The Unveiling of God in You 3/4

Now there is a secret that must be known to you in order to complete the unveiling of God in you, and that is this: This that you feel among students of The Infinite Way, those from near and those from far, this fellowship, this love that you experience, this joy and companionship is not based on any human values.

In our Manchester class which took place last week, we touched the subject of motherhood and of patriotism, and it was brought out the selfish nature of motherhood and mother love as we understand it humanly, and how that when God is unveiled within us, we receive the true idea of motherhood and of mother love, because then, that love embraces not only my children, but the children of the world. And just as we are concerned now with feeding and clothing and housing and educating our children, so never again could we be guilty of not setting aside something from that which the Father has given to us to provide for the feeding or the clothing or the housing or the education of other children out in the world. It is no longer possible to see our own children as something separate and apart from the children of the world.

And this of course, leads up to the universal idea of life. And it shows us the word patriotism in a new form, one in which we no longer say, “My country, right or wrong, my country,” nor do we pray that my country be prospered or saved. But we have so risen above the narrow, finite, limited sense of patriotism, that our patriotism includes a love of the lands of the world, the peoples of the world, of all nations, all colors, all religions. Only the unveiling of God in you can bring this about, because humanly, finitely, your vision can never rise higher than your own circle.

The Master saw this and cautioned us: It profiteth you nothing to pray for your friends; to be children of God you must pray for your enemies. It doesn’t omit praying for your friends, but there is no real benefit to you until your vision has grown, until God has been unveiled in you, and you have begun to pray for your enemies, feed your enemies and their children.

Those who have worked with the message of The Infinite Way for any length of time have received benefits of one nature or another, not always in accord with that which they were at first seeking. Sometimes we come to a spiritual work, with the idea of quickly gaining health and probably find that health is the very last thing we attain. Others may come in hopes of happiness, prosperity, and they discover that these are the very last of the blessings that come to them.

But each one does discover that it does not take long before blessings in some form or other begin to appear in one’s experience. And so they cling to the message, and cling until eventually they do perceive the fullness of grace. But no one who has ever received benefits through the understanding and practice of this message can even begin to know the blessings of it until they have come into association with other students, and especially as you have been witnessing in these latter years, coming into association with students from many parts of the world, friendly countries, so-called, and enemy countries, so-called, and have for yourself discovered the oneness, the bond of oneness that exists between the students of this work. And not by virtue of any human relationship or human tie, for there isn’t any; not by virtue of any common membership, for there isn’t any. But by virtue of the common Spirit, the one Spirit that you discover to be present in all of us.

Now there is a secret that must be known to you in order to complete the unveiling of God in you, and that is this: This that you feel among students of The Infinite Way, those from near and those from far, this fellowship, this love that you experience, this joy and companionship is not based on any human values. It is entirely because I and my Father are one, and each one of us have recognized this. It is because my conscious oneness with God constitutes my oneness with you.

And so you discover that there is no need for a human tie or a human obligation or a human debt between us, since I and my Father are one, and all that the Father hath is mine, I look entirely within myself for God’s grace. And so my relationship with you is not one of expecting anything of you, wanting anything of you, desiring anything of you, but rather, out of the abundance of God’s grace, sharing with you that which has been given me. And so you discover that your relationship with all Infinite Way students is exactly the same: That you have the feeling that they are not with you to get anything from you or of you; they are not with you to benefit from you; they come in the free association of love to share with you, and that you may have the opportunity of sharing with them of the heavenly gifts.

You notice that in our entire relationship, there is nothing of a material nature that enters into this relationship as a duty, as an obligation, as a necessity. Only in this way, can this bond remain established between us as it is established in our consciousness, because God is unveiled in our consciousness as our identity, as that which supports and sustains and feeds us. And as we give recognition to the unveiling of God in the consciousness of every student, and realize that they too know the source of their good, and therefore the joy—not of getting, not of seeking, not acquiring, but sharing.

You begin then, and only then, to perceive what a spiritual relationship will eventually do on earth among men. Because remember, that just as this unveiling of truth and of our true relationship, has taken place in us, some day it will take place in all of human consciousness, because God does not bestow His favors on you or on me. God does not select a personal you or a personal me anymore than sunshine bestows itself on one plant in your garden or one tree in your garden. The sun shines and it is available to your entire garden.

And so God’s grace is unveiled that it may shine and be shared among all mankind. It comes only into the consciousness prepared for it, but where two or more are gathered together—and even one with God is a majority—and ten righteous men can save a city. So, as more and more consciousness is opened to this unveiling of truth, the entire world will be embraced in this same relationship that we are now experiencing in The Infinite Way.

In these last few years, students have come to us wherever teaching was taking place, from all parts of the United States and Canada, from all parts of England and the continent of Europe, from Africa, Australia, New Zealand, South America—all drawn by what? The Spirit of God that has been unveiled in my human consciousness—all drawn by the Spirit of God that has been unveiled in the consciousness of those of you who live in each of these cities and each of these countries, drawing all men from all parts of the globe unto you, and then raising them up to the level of your consciousness, your Christ consciousness, your level of spiritual consciousness.

As they go home, as they go back to their countries and their cities, these students carry the grace that they attained in our united consciousness. And they impart this grace to the students of The Infinite Way in their cities, in their lands, drawing them into this universal brotherhood—fulfilling the Circle of Christ that is revealed in the book Living the Infinite Way.

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