New babies are born but not created. These babies that are born have existed for millions of years. They are now coming into visible expression at this level of consciousness. But God does not create anyone today, and God has never created anyone since the beginning. All that has existed, has existed from the beginning. You may become aware of it today, just as you may become aware of this Presence within you today, but be assured it was always there. For that reason we have statements like awake thou that sleepest.
There is this transcendental Presence, this Christ, within every individual, but the individual is not aware of it, and the individual unaware of this indwelling Christ is the natural man who is not under the law of God. This same individual, becoming aware of this indwelling Presence is the child of God. If so be the Spirit of God dwell in you, then do you become the child of God.
Now the Spirit of God can’t come out of space into you; the Spirit of God can only become tangible to you at a particular time. In other words, you can become aware of that which always has been there with you. Now that is the awakening experience, the spiritual experience, the mystical experience that eventually will take place in the life of every individual in the world, so that this world will only be populated with children of God. The mere fact that it can happen to one is evidence that it must inevitably happen to everyone, or else you’d have to say of God that he is a respecter of persons. That’s fantastic, that is too ridiculous even to think about—that God has more pleasure in your garden than the next one’s garden, or that God is going to think more of your rose bush than my rose bush. God is no respecter of persons.
Whatever is a law of God is from everlasting to everlasting. God is from everlasting to everlasting, God changeth not. And Omnipresence must be omnipresent, therefore Omnipresence must be where you are, where any individual is, where any individual ever may be, Omnipresence is; the presence of God is. But until we individually awaken to it, it might just as well not be there. So far as we’re concerned, it is of no value.
Anything could happen to us, as it does happen to most on earth and this Presence would do nothing about it. It is only in proportion as we awaken to It, that It takes over and becomes the leading light in our experience. It literally becomes our mind, our soul, our being, even our body. Your body becomes the temple of the living God. You are rejuvenated; you are resurrected. This Presence restores the lost years of the locust. In other words, even if your body were broken, it would rebuild it. If your mind were broken, it would rebuild it. All that is necessary is our awakening to the Presence that is already within us.