But watch what happens now, as you release yourselves. Close your eyes and be comfortable, and begin consciously to release yourself from the outer world. And, you may follow me in doing it this way:

I am seeking nothing in the outer realm. I release all desire for persons, for things, for conditions. I drop all of my hopes and my ambitions into Thy lap, Father. Take all that I have, for all that I have is Thine. I release myself from all fears, knowing that Thou art in me and I am in Thee, that where I am Thou art.

Therefore, I fear not. I fear not what mortal man can do to me. I fear not what human thoughts can do to me, I fear nothing, for I am in Thee and Thou art in me; where Thou art I am, and where Thou art no fear can abide. Is there anything with power destructive to Thy child? Is there any power greater than Thy power of protection, of care, of support? Are there powers greater than God? Are there any powers beside God?

Ah, this is it: God is the only power; there are no powers to fear—no powers of sin, of disease, of lack, no powers. No weapon that is formed against me shall prosper for I am in the Father, and the Father is in me.

Therefore, easily, gladly do I surrender fear. And I surrender hope—for what need I to hope for? God is the greatest gift, and God has given Himself to me. “All that the Father hath is mine.” What is there left to hope for? So I surrender my hope to Thee.

If I desire God with all my heart and with all my soul, and with all my mind, do I have room left to desire anything else? And, is there anything for me to desire after I have given my whole desire to God?

I desire only God: to know Thee aright, to live consciously in Thy presence—this is my desire, and all other desires I surrender unto Thee. No longer do I have any desire, but to know Thee aright.

Ambition? What ambition is there? What is there that one could be ambitious for, after one has known God? Is there something in the world of greater value than God? Is there something of greater benefit than God? No, no. Knowing God, having God, I can have no further ambition, and I can surrender my ambition unto Thee.

Hope, desire, ambition, fear—all of these I surrender. And now, there is nothing left in the external world for me to be attached to.

To love my neighbor as myself—this is natural, this is normal, this is spiritual. To love my friends, to love my family—this is normal, this is natural. But nothing external attracts me now. Nothing outside of me is greater than my love for God, my desire for God, my realization of what God-government means.

And so now, here I am, inside of myself, alone with God, tabernacling with God, living in the kingdom of God within me. And looking to this deep withinness, this deep pool of contentment within myself—for whatever it is that God is to impart to me.

Remember, there is no contentment to the mind that is stirred by desire for something outside. There is no contentment; there is no peace to the mind that is living in fear of something outside.

The only peace there is and the only contentment is in the realization: I and my Father are one, and here within me is the entire kingdom of God. Here within me God’s grace is functioning; here within me God has placed His Son, His beloved Son, and this beloved Son is the reality of my being. This child of God is within me.

Now I am within, and the rest of the world is without, and I have no desire now, to go beyond my eyelids, I’m happy to stay inside for everything real, everything true is right here inside of me, within me. My thoughts do not go outside, for there is nothing there greater than that which I have within me.

And now that I am at peace within, I can turn to the Father within and say, “Speak Lord Thy servant heareth. ” I wait for the impartation that is to come from Thee to me. Deep down within me is the kingdom of God. Deep down with me is His presence, and “in His presence is fullness of life.”

His presence within me is fulfillment. All that I shall ever need in my daily life is provided for from within me through this presence. Thy presence within me is the fulfillment of my entire life.

Thy presence within me is life eternal. Thy presence within me is bread, the staff of life. Thy presence within me is wine, water, meat. “In Thy presence is fulfillment. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” And here, now, within me, is the Spirit of the Lord. The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me. The Spirit of the Lord God is within me. The Spirit of the Lord God has ordained me, to show forth God’s glory. The Spirit of God within me is my liberty, my freedom from fear, my freedom from care, my freedom from danger. Thy presence within me is my freedom from care. Out in the world there is care and trial and tribulation. But in Thy presence within me, there is peace, freedom, joy, safety, security, abundance.

Thy presence is my abundance. Thy presence within me is the activity of grace. Thy presence within me is the fulfillment of my career on earth. Whatever it is that I am to do on earth is now successful, because Thy presence within me, goes before me to make the crooked places straight, to prepare a place for me, to prepare mansions for me.