Now, as we watch this work, we watch what happens to the individuals who are partaking in the meditation. When we meditate with you, you may not notice any change in your life the first day or the first week or the first month. On the other hand you may, and you may be aware of very dramatic changes within you, but not necessarily. It is only as we look back on the group of students after a year, two, three, four years, that we begin to see the radical changes, the tremendous changes that have taken place in their consciousness: Changes that are made manifest in their appearance, in their physical appearance, in their dress, in their perhaps increased sense of supply, in their increased sense of health. Not the result of treatment, not the result of just a specific meditation, but the fruitage of continued meditation during which time that Spirit works in us, and begins to change our consciousness.

Now, it is important at this moment, for you to understand why the changes cannot be made more rapidly. Any change that takes place in your life or mind or body takes place because of a change of consciousness within you. It has nothing to do with any miracle worker, it has nothing to do with any “abracadabra, now you’re sick and now you’re well, now you’re poor and now you’re rich”—it is nothing of this nature. It is that when one individual, who has been touched with this Spirit, who has this Spirit, who has this indwelling Presence consciously realized—when that individual’s consciousness touches your consciousness, something takes place within you that responds to it.

Now you know nothing about it—it may have at that moment brought forth no visible or tangible response in you whatsoever. Remember, on the other hand, you may have felt something then later forgotten about it. But one thing is certain: from that first contact, the Spirit has touched your consciousness, and from that moment on is working in you. And it brings about changes in you, these can be rapid, or they can be slow depending upon the resistance that is within you.

Now the resistance that is within you is not something for which you are responsible. The resistance that is within you is nothing that you could change and say, “Oh, I want to get rid of that resistance right away.” Ah no! The resistance that is in you is the cumulative effect, not only of all that you’ve experienced in this experience of life, but perhaps many of the things that you brought with you of which you are not even aware. But the fact remains that every one of us has within us this resistance to the Spirit, this resistance to the Christ, that which we may call, if we want to be honest, “Anti-Christ.” It is just something in us that will not permit us to respond to the spiritual influence. Consciously or unconsciously we are holding on to something.

One of the major barriers is something that none of us is responsible for and that is the materialism that exists in our consciousness. In other words, just think back a little way and see if I’m not right about this, that almost every thought you had about God or the Spirit or your spiritual studies also brought forth some thought of what material good would follow. And then you will quickly see how your thinking of God, Spirit, in terms of bringing forth more bodily health or more bodily wealth or more harmony in the human plane. This is natural remember, let no one deny it, and let no one be ashamed of it. We were born into a materialistic consciousness, where good means to us just more health or more wealth or more happiness or more peace and all on the human plane.

In other words, no one had ever taught us that there is a place called My kingdom; nobody had ever told us that there is something called My peace; and that this My kingdom has nothing to do with this world; and My peace, My kingdom, My grace has nothing to do with this world; it’s another kingdom; it’s another realm. Ah but our interest isn’t on the other realm, our interest is: Can we remove this lump? Can we double our income? Can we have more happiness at home? So forth and so on.

That is the natural estate of the natural man—the natural man who is not under the law of God. And this is the barrier that when we come to our spiritual path, we are not thinking in terms of, “Now what is the Christ kingdom that Jesus spoke of; what is this ‘My kingdom’ that he spoke of; what is this ‘My grace’ the world can’t give?” Therefore, since the thought never entered our mind, we have kept right on the path of just thinking of God and the Christ in the human terms of human good that would unfold.

Now, eventually as you come under the influence of a spiritual teacher, a spiritual teaching, as you begin to come under the influence of meditation, this Spirit begins to work in you. Your consciousness begins to change, and you begin to think more and more of the spiritual mystery, the spiritual miracle, the spiritual consciousness. You begin to have what metaphysically is called demonstrations on the human level, but now, instead of merely rejoicing that you had pain and it’s gone, instead of rejoicing that you have a little more income, now your thought begins to go back: “What did it, where did it come from, what brought this about?” Now your attention is being centered on the cause and not the effect. Now you’re beginning to attain enough spiritual wisdom, so that regardless of how beautiful your human picture begins to unfold, it’s all right to say, “Thank you and I’m grateful that it is,” but immediately your thought goes behind the scene, and you begin to understand that there is an invisible Something producing this visible effect.

Now here is where the great transition takes place in your consciousness, when more of your time and thought is going back of the scene and recognizing that whatever is taking place in the visible world is the product of this invisible Presence, invisible Power, invisible Something or other. Probably during this time you’ve even had momentary feelings of that Presence, little touches of grace. And thereby you become more and more aware that operating behind this scene is something of which we humanly are not aware.