The Fourth Dimension 1/5

1962 Manchester Closed Class

Joel S. Goldsmith

493A – The Fourth Dimension


Good evening…There are two distinct lives that you live in the message of The Infinite Way. To begin with, there is the mystical life that is lived in … or from that moment, when we are touched by the Spirit, and become aware of a Presence in our experience. To those who have not had the experience let me say that we are, up to a certain point, living just an ordinary human life, and we have all our own decisions to make and all our own responsibilities. But, on a path of this nature with a message such as ours, there must inevitably come a time when it would seem as if a transition were taking place, or a new experience taking place, and all of a sudden, we become aware that we’re not alone, that there is something else. We may sense it as something always looking over our shoulder; sometimes it is felt as something within.

But the point is that we do have a feeling that we’re not alone, that somebody or something is very close to us, and as a matter of fact, more or less governing our lives. We find ourselves going in directions that we had not thought about or planned. We find ourselves doing a work that we had never before dreamed of. We find Scripture literally true when it says that this Presence goes before me to make the crooked places straight, or walks beside me as protection, or behind me as rear guard.

There’s always an awareness of this “Something.” Paul voiced it when he said, “I live yet not I, Christ liveth in me,” or “I can do all things through Christ.” In other words, he was aware of a definite Presence which he called the Christ. Lao Tzu, 500 or more B.C., was aware of that same Presence, and he called it “Tao.” You do everything by Tao, you do everything through Tao, or Tao does all things, everything is Tao.

So it is then, that at some point on this path, you do become aware that there is this other Presence with you. Whether or not you feel sometimes that it’s an actual being, or whether you feel most of the time that it is just a Presence or the Spirit probably differs with each one. Even though sometimes it may seem very personal, like a person, to me it is always a Presence or a Spirit. And sometimes when It speaks to me, it is in an audible voice, but not often, mostly it is just an awareness, a knowledge.

Now, in my particular case, this is responsible for the whole activity of The Infinite Way. Because The Infinite Way, first of all, was born as a book and after enough years had gone by in my life so that it was certainly definite that I was not an author or a writer, yet this book came forth—The Infinite Way and all of the others since then—and a stranger to the spiritual field and with no backing and no finance and no publisher, all of this that you have witnessed around the world has taken place. And I’m sure that any of you who have known me for three or four or five or seven years, must surely know that what you have witnessed of The Infinite Way could never be the work of a man. No person alone, no person without wealth behind them or organization or influence or name or reputation, no one could witness a work become worldwide as this has become, as established, as recognized, as it is becoming—no man could do that.

Yes of course, if you went out and hired a firm of press agents, and had a big enough financing to have newspaper articles written, and magazine articles written about you and so forth and so on—probably it could be accomplished, but not the way you have seen it. So you know that there is, first of all, a Something that has given me this message, that has given me all of these principles; and there is a Something that has found, or brought forth, publishers to publish, and money to carry it around the world. It must be clear to you that there is a Something behind the message of The Infinite Way, and that I am merely the instrument through which It is functioning.

Now that is what happens on this path to those who work faithfully with it, eventually this, this Spirit makes itself evident in their experience. It doesn’t duplicate through them the work of The Infinite Way because that wouldn’t be intelligent—you don’t need the work duplicated. But it has been responsible for the editing of these writings; it has been responsible for raising up teachers; it has been responsible for the work that is done through each of these teachers. Each one has felt this Spirit to the extent that they also are but instruments through the Spirit that is projecting, if we can use that word, The Infinite Way into human consciousness.

Now, it can operate … this Spirit can operate in you if you are a musician to make you a greater musician; if you’re an architect to make you a greater architect; if you are an engineer to make you a greater engineer. It does not necessarily take you out into the spiritual world; although, it certainly never permits you to lead other than a spiritual life. It is this Spirit also, which is responsible for whatever healing works are accomplished because, the letter of truth alone will not do it. There must be this accompanying Spirit, otherwise some of us would eventually be able to say, “I know how healing is done.” But so far I have never met anyone who knows how healing is done. So far as I’m concerned it isn’t possible to know, because it is just something that does take place. Something happens within that brings an assurance to the practitioner that all is well, and then eventually it turns out that way. Or in meditating with students, not only individually, but when we are together in classes or lectures, the object of the meditation is to bring into actualization, actual realization, this Spirit. That is, to abide in the meditation until this Spirit which is with us, announces Itself in some way and says, “It is done,” or “All is well.”

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