The Unveiling 4/5

So, in some way or other, those who are receptive and responsive to the truth, will be led to it. Whether it is to you personally, or whether it is to a book, it all makes no difference. The responsibility that is on your shoulder is this: not that you ever go out into the world to teach it or preach it; that is an individual matter that is not for you to decide, but for God. But your responsibility lies, in so living it that you demonstrate it, and that’s all. From there on, the I which is your divine consciousness, which knoweth your need, will lead you into your rightful activity, if such there be for you. It will lead you into the way in which you should go.

When Pilate says to the Master, “What is truth?” the Master must turn on his heel, because how can you say to Pilate, any Pilate, “I am the truth?” And as a matter of fact, I should very much dislike to say it even to most of my students. But spiritual discernment does reveal that I is the truth, and is the only truth there is. I in the midst of you is the truth. I in the midst of me, I in the midst of he, I in the midst of those in prison, I in the midst of those in the hospitals, I in the midst of those in mental institutes. I anywhere and everywhere, am He.

This recognition impersonalizes God good, and makes it universal. And impersonalization is one of our great principles in The Infinite Way. Impersonalize evil, so that you know that no man, woman, or child is evil. Evil is an activity of the belief in two powers, that which has been called the carnal mind or mortal mind. And because we have been born into that, it sometimes operates in you and in me, to some degree, sometimes greater, sometimes lesser.

But, that’s no reason to say that I am evil, or you are evil. Well, you can’t say I am evil. You know now that I is God, so saying I am evil would be kind of … be something awful. Be like saying “I am sick,” and isn’t that impossible? Imagine the Son of God sick, poor, dead. And, of course you can laugh, you can laugh. You can because, the ridiculousness of it.

And so, if you identify I as God, you might say that lack or limitation is tempting me, or sin is tempting me, or false appetite is tempting me, or sickness is tempting me. But you cannot say, “I am sick,” or “I am poor.” As a matter of fact, you can’t even say “I am good,” you can’t even say “I am healthy.” Because, I knows neither goodness nor badness, knows neither health nor sickness, because I is incorporeal, eternality. It knows neither good nor evil; good and evil are merely ideas which we pin onto this, that, or the other.

And one man’s meat is another man’s poison. What is good to one is evil to another, and what is good to one today can be very evil to another. You witness that if you read some of the testimony in divorce cases. “Oh, that wonderful man whom I’m marrying, or wonderful woman!” And then let’s hear about them some years later. Good and evil are very relative. And nothing is good or evil, but thinking makes it so. But I and my Father being one, I am neither good nor evil; I am spiritual. All that the Father is I am; all that the Father hath is mine.

Now, this is true relationship and truth. But watch this, because this was the basis on which my entire spiritual life began. There is no God in this universe, and no God for you or for me, until the point of our recognition.

God is only where God is realized. Where God isn’t realized, there can be murder, robbery, theft, rape, arson, laws, man’s inhumanities to man, tyrants, slavery. Well you say, “God is omnipresence.” I’d like you to prove it. God is omnipresence, but that Omnipresence is only alive, where realized. Ye shall know the truth, and the truth will make you free. The truth does not make you free, nor does the fact that you are the truth make you free, nor does the truth that I am God make you free. Knowing the truth! Fifteenth Chapter of John, abide in this Word, let Me abide in you.

It’s up to you. Abide in the word I. Let this I abide in you, and recognize Its identity. Never let anyone veil it for you again. That is why it has to be sacred, and that’s why it has to be secret. That is why, when I was given this mission, the final words given to me at my initiation were these: “Never seek a student, share freely with those who come to you.”

That has been The Infinite Way from its beginning. It has not advertised, it has not sought to go out into the world, to correct it, or reform it, or change it. It has waited patiently through the years, for those to come and receive grace—ready to receive it.

Now, you’ll understand then, why we took our departure from all forms of metaphysics, and said to you from the beginning, “Never seek to demonstrate health, supply, companionship, home, or happiness; seek only to demonstrate God, and the things will be added unto you.”

And when you have demonstrated “I in the midst of me is God,” and I can rest and relax in the assurance: “that I in the midst of me, will never leave me nor forsake me; that if I mount up to heaven, I will be there; and if I make my bed in hell, I will be there; and if I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will be there.”

And when I can rest and relax in that, I can go forward. Because, it isn’t a matter of whether I shall stay on earth forever, because neither life nor death can separate me from the love of God. Neither life nor death can separate I from I. Therefore, in what the world calls death or the next experience, I will still be about my Father’s business, and so will you—to the extent of your realization of I.

Again, The Infinite Way has said to you, that I have never in my entire lifetime, given a treatment to anyone. And I haven’t. Why? Well now you know my secret. The I of me is the I of you. And when I say to you, “I will give you help,” am I talking about Joel, or am I talking about the I of you that is within you? I am recognizing your I-ness. I am not saying that the I of me is greater than the I of you, and so I, Joel will give you help. Oh no! I recognize the universal nature of I. Therefore, if I say to you, “I will be with you instantly,” and you say, “Well, but you’re ten thousand miles away.” Oh, it doesn’t make any difference. I’ll be with you because I’m in the midst of you. I am closer to you than breathing. If you don’t understand it at first, or haven’t, you will now.

You never have to transfer thoughts to your patients or students or to the members of your family. You have to recognize I in the midst of them, and trust that I to perform Its function. If you send your child off to school, or grandchild, and believe that the I of you at home is going to take care of that child out on the street, you are going to prove a mistake. If you send that child out knowing, “I in the midst of you am God, and whithersoever thou goest, I go”…Do you not see this, the meaning of what was given to us in Ruth and Naomi? Whithersoever thou goest, I will go. Well now, you try to separate yourself from I.

And as you recognize I in me, you are recognizing my Christhood, and you are praying for me, and you are treating me, and blessing me. As I recognize, “I in the midst of you is your Christhood, your Sonship,” it is the only prayer or treatment I can utter.

Otherwise, I am merely exercising the power of one mind over another and this is no part of The Infinite Way practice. It is not a practice of suggestion; it is not a practice of one mind controlling another; it is not the practice of a strong mind building up a weaker mind. It is a practice in which I have had it revealed to me that I am God; I in the midst of you am God; I in the midst of the animal world, the vegetable world, the mineral world am God. And therefore, my oneness with God constitutes my oneness with all the spiritual treasures of heaven and earth. And only by virtue of my oneness with the Father do I have access to the health and the wealth and the abundance of all spiritual good.

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