1964 London Studio Class

Joel S. Goldsmith

562A – The Unveiling of God in You 1/4

Good afternoon.

Just six months, I guess, or seven, since we were here in London, and many of us experienced together that night of the sixth London tape, “The Unveiling,” and knew the experience of witnessing the veil torn apart, torn away, and we saw God revealed as Spirit—not God as a Christian or a Christian God or a Hebrew God or any other God, but God as Spirit, as the Spirit of the universe, the Spirit of all mankind, the Spirit of the animal world and vegetable world and mineral world, the principle and the life.

We saw God as the animating force in all consciousness—yours and mine, and his and hers, and the enemy and the friend. And this night of The Unveiling was the beginning of a new era on earth. In many parts of the world, changes have taken place in human consciousness since that night, and a great deal of fruitage has come forth. God was revealed as your soul and mine, the Christ incarnate in you and in me.

And on April 9th, Pope Paul visited a prison in Rome, and said to the men that, “I am not here out of any reason, out of any romantic reason or humanitarian reason. I’m here to tell you that I behold Christ incarnate in you.” Just think of the difference between that and, “You are a sinner, and you are consigned to eternal damnation or for thousands of years in purgatory.” Just think of the difference of the teaching that has ruled this world for centuries, calling man a sinner, even the good men and the good women, even the very pure and very spiritual. And all of a sudden announcing to what would be considered the dregs of humanity: the inmates of prison, “I behold in you Christ incarnate.” This ushers in a new world to the Roman Catholic world and eventually to the entire world.

In The Oxford Book of Mystical English Verse, there is a passage to which I have called your attention year after year: “Before God was, I am.” And recently a minister said that we will discover, some day, that we can get along without God. And the week before last, your now well known Bishop of Woolwich, announced in the United States that we will probably discover soon that we can get along without the Bible.

Of course, if you were to accept any of these statements that I have quoted, as being statements of literal truth, you would be mistaken. It doesn’t mean we can get along without God, it doesn’t mean I existed before God existed, it doesn’t mean we will ever get along without a Bible. What it really means is that through spiritual discernment, you will learn that before there was a mortal concept of God, a limited concept of God, a finite concept of God in the mind of man, I was.

In other words, I in the beginning had all the glory of God, with God, in God, and therefore, I had no need to create in my mind a God to worship. I already was in the beginning, endowed from on high with His grace, with His Spirit, robed in His Spirit, clothed in His immortality. And so there was no sin, no disease, no death, and therefore, no need to invent a god to get rid of these. God is only needed in the mind of man when he has some lack or limitation, some error or evil.

The little child doesn’t need a god, because the little child is living in all of the innocence of being, of already being all that a child should be. Nothing need be added to the child, and it knows it. And in many children it is discovered that they are virtually born with an understanding of the nature of the true God, because many children have announced to their parents that they commune inwardly with God. And thus it is that they have discovered the God that is not an idea or thought in the mind of a human, but is rather an experience of consciousness, an inner communion in the soul.

When God is unveiled for you so that you behold God as the soul of all mankind, that you can actually feel within you that Christ is incarnate in me, in you, and your neighbor—friendly neighbor, enemy neighbor, Christian neighbor, Jewish neighbor, pagan neighbor, atheistic neighbor, then and then only, have you experienced God. When God is unveiled in your consciousness as omnipresence, as that Spirit which is in you, and you never again ask God, plead with God, tell God, but abide always in the consciousness of God presence, then God is unveiled for you. Even scripture is unveiled, and you spiritually discern. Not that you can get along without a Bible, but that you can very well get along without the fundamental concept or theological concept of the truths of the Bible. You can very well get along without man’s interpretation of the Bible, and begin to read the Bible as it was revealed through the consciousness of the writers.