Now, your responsibility first of all, is to take the word I, sacredly and secretly into your consciousness—if so be the rightness of this strikes you. And, instead of constantly looking without, even to a God without, realize: I in the midst of me is my meat, the source of my inspiration, the source of my talents, the source of my ability, the source of my life, the source of my health, the source of my integrity—I in the midst of me. And keep that locked up, until bit by bit, the creases start to leave your cheeks if they are there, the worry starts to leave your forehead if it’s there, the fear starts to leave your mind and your heart if it’s there. And all of a sudden you do discover, that there is a Presence that has gone before you to make the crooked places straight—without your consciously sending It there.

And then you will discover, why scripture says that God is not in the whirlwind, God is in the still small voice. Where is the still small voice? Again you go back to the Master, and he says “neither lo here nor lo there, not in holy mountains nor holy temples, but within you.” This is where the still small voice is—within you.

It may take you a month, a year or ten, before you can break the crust of personal sense, and finally hear that still small voice within yourself. And then, then some day it says to you, “be still, be still, I am God.”

It doesn’t say to you ever that Joel or Mary is God. No, no. It doesn’t ever say that William or Robert is God, or Mildred. It always says I. And you know what else it says: fear not, I am with you; fear not, I will never leave thee nor forsake thee; fear not!

Well, though your sins be scarlet, in this moment of your recognition of I…closer to you than breathing and nearer than hands and feet, I in the midst of me. In this moment, you are white as snow. You do not have to worry, whether you were the woman taken in adultery, the thief on the cross, the absconding bank teller. It makes no difference now who you were, because now you have become the Child of God.

And you must remember this, it helps…If you were even the best human on the face of the earth, you are no closer to heaven than the worst one. No human will get into the kingdom of God, even if he is as good as John the Baptist. Even the least of these will get into heaven before John the Baptist, though he is the greatest Hebrew prophet.

Why? Because he still had a God separate and apart from himself. He still had someone else “the Light of the world,” instead of saying, “Ah, yes, indeed he is the Light, because he has recognized the Light, and is revealing to us—go ye and do likewise.”

When the Master says to the disciples, finally, before leaving them, remain in this city until you are endued from on high. Can he have any other meaning, but stay right where you are? Don’t try to go out into the world and preach, or heal, or save, remain right where you are until God reveals Himself to you. Then you can reveal God, to those receptive and responsive.

Now, unveiling the truth in every age from Krishna on, has resulted in the revelation that: I am He, there is no other; there is only one Ego, only one Selfhood—I Am That I Am. I am He. I in the midst of me, the divine Selfhood of me—which must mean, you.

The veil has always been when you drape that title on someone else, and then say “I am a worm in the dust.” Whereas, I is the very word, “God.” It makes no difference if you were to say, “I is the Son of God.” It’s just the same, because God the Father and God the Son is one. And it helps us in the beginning to realize that I am the Son of God, heir of God, joint-heir to all the heavenly riches.

Probably only in the very last stages of his spiritual development did the Master say, “Thou seest me, thou seest the Father that sent me.” But he did add, “I and the Father are one,” and it is because of that oneness. “I of myself cannot heal,” he says. “I of myself do not feed you”—but my oneness with the Father. This truth, this truth of my oneness with the Father is the bread, the meat, the wine, the water, the resurrection.

Therefore, to be sure that no one misses the way in The Infinite Way, we caution our students, never say, even to yourself, “I am God.” It isn’t even wise to say, “I am the Son of God.” The ideal way is just to say I, and think of what it means. And then in time, as you develop the listening ear, hear the voice say: “I in the midst of you am God. I, who am closer to you than breathing, am God.”

When you hear this, you have made contact with your source. Usually if you say it, you’re just saying it out of the mind, the intellect, and out of that mind and intellect it isn’t true. It is only as it comes forth from the Spirit of God Itself in you, that it is truth.

But, this is the age; this is the age in which Truth is revealing Itself in us, to us, through us, to each other. This is the age, because again, this message is not mine. I didn’t invent it or discover it, or create it. It was a revelation; and nobody has given me a fortune to carry it around the world to you. It is carrying itself around.

And therefore, we know that this truth, which is being revealed in consciousness now, is being revealed not merely in my consciousness, but yours; not merely through my consciousness, but through yours. And, you need not speak it; you need not voice it; you need not proselyte with it; you need not lecture on it. You need only abide with it. Abide in this Word within you, and you will be preaching it in the silence to all who are receptive. You, in your lifetime may never know who receives it. You would be surprised how many each day I learn, who have been receiving it without my knowing it.

We are not interested in this message from the standpoint of receiving personal glory, recognition, reward. Otherwise, we would be interested to know everybody who’s receiving it and to what extent. But we aren’t. Our interest in this message is merely, that since it is revealed in my consciousness, held sacred in my consciousness somebody or other feels it somewhere. Others … well, I have had the experience of several people who never knew me, who dreamed my name, and then were led to me.