IWI Hub?

New website name for this website is iwihub.com. It’s a new name that came to me and this is why it is appropriate:

  • This website is very international and has grown amazingly big.
  • People from 99 countries in the world came and visited in 2015
  • There were 60,000 views this year ( 2014 13,000)

That’s why this site has the name : Infinite Way International (IWI…)

The idea of hub is that it connects and transmits using the internet etc.

There is a request for meetings online, to connect and speedup the awakening process by joining and sharing. I am very excited that everything occurring by dedicating myself to my transformation and healing, as I can do via this website, is expanding. It is offering new initiatives and ideas to join and share.





3 Comments on IWI Hub?

  1. In New Zealand society, iwi (Māori pronunciation: [ˈiwi]) form the largest social units in Māori culture. The word iwi means “‘peoples’ or ‘nations’, and is often translated as “tribe”, or confederation of tribes.


  2. Marlene Collins // December 29, 2015 at 1:26 pm // Reply

    Thank you for forming IWI hub. I am excited to see Joel’s teachings spreading by use of the Internet around the world. We are truly being the Light of the World dispelling the darkness. I have been an IW student for over 30 yrs. I will share your site with other IW students. I am so grateful for all of Joel’s recordings that are on youtube.


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