The final revelation that must forever remove the veil, and show you the real truth, is when the Master says, “call no man on earth your Father.” Now this forever sets aside the claim that he was the only child of God, and that he alone was divine. And this reveals to you, that your real source, your real creator is the same as that of Jesus, or Gautama the Buddha who also was claimed to have been immaculately conceived.

Therefore, if you can accept the revelation of Jesus Christ, that only spirit is your Father, your creator—then we are brothers and sisters of Christ and in Christ. We are members of one household, one family: God the Father, and we are the children, and we are heirs and we are joint-heirs. And therefore, hark to this: I and my Father are one.

You have just heard him say, call no man on earth your Father. Now what must you say? “I and my Father also must be one.” Therefore, if you accept this message, that I and my Father are one whether I am Jew of Gentile, whether I am Oriental or Occidental, white or black, poor or rich, high or low. If you accept that my relationship to God is oneness, meaning “yours,” your relationship to God is oneness—regardless of what your immediate demonstration may be.

Remember the Hebrews were in slavery for centuries. Remember that the Jews to whom Jesus was talking, were virtually slaves of their Sanhedrin, of their temples, as well as slaves of, or almost slaves of Caesar. And yet he’s revealing to them, their divine sonship: your Father and my Father.

Now, all over this world, there are ministers begging and pleading for congregations, and metaphysicians begging and pleading for listeners. This would not be. Because, in these years that I have been revealing this to you … your sonship with God; your divinity as the Son of God; your “I and the Father oneness.” In these years, changes have come about in your lives, many of you: physically some, mentally some, morally some, financially some, family happiness some, greater sense of peace some. In other words, the only reason for your presence here after all these years, the only reason for our overflows in all parts of the world, is that in some measure, you are already showing forth the fruitage of your sonship—individually and consciously realized.

You are not showing forth sufficiently. But that is only because you have not had sufficient courage. So far, you have not developed the courage to acknowledge to yourself, that when Jesus revealed, “I and my Father are one” and “My Father is your Father,” you have not had the bravery to say, “I take my stand.” “I and my Father are one, and all that the Father hath is mine, and all that God is I am, and the place whereon I stand is holy ground.”

Because, when you receive the courage to recognize your true identity, you will begin to understand the nature of this message, which is all bound up in one word … “I.” And, you will withdraw your gaze, from man whose breath is in his nostril. And you will learn to awaken in the morning gleefully, because of the opportunity to turn within and say: “Oh, thank you Father, another day to prove that I and the Father are one. Another day to show forth Thy kingdom, Thy riches, Thy harmony, Thy health.” Not mine. Not mine, of my own self I have no health, of my own self I have no wealth, of my own self I have no virtue. Why callest thou me good, there is but one good, and that is the I of my being.

But every time that I have the opportunity to speak to you, I am showing forth God’s grace, God’s supply, God’s health, God’s youth, God’s vitality. Now, the veil, the veil was when they doctored up the Bible, and said, “Jesus Christ is the theme, the only Son of God, and look to Jesus and be saved.” And Jesus said I…look to Me, I in the midst of you!”

When I sit here unveiling the truth, of the I of your being as God, the Son of God in Christ, the mediator, the individualization, the connecting link between I the Father and I the Son, I am revealing that truth which sets you free.

Should I, or some future student say to you, “Joel was our master.” You will recognize the signs: they’re putting the veil back on, somebody either wants to get rich, or somebody is very stupid. It has to be one or the other, it has to be an evil purpose, or it has to be stupidity. Some have put this veil back on through stupidity, through ignoring the word I, and personalizing it. Others have put it on ignorantly, by trying to worship somebody else, and thinking that that was humility.

Humility is, if you recognize that Joel is the Christ of God, this is humility, because it leads to your next statement, “and so am I.” But, to say only Joel is the Christ of God, this is not humility, this is stupidity.

Now, your responsibility lies in this. This is a teaching that cannot be taught; you cannot go out and proselyte. You cannot go to the corner of Hyde Park and get up on a stand and tell this to the crowds assembled, you cannot go into the churches and teach it, or the universities and teach it, because, the three-dimensional mind cannot receive it.

The only way in which this can be taught is, first, that I have a revelation of it: keep it locked up secretly and sacredly within me, until such time as I am showing it forth. And then without advertising myself you come to me. How you find me, that’s a mystery of God. And then you say, “You have something, share it with me.” Then I slowly, gradually feed it to you, a little bit at a time, showing you by precept and example and demonstration that it is true. And then finally, after ten years or eleven, I can completely remove the veil, by saying to you, thou seest me, thou seest the Father that sent me.

And you will not go away and misinterpret this. Because, all of these years will have shown you that Joel has not been setting himself aside, apart from you. But has been revealing that every truth spoken about Jesus Christ, or any of the saints or sages, of the past or present, is the truth about you, to be realized.