Christmas 7/7

Infinite Way Letter
December 1955
By Joel Goldsmith
Part 7 of 7
A Beholder
God pours Itself forth as Life, Love and Truth. It is your function to be a beholder—to let God express Itself, while you watch the activity and enjoy it.
Never personalize. As soon as you try to restrict or limit God to a specific person or channel, it is as if you would limit the sun to a specific garden. Look above your own garden—see the warmth and light of the sun, and delight in its universality, impartiality and impersonality.
So it is with Life—look above Its forms and see It, omnipresent as all form. So it is with Love—look away from the person, and behold Love appearing through all. In this way you do not limit Love coming only through family and friends, but through any whom Grace may select. So it is with Truth—look above all teachings so that you do not limit Truth to certain teachings or religions, and thereby behold Truth through infinite avenues or instruments.
The New Dimension—Christ

There is a certain spiritual groove, or inner rhythm in consciousness, into which we (individually) fit; and when so located find ourselves in outer circumstances, places and conditions of eternal peace and harmony. This is not a static peace, but a vital state of spiritual being and activity.
At times this peace is a swan1deep stillness within, resulting in quiet and joy in worldly affairs. Again it may appear as warfare, since “…I came not to send peace, but a sword.” This warfare represents our painful surrender of self, and our ultimate realization of spiritual Selfhood and harmony. It is the laying off of the cocoon in order that the butterfly may emerge.
In meditation, in quiet contemplation of the Soul, we achieve or attain this groove or rhythm in consciousness and then, and only then, do we know the government and realm of Spirit. No longer are our values based on material estimates but, instead, are measured by the standard of “My kingdom”—Love. In this rhythm consciousness we rest in the Soul, and find recompense and activity in the new dimension—Christ.
End Part 7

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