The Unveiling 1/5

1963 London Work
Joel S. Goldsmith
530A – The Unveiling 1/5

Good evening.
This trip I have been speaking a great deal about the responsibility of Infinite Way students, particularly because I have been speaking to those who have been serious students over a number of years, and there is a great responsibility on their shoulders.
The reason is this, we know that Moses was given a revelation of absolute truth, in fact, the very final, ultimate truth. And the proof of it is that because of this truth, he was enabled to take the Hebrews out of slavery and lead them right up to the Promised Land, and all under the grace of God. Not with armies, not with store houses and barns of food, but entirely under the grace of God.
This is one of the most remarkable demonstrations of the grace of God in all religious history. A mass freeing of people, without the force of arms, without even an organized activity, and yet completed under the grace of God. But we learn that Moses put the veil back on the truth again. He veiled the truth, so that for centuries it was lost to the people.
Then we learn, that the Master removed the veil. Christ Jesus removed that veil, and again revealed the truth. And this truth enabled him to heal, to supply, enabled him to pass on to the disciples and the apostles, the ability to heal and to supply and to give freedom. So that actually, for three hundred years the unveiled truth was known, and more and more people were coming out into their freedom, because they knew the truth.
And then, about 300 A.D., the truth was veiled again. And for 1700 years it has been kept veiled, and no religion known to man, has unveiled that truth in these 1700 years. In part, here and there, yes, in modern years, but the truth has remained veiled.
Now you can know the truth by its fruitage. You can know whether or not a teaching is truth or a religion is truth, by its fruitage. If it sets people free, the followers, if it sets them free physically, mentally, morally, financially, if it brings a greater freedom in their human relationships, harmonies, if it makes them less subject to the rule of man, if it makes them less subject to the sway of nature, and the laws of matter, mind, then you can know that you’re getting closer and closer to truth. By their fruits ye shall know them.
Now the Master made this very clear that under certain conditions, you would bear fruit richly; under other conditions, you would be as a branch of a tree that is cut off and withers and dies. And you yourselves must be the judges as to whether our people in the past 1700 years have been bearing fruit richly, or whether generation after generation has been more like the branches that wither and die.
What is truth, and what is the veil that when you put it on truth, acts to hold us in bondage, in ignorance, in fear? What is truth?
If you were an objective student of the world’s religions, and if you went back carefully to all of the original revelators of each teaching, you would discover that there is only one truth, and that each one of these revelators received the same truth. It has never, never changed. It has never deviated. Whether you call it the teaching of Krishna, of Buddha, of Shankara, of Jesus, of Moses, you will discover it was always the same truth. And if you study, why these revelations were veiled, how they were veiled, what manner of veil was put on them, you will also discover, that it was the same veil. The same method was used in each case, to veil the truth.
Now, in the years that you have been studying The Infinite Way, you will remember that over and over again it has been given to you to know the truth, if you could discern it in what I have said and written. And often it has been made very, very plain. Certainly, it has been given to you clearer than it has ever been given to this world before, at anytime, by anybody, which in itself was a daring thing. And, was only made possible, by the fact that this is the era in which it is to be received in individual and collective consciousness and demonstrated.
God is Spirit, and must be worshiped in Spirit and in truth. Spirit cannot be personalized. If God is Spirit, God is that Spirit which is in you. And it makes no difference if you are Jew or Gentile, if you are white or black, Oriental or Occidental; God is that Spirit in you, and that Spirit cannot be personalized.
It can be individualized in Its expression, because Spirit is individualized as your individual identity. That which makes one of you an artist, and one a composer, and one a sculptor, one a musician, one a religionist, one a scientist, one a builder—this represents the individualization of Spirit. But not personalization, because in personalization you make that Spirit become you or me, and that leaves all the rest of us out.
And so, the discovery of truth is always a revelation of God as Spirit, and God as the Spirit that I am, the Spirit in me, the Spirit which constitutes me, which governs me.
The veil is if I should say, “I’m referring to Joel.” That veils it, and then it puts you in your place at my feet to worship me. And from then on the truth is lost, because you are worshiping outside of yourself, praying outside of yourself, looking for favors outside of yourself, believing there is someone who can give you or someone who can withhold from you.
Therefore, every time that truth has been revealed, it has been given a name for the people to worship. And, not by the revelator, oh no. Anyone who is that high in consciousness as to receive such a revelation, could never personalize it. If they tried it, they would explode in mid-air. But they wouldn’t try it. Nobody could be an open channel to receive such a revelation, if they were of that nature. But, someone either through ignorance or evil intent decides to build a statue to Moses, Elijah, Jesus, then you see the veil is on again.
Now, Jesus removed the veil, and he did it in exactly this way, so that it would be perfectly clear throughout all ages. He said out of this side of his mouth:
I of my own self can do nothing; if I speak of myself, I bear witness to a lie;
This message is not mine, but the Father’s that sent me.
In order that you may see that his human identity was the same as yours and mine. Then he spoke out of this side of his mouth, and he said:

I am the way, the truth and the life;

thou seest me, thou seest the Father that sent me;
I am the way, the truth and the life;
I am the bread, the meat, the wine, and the water;
I am come that you might have life, and that you might have life more abundantly;
I am the resurrection.

Now all that is necessary for you to do is collate those statements so that they are no longer contradictory. And you do that in this way. Joel says, “I am a man as you are. I have my human failings as you have; some human virtues as you have, but I am a man in flesh and blood.” And yet, the I of me is God, and because of that you may receive healings; you may receive reforms; you may overcome false appetites; you may have your business made better; you may have your family life made happier. Because, I in the midst of me is God, and if you turn to Me, “I will give you water, and you will never thirst again, I will give you food, meat, water, bread, and you will never hunger again.” Now it rests with you.

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